Nadya Bratt



Crit time! Yes! Give it to me!


4 thoughts on “Nadya Bratt”

  1. As an illustrator I normally approach projects from the form of narrative and a piece’s successful communication of narrative. Elements that break this concept of communicating narrative work, but only when used intentionally.

    That being said, I think the story this tells me could be summed up as “quirkey”, “outside of the norm” with a certain level of cuteness, but entirely intentional. The illustrations and the hand-drawn type (even if it’s just a look) are in-line with the concept as a whole, the slanted baseline for the text on the front, with the same slant in an opposite direction on the hang tab also reinforce this.

    The problem I see, are the elements that structurally stay true to the form of the box and don’t make enough effort to “tilt” or break any grid structure that is created. The “Funky Kitsch!”, the cut-out-looking eye hole and the overuse of the trademark symbol conform too much to the implied grid that is created within the rectangle itself.
    While I think such conformities could be extremely effective if used intentionally, these do not come off as intentional, but rather haphazardly placed at the height of time-crunch-mode.

    I think if you were to alter these elements so that they align more with your implied narrative about the product and the type of customers who would purchase this type of product, you would end up with a much more “polished” piece.


    1. Hmm I know exactly what you’re saying and I already have some ideas on how to change this! Thanks, dude! :)

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