This is a temporary at-will position. This position is hourly part-time grant funded. At the supervisor’s discretion applicant may work up to 28 hours per week.

This position is NOT eligible for health benefits. A ten-year personal, criminal and employment
background check will be required.


• Program, apply graphic web design concepts and enhances the technical capabilities of the combined Salt Lake Valley and statewide WebEOC system;

• Translate strategic messages and concepts into high-impact visual pieces;

• Collaborate with department directors, managers and participating agencies, as necessary, to ensure that all site information is current, compliant and relevant;

• Provide creative direction;

• Establishes and promotes the interactive nature of the WebEOC System;

• Rely on established guidelines and standards that ensure consistent branding and corporate identify throughout the system;

• Assists other employees with the development of web applications and user interfaces;

• Ensure the continuity, graphic appeal and diversity of information links on the WebEOC system;

• Ensure the online customer service experience on WebEOC meet the user’s goals;

• May provide internal and/or external instruction and training on WebEOC;

• Performs other related duties as necessary;

• Must be able travel to and from various City work sites.


• WebEOC experience – demonstrate experience in web production, including graphics, java script, HTML and latest web development tools;

• Knowledge of HTML & JavaScript;

• Must be able to perform Application Program Interface (API) documents.

Salary: $30 to $40 per H.

Contact the Career & Student Employment Services for referral.
Job Order Number 43452

Taylorsville Redwood Campus / Student Center room STC 002
South City Campus / Room 1-061-E-H
Jordan Campus / Room 164 B

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