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Opening Reception Wednesday, October 21, 2015

“I saw it yesterday and you’re right, it is fantastic. I was so impressed with the diversity of artists and loved seeing our faculty and alums showcased. Thank you for the work and leadership you provided in producing it.” ~ SLCC President Deneece G. Huftalin


SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2009

Ballard, Derek new photo

Derek Ballard recently returned from living in Salzburg, Austria where he worked as a designer at an international advertising agency. Derek has designed for clients such as Red Bull, Pearl Izumi, and North Face, alongside many passion projects for local and touring bands. Derek now works freelance full time, and collaborates with his wife, illustrator and painter, Brighton.

Ballard Art

In 2013 the band Huldra commissioned Derek to design the album art for their full length album “Monuments / Monoliths.” He used the lyrical content & music as inspiration for the illustration. Derek’s design for a one-of-a-kind dieline echoes the stylistic theme of the album in its flattened shape.

What’s Derek been up to since the show? Check this out:


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Ballard, Brighton new photo

Brighton Ballard is an illustrator and painter. In 2010, she attended the California College of the Arts Pre-College Program as well as Concurrent Enrollment classes through Salt Lake Community College. Brighton has had work published in SLUG Magazine,  and frequently works with her husband, Derek.

Ballard, B art
For this piece, Brighton continued on a favorite theme of blending classical style with a modern subject. Created with acrylic and gesso on canvas and taking cues from religious iconography, this piece represents grace and the divine nature of creativity.

What’s Brighton been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006

Beard, Keith new photo

Keith Beard was born in Las Vegas, NV in 1977. He received his AAS degree in Visual Art & Design from Salt Lake Community College and his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Utah in 2012. Keith recently received his MFA at the University of Utah in 2016.

Beard Art

Veyo™ was started in 2010. Drake Munson, founder, then asked good friend and creative designer, Keith Beard to join the fun. Veyo sells outdoor play wear specifically designed for small children and those parents who love to get out and play in the snow. Keith created the brand identity, brand messaging, and numerous product designs for Veyo.

What’s Keith been up to since the show? Check this out:



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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2008

Bishop, Alisa new photo

Alisa Bishop was born in Salt Lake City, UT and she loves to draw more than anything. After attending SLCC & VAD, Alisa received a degree in  Digital Arts & Animation from DigiPen. Alisa is currently a video game artist & user interface designer in Seattle, WA by day, and a freelance illustrator by night.

Bishop Art

“I was commissioned to create three duck illustrations using a specific color scheme. Working digitally, I began exploring poses and shapes, aiming for something cute and whimsical. I thought a graphic style for the feathers would work well and most importantly would be more fun to paint!”

What’s Alisa been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2011

Bratt, Nadya new photo

Nadya Bratt moved to Salt Lake City from Barcelona in 2009. She holds a BA in English from the University of Barcelona and an AAS in Visual Art & Design from Salt Lake Community College. Nadya specializes in Digital and Interaction Design and is currently working as a Senior Designer at Axis41.

Bratt Art

In 2014, Glasses.com approached Axis41 with the request to create several interactive micro pages in an effort to tell their brand story and house a collection of helpful articles about optics and shopping for glasses online. This page snippet and the accompanying assets are part of our design exploration and proposal.

What’s Nadya been up to since the show? Check this out:


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FRIEND OF INK / Filmmaker

Burke, Nick new photo

Nick Burke is a writer, filmmaker, and occasional sculptor. He formed Obake Style with Magen Mitchell as an outlet for all of their creative impulses. As a filmmaker, Nick is currently working as an associate producer, but he’s worked as a production assistant, assistant camera, assistant director, writer, actor and director.

Burke Art

This piece shows script and pre-production art for Nick’s feature-length horror film, “Hideous Hearts.” The movie is an adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” but the Beast is a cross between the sexual predation of vampires and the shape-shifting ability of Native American Skin-Walkers.

What’s Nick been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Multimedia 2007

Christensen, Isaac new photo

Isaac Christensen has helped to brand many of the West’s prestigious events and organizations. He has visited many of the world’s fine art museums, and enjoys exploring the wilderness: “The Great Mystery.”

Christensen Art

Using the direct painting method ~ alla prima ~ Isaac seeks to honor the way of life of the American Indian that endured for thousands of years. Isaac hopes to move the viewer to consider the cost of the increasing adoption rate of new technology, and what can be learned from the lives of the first people of this continent.

What’s Isaac been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2012

De Haan, Jill new photo

Jill De Haan was born in Ogden, UT. Today, nature-loving Jill is a letterer and illustrator living with her husband and son in Salt Lake City. Jill worked for STRUCK Creative Agency and now freelances with clients such as Schoolhouse Electric, Washingtonian Magazine, and Little Brown Book Group. Jill is represented by Synder New York.

De Haan Art

Lululemon is a worldwide athletic apparel company. All locations have strong ties to their local communities and select artists in their area to create artwork for their stores. Jill was the lucky artist chosen for the Murray, UT location and was asked to design and paint her design on the 12 x 24 foot brick wall within the store.

What’s Jill been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2012

De La Torre, Ruben new photo

Ruben De La Torre was born in Los Angeles, CA and has been living in Salt Lake City for thirteen years. He formed an interest in drawing at an early age, but it wasn’t until middle and high school that he pursued his interest in art. The same interest that led him to seek an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design at SLCC.

