OPPORTUNITY: 2015 Art & Soul of the Magic Valley


To find out more about this contest, please visit – www.magicvalleyhasart.com

would like to invite students to compete for a chance to win our  $10,000 Grand Prize.

The Magic Valley Arts Council is seeking artists for the 2015 Art & Soul of the Magic Valley, the largest art contest in the Northwest, Art & Soul of the Magic Valley, now in its 5th year, is a unique community-wide art contest, where public-voting determines the recipients of cash awards to 21 winners. Artists compete for $34,000 in prize money. Grand Prize is

A Best of Show Winner will be awarded $1,000 in EACH of the TEN categories.* The Best of Show Winners are determined by public vote. *Categories are listed on Application and at www.magicvalleyhasart.com. (We are especially interested in the artists to compete in the following categories: Ceramics, Drawing, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Sculpture and Woodworking.)

Contest dates are April 17 – May 2, 2015.

Artists Early Bird Entry Fee is $50 until January 31, 2015.

Artwork may be for sale but it is not required. Art & Soul of the Magic Valley will retain a 25% commission on any art sold during the contest period.

1. Submit Application and Payment (delivered or postmarked) to the Magic Valley Arts Council by JANUARY 31, 2015 to receive DISCOUNT.

2. Secure your Sponsor and Venue.  To be officially entered into the contest you must have both a Sponsor and a Venue.  Artists are encouraged to recruit their Sponsor (family, friends, businesses, civic groups, etc.) and Venue (business or public space).

3. Email Artist’s Statement and a jpg image of your work to artandsoul@twinfallscenter.org. Artist’s Statement and photo of work required no later than March 14, 2015. Failure to provide both will disqualify you from the competition.

4. Once Application, Payment, Image and Artist’s Statement have been received you will be given a contest number and your entry will be posted to magicvalleyhasart.com. Venues and Sponsors who have not pre-selected an Artist can search online for someone to support.

The Magic Valley Arts Council will help you locate a Venue to display your work.

Magic Valley Arts Council
195 River Vista Place
Twin Falls, ID 83301
208.734.ARTS (2787)

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