NEWS: Beginning a Conversation

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting content regularly to get the conversation started. Now, it’s time for you to contribute.

This blog isn’t about one way consumption. It’s about sharing. Because sharing is caring. Which design blogs do you follow? What articles do you like or have found helpful? What projects or designers have you been inspired by? All INK members have the ability to create posts on this site and that’s exactly what we’d like to see you do. We’d like you to help us create a community of designers who help, inspire and motivate each other. So let’s have fun together!

Remember though that the posts you make are public and credit you as the author. All posts will be moderated for content and there are a few simple guidelines to help and guide you in creating appropriate posts:

  • Content – You can post anything from your own work to articles, images and projects you find interesting. Show us what you’re working on, receive input and suggestions from fellow designers, share exciting projects that inspire you, link us to useful information or tools that you’ve stumbled upon.
  • No Whining – This blog is for sharing information, experiences and inspiration. We’re a public blog and want to represent SLCC and the Visual Art & Design program the best we can. That doesn’t mean we are trying to discourage you from sharing your design frustrations with us. If you can’t figure something out, feel free to ask for help and advice. Just be mindful of how you do it.
  • Give Credit Where Credit Is Due – All sources must be cited unless none were provided. This is easy. Just put a link to the site where you found the content either IN the post, or in the caption of the image itself.
  • Comments – Other INK members will most likely comment on your posts. Keep your comments professional. And be prepared for honesty. Any comments containing inappropriate content will be removed.

One thought on “NEWS: Beginning a Conversation”

  1. Oh! Thanks for this post. I hadn’t gathered that you wanted the members to help you build content. For some reason, I was believing that it was only for the blog admins to do.

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