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Creating Infographics That Don’t Suck

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It’s one thing to design infographics, but it is quite another to be well-versed in the art of creating infographics that don’t suck. I know that whenever I see an infographic, I think it’s pretty awesome and am immediately impressed. I love that complex information can be brought to a reasonable comprehension level. Not being a designer myself, I tend to get wrapped up in the pretty colors and focus less on whether the infographic has done its job.

That’s why when I received The Best American Infographics 2013 in the mail, I was anxious to see what the experts had to say about creating infographics that not only didn’t suck, but were, in fact, the best of the year. Much to my delight, the book over-delivered. There were cool infographics (Mixology), impressive infographics (Paths Through NYC), humorous infographics (Quantified Self) and ones that straight-up blew my mind (Wind Map). Best of all, these delightful examples of data visualization helped me come up with a list of eight qualities that non-sucky infographics possess.

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Creating Infographics That Don’t Suck

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