Alumni This Week!

4 alumni art

(Photos clockwise from top left)


Salt Lake Community College VAD Graphic Design alumni are always busy. What’s new?

Jill De Haan designed the cover of Daphne du Maurier’s book “My Cousin Rachel.” Her cover was chosen by Communication Arts to be featured on their website. CA is the premier international magazine for visual communications.


Matt Page announced that “B is for Brains – ABCs for the Zombie Apocalypse” has been shipped! The author, Ellie Sutton, contacted Matt after she saw his illustrative work online. If you didn’t pre-order, the book will be available soon for all you zombie parents!


Derek Ballard created the design and branding for Blue Poblano, a Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City. Derek is not only a designer, but also an illustrator, musician, and avid cyclist.


Keith Beard hosted the first Miri Gallery “Arty.” Keith owns Miri Gallery and has hosted several shows both for himself and others. The “Arty” was open to friends and artists for an evening of color book group painting.


Nice work everyone!



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