Casey Makes a Commercial!


INK is so proud how VAD Graphic Design graduates can do EVERYTHING! Here is a new video created by alumnus and INK co-founder Casey Kim, with help from another talented alumnus, Kevin Hole. Kudos!

From Casey Kim:

“The video was created for a partnership between Control4 and Amazon Alexa to showcase how the voice command capability of Alexa can integrate with an automated home, in a practical scenarios.

The focus was very much on the product for this video, so it’s an intentional choice as to why you never really see the people come into focus. I shot it on a Sony A7SII Mirrorless DSLR, using mainly natural light. We used a small hand-held light to generate some highlights in the darker shots. A lot of the house was staged for the shoot, so many of the accent articles and lights you see, we staged. It’s pretty crazy how much of a difference some simple staging can make.

Kevin Hole was my production assistant that day; we were only a crew of two.

It broadcasted at a live event this afternoon for an audience of about 5K. Afterwards, my boss called me to congratulate the response, and said Amazon loved it.”

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