NEWS: Get Ready For A New Semester…BY WINNING!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Summer break. 🙂

To get us back in the swing of things, a new contest has been announced by GOOD.IS.


GOOD has an opportunity for designers to win $2,500 to create an infographic for the International Resource Center for Women on HIV/Aids, and we would love for AIGA Salt Lake Community College members to participate.

More information and the application can be found here:


The deadline is July 26 at noon PST. (And if you don’t know the MST to PST conversion, you better just play it safe and turn it in on the 25th. :P)

Also, the CONTESTS page has been updated for several new design, illustration and photography competitions coming up. Entering your work into these events is a great way to get yourself noticed, make contributions to good causes…and possibly win some cash!

So be sure to check it out and start getting your entries ready!

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