2021 AIGA Student Portfolio Review

Annual Student Portfolio Review


AIGA Salt Lake City’s annual Student Portfolio Review was held on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The event was shown online for a second year due to Covid!

This was an opportunity to gain valuable advice, insight, and industry information from some of the top creative professionals in our local design community.

The virtual keynote presentation was given by the innovative Mick Champayne.


Speaker Bio

Mick Champayne is a designer by daylight and an illustrator by moonlight from Chicago. In a nutshell, she loves internet culture, navel-gazing about the future, and imagining how designers can support people’s values and intentions.

Currently an associate creative director at Instrument, she likes to create experiences that have beauty AND brains: making things look beautiful with smart strategy and a thoughtful user experience. From light-hearted memes to serious social commentary, she’s happiest when her work can spark a conversation.

For an almost-uncomfortable uptick of butt drawings in your feed, you can follow her on Instagram, or find her work at mickchampayne.com.


Congratulations SLCC GD&C Students!

The Visual Art & Design Department at Salt Lake Community College applauds our graduating Graphic Design & Communications students for showing their work at this year’s event.

Please visit their portfolios!


Sophia Araujo Jacobs

Sophi will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree and a Graphic Communications AS degree. Sophi will be transferring to the University of Utah in pursuit of a Graphic Design BFA.

“I love creative and purposeful solutions to a design project. I don’t wait for things to happen… I make things happen.” ~ Sophi



Sarena Boyd

Sarena will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree and a Graphic Communications AS degree. Sarena will be deciding between continuing her education with a SLCC scholarship in hand or employment.

“I’m currently looking at my future with rose colored lenses and filled with excitement for my next chapter.” ~ Sarena



Emily Paulson

Emily will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design AAS degree. Emily has already accepted a job in Bend, Oregon as a Graphic Designer.

“I’m very grateful for my experience at SLCC, and how my time has prepared me to work in the field.” ~ Emily



Ashley Schaugaard

Ashley will graduate in May with a SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Communications AS degree. Ashley has decided to continue her education in Graphic Design at SLCC.

“I never considered a Graphic Design AAS degree as an option until this point. Yea!” ~ Ashley



Graphic Design & Communications faculty wish to extend their congratulations to Sophi, Sarena, Emily, and Ashley for their wonderful work!

It’s been a pleasure to have you in our classes!


Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles
Associate Professor Jessica Curran
Assistant Professor Virag White
Professor Emeritus Lana Gruendell

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