ARTICLE: 10 Intoxicating Beer Packaging Designs


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There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a cold craft brew after a long day at work. But like many designers, we’re just as interested in beer packaging as we are in the flavor of the beer. There’s no point in drinking out of an ugly bottle when you can be a connoisseur of both creative packaging and fine brews, right?

If this sound like it’s up your alley, you’ll love Cool Beer Labels: The Best Art & Design from Breweries Around the World by Daniel Bellon & Steven Speeg. Featuring well-designed labels from craft and small breweries from around the world, this design book demonstrates how commercialized beer packaging design can be elevated to a whole new level. Get a taste of quality packaging design and great beer, and delve into an exploration of fun design and a celebration of the craft brew culture.

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