Alumni Focus: Anastasiya, Elisha, Ian, Matt & Carol

Anastasiya Bobrova

From Anastasiya:

“… a lil project for a bud. Currently being used on some apparel. I loved designing this black letter type from scratch.”

Elisha Frey

From Elisha:

“So this happened yesterday. Officially walked for my bachelor’s degree . . . and today I finished the first semester of my masters program. It’s been a busy year.”

Elisha graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an AAS Degree in Graphic Design from the Visual Art & Design Department.

Elisha just graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies – Marketing Minor from Columbia College of Missouri.

And now Elisha is working towards a Master of Science in User Experience Design program at Kent State University.

Congratulations Elisha! We wish you well!

Ian Maxfield

From Ian:

“Some of my art is on display at the Urban Arts Gallery and I’ll be there tomorrow for gallery stroll. Come say hey! I’ll be hanging out!attending Strangely Enough at Urban Arts Gallery.”

Matt Page

From Matt:

“So remember that guy in Special Collections at BYU who set up my show at the library in July? So he emailed me a couple of weeks ago and said he has someone on the library staff whose job is to set up Wikipedia articles and she just made one for me.”

Carol Ross

From Carol:

“Adobe Max is over but it was amazing! I think (these photos) capture the essence of the event.”


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