ARTICLE: 25 Stunning Hand-Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

Coldplay letters by Jennet Liaw
To view this article in its entirety, please visit –

While scanning the interweb for artwork to publish I often notice that there’s quite a lot of people out there that don’t really know the difference between typography, lettering and calligraphy. And it actually took me a while before I learned the difference. In the beginning of this blog I pretty much called everything containing letters for Typography.

Smashing Magazine published a very good article a while back about understanding the difference between type and lettering, which I recommend to everyone who’s interested.

But the short version pretty much is:
Typography – “Writing with prefabricated characters”
Lettering – “The art of drawing letters”
Calligraphy – “The art of writing beautiful letters and words”

With all of that said, here’s a new gallery with 25 beautifully drawn and written words.


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