NEWS: Alumnus Davin Abegg is not only a great designer but is in the punk rock band, Secret Abilities! He designs the posters and collateral for the band.

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SALT LAKE CITY — For seven years, Secret Abilities has been carving an indelible mark into the Salt Lake music scene with its brand of pop punk.

Secret Abilities founding member Davin Abegg played in a few bands over the years, but after playing in a group where he only played guitar, he decided to start Secret Abilities, so he could write his own music.

He found band members by reaching out to his friends on social media, and gradually he was able to find like-minded musicians who shared his desire to make fun music without any agendas.

“We didn’t have a lot of direction when we first started, we just wanted to make something honest,” Abegg said. “Overall it’s just simple pop music for people to enjoy. Nothing too deep or too political or too sappy.”

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