Jill Creates Art for Therapy


“What makes me happier than drawing botanical coloring book pages is being able to contribute them to a beautiful cause like @humaniteos. Each person who donates will receive 6 coloring book pages as a thank you.” ~ Jill De Haan

Jill De Haan, SLCC VAD Graphic Design alumnus, is well known for her hand lettering and illustration. Her work has appeared in national magazines and on international book covers. This project – 6 coloring book pages to be used as art therapy and as a donation thank you gift – was commissioned by HumanitEOS, a humanitarian service organization inspired by victims of human trafficking.

Flower closeup

From HumanitEOS:
“To better serve the broken-hearted, wounded and weary victims of sex trafficking who come to the drop-in center, we need what you feel to give. Your donation helps us with the SMALL THINGS: hygiene kit items, essential oils, CO2’s, folded oils and hydrosols, the MEDIUM THINGS: Heart rate variability monitors, and the BIG THINGS: The purchase of, and renovation of a building for the HumanitEOS healing and employment center, starting with a food truck/job van that allows me to go where they are to do piece work and provide them with nourishing food.”

For more information and to donate:


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