4 RunnerupsCONGRATULATIONS to Erin Salazar, Anastasiya Bobrova, Kim Jeppson, and Kerry Gonzales!

2016 SLCC Graduate of Excellence Nominees

Three very talented Visual Art & Design students were nominated for the SLCC Graduate of Excellence Award. Erin Salazar, Anastasiya Bobrova, and  Kim Jeppson were invited to attend a luncheon for all nominees with Dean Richard Scott of the School of Arts, Communication & Media. All three students will be graduating with an AAS in Graphic Design. Although not chosen this year, we are all very proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck in their careers!

Congratulations to Trung Tram from the Fashion Design Department for having won this year’s SLCC Graduate of Excellence Award.


2016 SLCC Teaching Excellence Nominee

SLCC VAD Associate Professor Kerry Gonzales was nominated a second time in her career for the Teacher of Excellence Award given to a full-time faculty member. Nominees and guests were honored at the Faculty Convention Dinner on April 8th. Kerry holds the distinction of winning the 2000 Teaching Excellence Award as an adjunct faculty member, making her the first to win this award in the Visual Art & Design Department.

Congratulations to Jane Drexler, Associate Professor of Philosophy for having won this year’s SLCC Teaching Excellence Award.

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