NEWS: Alumni Matt Page Interview

Page Master 3

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You seem to be doing a little bit of everything. I work for a crafting and scrapbooking company right now and I’m really enjoying it. Most of my time is spent illustrating cute things and I am learning a lot of techniques that I can incorporate into my personal work. As far as my personal work goes, I’ve been busy keeping work in some of the local galleries in Salt Lake and Provo and I am currently working on illustrating an ABC board book for kids that is zombie themed called B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s fun trying to keep the balance between creepy and cute but the hard part of it is working in the same style for so many illustrations in a row. I get restless and want to try out new stuff and switching things up. If I do another book after this one, I want to make it so the style can change from page to page, if that’s possible.


Where do you draw the line on your humor? I think everyone draws the line in a different place where they feel comfortable. I draw the line before anything that I feel is demeaning or mocking. I tend to not make any jokes or satire that could be seen as being disrespectful toward the Savior or His work. I am willing to laugh at a prophet’s beard or their human shortcomings, but I don’t laugh at their actual calling or mission. That is at least where I draw the line.

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