ALUMNI FOCUS: Helen, Cassidy, Amber, Esther, Mel, Katrina & Hudson, Ingrid, Stephanie, Jen, Lauren & Clayton

Helen Cox

“Product photoshoot fun! 📸 I love my job!”

Cassidy Demkov

“A simple fresh summer pattern I designed for Son de Flor.” 🙂

Amber Giles

“Earlier this year I was contacted by my friend Bridget Loveland who started her own business pressing flowers for special occasions. We discussed the things she was looking for and she sent me some ideas she had. From there I developed the sketches and as we moved forward we narrowed down the playing field to Option 2. This was a fun project and I am glad that I was able to give her the logo she was looking for!”

“Happy Earth Day! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty that the earth gives us every day.” ☺️❤️🌎☀️🌷🌸🌳

Esther Longmore

“I wouldn’t say this is great, but I guess it’s ok.” 😉

Mel Maldonado

“Pillow box packaging for ADN Harmony + Focus sample pack. This dietary supplement is biometrically formulated to promote a healthy hormone system for women and support optimal cognitive function.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“I animated another picture! Check it out. – This video was inspired by Daniel B. Greene’s novella Breach of Peace. The book is amazing and I highly recommend it and Daniel’s channel as well. The epic music was done by Marc v/d Meulen, check out their channel for awesome violin music.”

“We had a blast at the Sugar Space Community Market in SLC yesterday. 🙂 A big thanks to Kristen at Kissing Whiskey Vintage for organizing a great event! We look forward to participating again.” ~ Black Rabbit Studios

Hudson Parkinson’s art made it onto the cover of antonym lit magazine this month! He also got another one of his pieces called “Ship Of The Stars” inside the magazine and my painting “Ethereal” was accepted into the magazine as well. Thanks antonym editors!”

Check out the whole issue here:

Ingrid Shoemaker

“Now through the end of the month shop 25%-75% off to get your gifts in time for Mother’s Day.” ~ Dahlia & Violet 💜

Stephanie Smith

“Alright, ya’ll! I’ve decide you don’t get what you don’t ask for and there’s no shame in asking, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️I have officially worked my booty off around the clock for years to create, build and perfect Stephanie Smith Photography! It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and my family!” ♥️♥️♥️ ~ Stephanie Smith Photography ☺️

Jen Terry

“I’ve been fully vaccinated (Pfizer) for a couple of weeks now. Side effects are a sore arm and ability to hug family members and friends.”

Good for you Jen! ~ INK

Dianna Totland

“I am honored to work with inspiring women and create their newest logo for Utah Women-Owned Businesses Directory. More branding elements to come for this expanding project. It’s going to support so many businesses. Thanks for entrusting me and Elle Marketing And Events for the launch of this project.”

Lauren Waters

“Ordered some gardening tools and they arrive today! Gonna play in the dirt this evening and think about how much I love this beautiful place we call home. Even the weeds are beautiful! But they still gotta go. Happy Earth Day!” 🌿🌷🌱🌼🍃🌸🌱🌻

Clayton Whitehead

“Artwork I’ve created using digital media.”

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