OPPORTUNITY: Graphics and Event Design Specialist

Develops concepts, scaled drawings, 3-D renderings, basic graphic design, email campaigns, web graphics, intranet-graphics, Great developmental role.


We are a corporate meeting, events and incentive planning company with a portfolio of corporate clients worldwide. We are in need of a creative designer who can create renderings, wire drawings, 3-D layouts, logos, e-mail promotional graphics and campaigns, web graphics, and presentations.

These presentations may include photo compilations, wire drawings, floor plans, 3D renderings and more. We may be using a simple PowerPoint, or ask for animated website showing the dynamics of the design.

This position may be project based initially, but the right person will find a home with this dynamic team full time.


Adobe suite of products, design software (such as Vivien 3D Design Software) website graphics and cutting edge technology (query, html5) to showcase designs on a web platform, commitment to excellence, inability to accept mediocrity.

Salary negotiable.

Visit the Career & Student Employment Services for referral.

Job Order Number is 38999

Taylorsville Redwood Campus: Student Center room STC 002
Jordan Campus: Room 164 B
South City Campus: Room 1-061-E-H

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