ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek, Brighton, Cassidy, Ruben, Anna, Amber, Kim, Esther, Katrina, Missy, Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“We dropped a new cap over at @neuergeist last week. Available online now: the Sego Lily Five Panel hat. ✌🏼 Rust-colored ripstop material (inspired by Utah’s red rock) with our original Sego Lily design embroidered on the front panel, and a woven label on the right hand side. Buy it with a sego lily pin if you want, put the pin in the hat even! We won’t say anything if you don’t….”

Cassidy Demkov

“Working on restocking Salt & Honey Market.

Ruben De La Torre

“Puffin’ Poetic Panda” 🐼 “Experimenting with line, shape and color on the computer.” 🎨

Anna Florin

“Just finished a 72-hour painting marathon for this great space at Hopkins Brewery.”

Amber Giles

Inktober Catch up.
Day 7: Fancy
Day 8: Teeth
Day 9: Throw
Sketched first with pencil then traced with @tombowusa markers.

Kim Jeppson

“Hey! I just wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the last several months. I have an online shop on Redbubble where I’ve got a number of designs that can be made into anything from stickers to face masks, shirts to clocks and tons more. I’ve had a lot of fun doing different spirit animals, retro patterns, and just random, fun illustrations. It’s been a sort of artistic sandbox for me just to play in and have fun so I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy looking at them, too!”

Esther Longmore

“This is what I did during General Conference today.” 🤗

“Had to illustrate a print to go with my pattern. Would you display this in your home?”

Katrina Parkinson

“2020 Plague Doctor. Fitting, wouldn’t you say? Yes, yes it is. Inktober day #2 complete!”

Inktober Day #9. Quality control came back today, yay! I have been In West Yellow Stone Montana today enjoying nature. And of course all of the beautiful wildlife that comes with it. We passed within just a couple of feet from two grazing Bison this evening. So beautiful, I decided that they were to be my inspiration for tonight’s Inktober.

“Inktober Day#10. Black cat for the spooky season. The photo is not great, My hotel is dimly lit, but it will do as proof that I made it to day #10 of Inktober!”

Lauren Waters

“Friday Florals! 🌼 Fall is still creeping along in Utah, but thankfully things will take a very fall-ish turn over the weekend. Just in time, too! I’ve got all kinds of Halloween-y stuff to do.” 🍂 @ Bountiful, Utah

Missy Van Wagoner

“I am starting a art/book class tomorrow and would love if you could ask your little kids: If they could be any animal what would it be? Why?”

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