Creating your first INK post!

Last week, INK SLCC members were invited to start creating and sharing posts with the entire community. To ease the transition from “enthusiastic design student” to “enthusiastic design student AND turbo-awesome-design-blog-contributor” – and to clear up any confusion about the publishing process, here’s a little tutorial that explains EXACTLY how to create new posts and share content on the website. (view in HD or fullscreen for best results.)


Remember, sharing is caring so…START SHARING RIGHT MEOW!!!


2 thoughts on “Creating your first INK post!”

  1. Hey all! I was thinking about posting a post, however, when I log into, inkslcc does not show up as one of the blogs I’m able to post posts in. Any thoughts?

    1. I just sent an invitation for you to join the site as an author.

      INK SLCC sends this invitation each time a membership request is made. Once the invitation has been accepted, you can start creating posts on the blog. If it is not accepted, you can still view and comment on the site, but you can’t post…So all you have to do, is accept the new invite and you should be good to go!

      Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties.

      Is anyone else having this problem? If so, let us know and we’ll send out a new invitation.

      Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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