EVENT: Call for Entries: Salt Lake City and County Building

To view more information, please visit – http://artistsofutah.org/15Bytes/index.php/call-for-entries-salt-lake-city-and-county-building/


Applications Due Monday, April 20th by 5pm.

The City and County Building serves the public as a place where the city conducts its business, maintains the facility, and offers the public access to the space for rentals and exhibitions. There is no fee to apply to display artunder this policy.

In allowing this limited use of the City and County Building for art exhibitions, the City does not intend to create a public forum, but rather intends to create a limited forum for the purposes set forth in this policy.  To the extent any portion of the City and County Building has previously become a designated public forum, the City hereby states its intention to convert that space into a limited forum as described in this policy.


Only individual artists, individual artists applying as a group and non-profit organizations are eligible to submit an application to display art under this policy.  Individual applicants must be residents of Utah.  Non-profit organizations must be organized under Utah law.

Art exhibits submitted for consideration must be original works of art and not a reproductive print or copy of another artist’s work. Proposals from Non-Profit Organizations are accepted.  The exhibition space is available for all artists to present their work regardless of their race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, or age.


Artwork may be displayed under this policy only on the walls of the first floor of the City and County Building.


Applications are reviewed by Salt Lake City Facilities and the Art Sub-Committee of the City and County Conservancy and Use Committee. Review criteria include:

  • Artistic quality of the work
  • Diversity of expression
  • A balance of various artistic media
  • Completeness and clarity of the application

Salt Lake City Facilities and the Art Sub-Committee shall also apply the following guidelines to each item that is proposed for presentation in the exhibit:

The exhibit may not display artwork or other items containing:

  • Explicit sexual imagery

  • Nudity

  • Graphic descriptions or depictions of violence

  • Anything that promotes a particular political party or candidate

  • Anything that promotes unlawful or illegal goods, services, or activities

  • Anything that creates a hostile work environment for employees

  • Anything that would violate applicable City, Utah, or federal laws, including obscenity, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy

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