2 thoughts on “Adv. Typography & Layout Design”

  1. This is great! The only thing I would mess with is the spacing in a couple of places. The Header at the top could come down a bit so that it doesn’t feel so squished…

  2. First – I love this idea, Justin.

    You’ve probably already turned this in, but here are some comments just the same:

    Is there a specific reason for the bullet before “Available now in the Apple App Store”? If you lose it, it’ll give some needed white space around the copy.

    Mind the line breaks in the columns. Especially the first line under the “strut your snuff” header. Specifically, the “and” has this anti-gravity thing going on that can be fixed by bumping it down to the next line.

    Spacing should be equal between the main image to the icons and the icons to the column of copy to the right.

    Given that this would be printed in black and white, I’d lighten the background behind the cigar just a bit to give it some contrast.

    Not sold on the “iSmoke” typeace. It’s a little too common. Try an alternate version or something similar that has a tiny bit more personality.

    Also, the elements inside the “mix & match” icon are very close together. Try reducing them in size so they can breathe.

    And finally, CONGRATULATIONS on your Skills USA placement! Woo Hoo! SLCC Represent!

    Good work.

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