ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Lacee, Melanie, Cassidy, Saul, Amber, Mel, Matt, Becky, & Erin

Davin Abegg

“Finished! Here’s all my #inktober / #drawlloween drawings I did on my @swoodydraw page. It was fun to do and I’m glad it’s over. Happy Halloween!!!”

Lacee Siler Black

“For those that missed it in my stories, last night, my painting “Lunch Break “ was as announced Best In Show at the SLCC President’s Art Show. It is such an honor. I’m still getting over the shock.”

From INK: Congratulations Lacee!!!

Melanie Bunch

“I had a crazy push this week to make the foam board weapon stand-ins for the trade show next week. I put in 46 hours instead of my usual 30! But I got them all done in time. I can’t wait to see how they look in the booth!”

“And here are the foam weapons I’ve been working on, at the SEMA trade show! The official SEMA account on Instagram has already commented that they are a great concept!”

“This is the top half of the standing banner that I designed for work!”

Cassidy Demkov

“I almost forgot to pick up October’s SLUG magazine Design in Utah.Thank you SLUG Mag!”

“It’s almost that time… I just received a new shipment of Christmas cards. These will be available next week. Taking large quantity or multi-pack requests now. Send your request to”

“Saw a few of my lemon products at Got Beauty yesterday.” 🍋💛

“Flora for Cloud9 Fabrics. So excited to finally see these patterns on fabric. The process of designing patterns to when you get the product in hand can take some time but these were definitely worth the wait.”

Saul Flores

Downtown SLC.

“That Fall-Friday feeling.” 🍂✨ “We hope you have a great weekend!”

Amber Giles

“You know it’s a good day when something you designed shows up in the mail.” ☺️🙌🏼

Mel Maldonado

“Rebranded skincare packaging for @aubreyorganicsusa 🌱 that I worked on in the midst of the pandemic 😷 Got to work with a great team of creative people to make this happen.”
Photographer: @danrichards_photo
Photo Stylist: @saucyandkitsch
Designers: @visualdraft @monikagonzalez___

Matt Page

“New FDS merch dropping tomorrow!”

Becky Larsen Pease

“Be the Light Craft Fair / Cedar Park, TX – Come see me! 50 vendors at this one, so something for everyone!” 🎁

Erin Salazar

“So I did a thing and committed to the black and white feather design for a while. I typically like to use earthy tones in my designs but I’ve printed blankets, zipper bags and now these shoes in the white/black and I’m digging it. I’ll keep playing with colors that might print just as crisp as theses. But for now I think I’ll be ordering this take on my branding style for the season.”

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