Sheila Chambers Retires

INK would like to congratulate long-time Visual Art & Design full-time faculty member, Professor Sheila Chambers and wish her the best in her retirement. Have lots of fun Sheila!

A wonderful biography in Sheila’s own words:

“I studied and received my B.A. in Communications from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). I took nearly one-third fine art courses, but also studied video, film, informational design, and graphic design. After graduating, I worked nine years as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator in Los Angeles.  In 1991, with a move to Salt Lake City for graduate school, I took a full-time teaching position at Salt Lake Community College in the Visual Art & Design Department.”
“Over the years I have fulfilled a generalist position in the SLCC Visual Art & Design Department, teaching both traditional and digital media. I have taught diverse courses such as design, drawing, color theory, corporate design, package design, illustration, painting, portfolio preparation, computer art, and art history. I like variety!”  

“In my practice as an artist, I have loved combining words with images to create a more powerful message in my paintings, drawings, and digital posters. Over the years, I have also developed a keen interest in the meeting point of art and spirituality, and the influence of one’s own philosophy on their art practice. In my interactions with students I have always paid attention to their motives and their dreams and attempted to guide them to their niche in the varied art and design industry.”
“From 1996 – 98 I attended a low-residency M.F.A. program at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The studies enabled me to combine my love of both design and illustration, and ultimately wrote my M.F.A. Thesis on Poster Design, while also developing a manual for teaching illustration at the primary and secondary levels. I earned the M.F.A. in Art in 1998. Concurrently, I created a website to include work being completed for my degree:

“In 2003, I created
for my work completed for the Distinguished Faculty Lecture Award (and art show) at Salt Lake Community College. I have participated in numerous exhibitions over the years, and take delight not only in traditional media, but in experimenting with new media as well.”

“I was granted tenure at Salt Lake Community College in 2000 and promoted to full Professor in 2004. Compelled to seek out ways to enlarge my understanding of multicultural and transhistorical art from many regions of the world, I began studying world art and craft. This led to admission to a doctoral program where I was in a one-year residency in London, England at The Prince’s School of Traditional Art where I studied manuscript illumination, gilding, tile design, sacred geometry, and contextual studies in the philosophy of traditional and sacred art. The fruits of that formal study are yet to be determined but will either be completion of the doctoral degree or contributions to scholarship about where art practice and philosophy converge in the art product. To that end I run perceptual experiments and make art at Poor Yorick Studios, a collective in South Salt Lake.”

Thank you Sheila for all your years of work and contribution to the Visual Art & Design Department at Salt Lake Community College.



One thought on “Sheila Chambers Retires”

  1. Congratulations Sheila! It was fun at your farewell luncheon. So glad you liked the collaborative art piece. ~ Kerry

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