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BRENT BUDD, Salt Lake Community College / Visual Art & Design Department Graphic Design Associate Professor, retired at the end of December, 2015.

From Kerry Gonzáles,
VAD Graphic Design Associate Professor:
“Clip clop. Clip clop. Clip clop.” Oh, the sound of galloping horses. No, wait! That’s the sound of coconuts banging together. And that means Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” – or – Brent Budd’s home movie of himself and friends spoofing the film!!! That sound will always remind me of when I first met Brent Budd. He was the art director at KUED Channel 7 and worked in one of the buildings on the “horseshoe” at the University of Utah.”

“Brent was an adjunct instructor in one of my senior graphic design classes at the University of Utah. I specifically remember an assignment he gave… to create a tv still for one of KUED 7’s programs. Of course having religiously watched every episode, I chose Monty Python! If you were one of the lucky ones… Brent would show you his version of “The Holy Grail.” (Note: Brent’s movie is NOT the one shown here! That cinematic gem must be in some safety deposit box somewhere! This is the real MP.)”

“I consider myself lucky to not only have been one of Brent’s students, but also a colleague and friend.”

Brent Budd graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in 1972. He worked as a graphic designer and art director for various agencies including his own business. When Brent was the Art Director for KUED Channel 7, he taught as an adjunct in the U of U Art Department. Brent continued to teach adjunct at the U of U for many years.

In the late 1980s Brent began teaching adjunct at SLCC. In the mid 1990s he was hired full time to teach graphic design in the Printing Department on the Redwood Campus. When the Printing Department became part of the Visual Art & Design Department, Brent joined the VAD Faculty as a graphic design instructor. And soon became a valued employee, professor and friend.

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From Rick Graham,
VAD Illustration Professor:
“Brent and I go way back. I have so many memories throughout the years that I’ve known him, earliest being the Friday afternoons when Brent, Lana (Gruendell), Fred (Van Dyke) and others in the faculty would gather at my apartment, which then was just a quick walk across the parking lot of the Redwood campus. There we would unwind, laugh and talk shop. Great times!”

“But the memory that most sticks in my mind, to which is a great example of Brent’s character, is the LA trip he hosted for the students back in the ’90s. I was fortunate enough to tag along on that excursion. It was a pleasure watching Brent in action. I could witness his professional side that understood the graphic design industry, his many industry contacts, and the ease of his interaction with LA designer bigwigs. I saw on this trip Brent’s wonderful, layback, humor-filled way that he seemed to approach everything. His wit, attentiveness, and affability with the students was inspiring. On this particular trip there was a student with a physical handicap that limited her ability to keep pace of the rest of the group. Brent showed an amazing amount of compassion and patience with this student. He made the entire trip a delight for everyone!”

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From Lana Gruendell, VAD Graphic Design Professor:
“It makes me smile when I recall the fun times I have had with Brent over the years! I first met Brent in 1987 when we were both teaching adjunct classes in what was then the Graphic Design Department. Brent’s quick wit and warm personality instantly won me over as a friend.”

“My fondest memories of Brent are when we were both VICA (SkillsUSA) Advisors in the early ’90s. On several occasions Brent and I accompanied students to various conferences and competitions. The one I remember vividly is a State competition at Utah Valley State College. I remember laughing and talking with Brent for hours while we waited for the students to finish their contests. We were both so tired by the end of the day that all we had to do is look at each and we would laugh. What fun we had!”

“I also remember the magical way that he interacted with his students and colleagues. Brent’s personable and caring manner made everyone like him.”

“I will greatly miss Brent’s warm presence in the VAD Department!”

From Rob Adamson,
VAD Illustration Professor:
“Brent Budd is a man ahead of his time. Brent is not only a great teacher and mentor but also a friend, a true friend. He is always so concerned about the welfare of others, especially his students. On a personal note: Brent and I would always refer to each other as a “good boy.” He would say to me, “Rob, you are such a good boy. I am so proud of you.” It was kind of an inside joke but he always meant it. Brent is someone you could share your worries and concerns with and he would listen, really listen.”

“My life has been so much the richer and blessed because I know a man such as Brent Budd, my good friend. My buddy pal! Brent, YOU are such a good, good boy. I am soooooo proud of YOU!!!”

From Kerry Gonzáles:
Readers, please share your comments and stories here. Let’s give the Silver Fox some reading material for his retirement!


2 thoughts on “THE SILVER FOX RETIRES!”

  1. Congratulations Brent on a long and lively career! Hope you and Kim enjoy all the many years ahead. No more getting up for early morning classes! ~ Kerry

  2. Dear Brent, it has always been a pleasure to work alongside you in VAD all these years. I will miss your warm smile and your calm ways. I hope you can have many good days ahead and indulge in some creative projects now and then. Fond regards to you and Kim and family. And thanks for the parties!

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