EVENT: Poor Yorick’s Spring 2015 Open Studio!

To view more details about this event, please visit – https://www.facebook.com/pooryorickstudios?ref=hl

Yes!  It’s time once again for the Poor Yorick Spring Open Studio!  Come see for yourselves the work you’ve only briefly glimpsed, as through a glass darkly, in the Facebook Five Day Art Challenge!

The event, which goes from 4-10 pm on March 28, will be one of our biggest yet with over 45 artists participating, as well as our special musical guests the Red Rock Hot Club!  Sweet Django Jazz, Batman!

We’ll also be joined this time by Hexpress, who’ll be printing their designs on demand on any clean item of clothing you want to bring:  T-shirts, undies, you name it, for just $10 a pop.  How fun is that?

Admission is always free, though donations are gratefully received by artist and musician alike.

Like us on Facebook for more detailed and up-to-date information!

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