The Art of Editorial Design

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Tips for Designing Page Layouts

Know your GRIDS! 

Our brains are naturally attracted to order…and also, grids are visually pleasing. A layout with content lined up on a horizontal or vertical grid will always be more attractive to look at than one that isn’t.

Stay Focused. 

Choose a single visual element to focus on. If you must use multiple images,  give them unity using alignment and proximity to create a single visual unit.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. 

Using a design element more than once is a way to create visual relationships and continuity. Using the same alignment, color coding certain page elements and placing a page number in the same position on every page are just a few different ways that repetition helps create consistency for related pages in a publication.

Make it Interesting! 

One of the easiest ways to make a layout visually interesting is to create contrast between elements. Be it type or images, this can be achieved through the use of scale, color, space, alignment and many of those other basic principles of design we thought we’d never use again. The greater the contrast between elements, the more interesting your layout will be.

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