ALUMNI NEWS: B is for Brains

Matt's Zombies

B is for Brains: ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse
By Ellie Welch Sutton
Illustrated by Matt Page

VAD Graphic Design Alumnus Matt Page has illustrated his first book! Ellie Sutton contacted Matt after she saw his work on Facebook and decided he was the one to illustrate her zombie ABC book.

From Matt Page:
“It was a struggle to keep the cute/creepy balance. I wanted you to be able to read it to your small kids. It had to be cute. But I also wanted the art to have an edge to it. It’s zombies and I didn’t want to water down the topic so much that it wasn’t fun for bigger kids and adults. It’s been a balancing act.

I loved how Ellie made it an educational book, telling you what to expect, where to hide, what to use, etc. But like most ABC books it didn’t have a narrative or characters in it. And when I started drawing this one, it was just going to be random shots from life in a zombie apocalypse.

I decided it would be fun if I did make characters and followed those characters through a story. This was a challenge to make the story I’m telling go along with the lessons Ellie wrote.

So I made a little girl and a little boy as the protagonists. One of the early letters described life before the apocalypse, so we see a flashback of them playing before things went bad. I think they were neighbors and friends and then ultimately they were two of the few survivors and we follow their journey.

There are also zombie characters that reoccur throughout the book. If you look at the pictures on the Kickstarter page, you’ll see an ice-cream man being attacked by zombie kids. Then in the picture of the horde attacking, you’ll see him as a zombie.”

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