DELA TORRE, Ruben art

Ruben has been influenced by many things such as Chicano, low-rider, and hip hop culture. His experiences with diverse friendships, some affiliated with gangs, and others with skateboarding, have pushed Ruben away from mainstream media. As such, Ruben has become a more independent and critical thinker.

What’s Ruben been up to since the show? He’s working on his website now. Stay tuned!

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Casey Kim

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design & Multimedia 2006

Kim, Casey new photo

Casey Kim, currently a Senior Motion Designer at Metaforest, is a Motion Designer and Videographer in the advertising industry with a foundation in Graphic Design. Casey holds AAS degrees in Visual Art & Design and Multimedia with a Motion Graphics Certification.


In 2015, Casey was hired to develop a series of motion graphic designs and concepts for an indpendent documentary film. To support the main theme and provide visual continuity throughout, motion graphic elements such as animated infographics, kinetic typography, motion tracking and compositing are being used as dynamic.

What’s Casey been up to since the show? Check this out:

carbontoothgrinder (Instagram)

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2013

Longmore, Esther new photo

Esther Longmore is a graphic and surface pattern designer who believes ordinary things should be pretty. Esther opened an online stationery shop in 2014 and has plans to expand further in the art licensing industry, where she can decorate as many surfaces as her creative mind and heart can dream of.

Longmore art

The Sweet Adeline collection was created by Esther for a pattern contest which earned her a place among ten designers featured by home décor company, Shibumi Home. Esther’s work was chosen for the use of color, distinct style, and overall cohesiveness of the collection.

What’s Esther been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2014

Madden, Josh new photo

Josh Madden was born in Idaho but has lived in SLC most of his life. Always interested in drawing, Josh began tattooing 10 years ago. It was at SLCC in the Graphic Design and Illustration programs, Josh discovered a passion for portrait painting. In addition to drawing, painting, watching horror movies, and listening to hip hop, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and  son.

Madden art

“Regan” is a horror tattoo design based on the character from the movie “The Exorcist.” After the tattoo heals, Josh will tattoo a second time to tighten up and add details.

What’s Josh been up to since the show? Check this out:

6sick6six6 (Twitter)

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SLCC VAD / Multimedia 2005 – 08

Manfre, Chris new photo

Chris Manfre studied Multimedia at Salt Lake Community College in VAD from 2005 – 2008. Currently a Graphic Designer and Teacher at Spy Hop in Salt Lake City, Chris loves to create work ranging from simple vector icons to 3D and also animation. He is inspired by old Nintendo songs, the 1980s and 1990s, Garbage Pail Kids, and old machines that have gigantic knobs & buttons.

Manfre art

In general, Chris just loves being creative everyday, it’s so fun! This work is a self-promotional piece showcasing a variety of 3D illustrations Chris has created over the past two years. The name of the piece is “Sorry, I can be messy sometimes.”

What’s Chris been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Illustration 2007

Mitchell, Magen new photo

Magen Mitchell is an indecisive artist. She illustrates, she designs, she prints, and she paints on canvas and wood and toys. Magen likes to push her artistic boundaries and experiment with new mediums. Magen founded Obake Style, the Japanese word for shape-shifting goblins, to express that desire for change.

Mitchell Art

This work shows the process behind Magen’s recent laser-engraved wood plaque shown at Q Pop Gallery’s Gainax Tribute. Magen loves the idea of stacking layers of wood like transparent cells in animation and thought that “Evangelion” had an appropriate level of uncomfortable weirdness.

What’s Magen been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006

Page, Matt new photo

Matt Page has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for the last six years. When he is not working as an illustrator for a local company, Matt always tries to make time at night and on the weekends for his own art, ranging from mixed-media paintings to more “cartoony” digital fan art.

Page art

Most known for artwork mashing up Mormon culture and pop culture, Matt often likes to mix genre to achieve something familiar but with a new twist. This piece “The Great Destroyer” re-imagines the popular comic book characters, Galactus and the Silver Surfer, as ancient Mesoamerican Gods.

What’s Matt been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006

Spillane, Hilary new photo

Hilary Spillane, a native of Cottonwood Heights, UT worked as a graphic designer when she moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband and started a family. Today that graphic design major has found a new medium, the camera. Hilary runs a successful photography business, Spillane Creative, specializing in newborns, families, high school seniors and weddings.

Spillane art

Hilary has returned somewhat to her design background and visual art arena with this “365-Day Project.” In this venture Hilary examines the transformation of the ordinary into extraordinary as she captures moments in her children’s lives. The final phase of this project is the creation of a personal journal.

What’s Hilary been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Illustration 2013

Tigner, Jynette new photo

Jynette Tigner is a cheerful Salt Lake City native who can never say no to a good book. During her time at SLCC Jynette was a recipient of the Digital Arts Grant and graduated with an AAS Degree in Illustration in 2013. Jynette briefly moved to Indiana for a year with her husband but missed the mountains too much to stay away. She began working as a graphic designer shortly after moving back.

Tigner art

“Rammt” is a personal piece based on Finnish folklore of a bogeyman-esque figure that terrorizes children into behaving. This piece is the first part of a painted series depicting various folk tales. The rest are in the works but this piece still does well as a stand-alone.

What’s Jynette been up to since the show? Check this out:


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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design & Illustration 2006

White, Virag new photo

Virag B. White was born in Budapest, Hungary. She received a BS degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Semmelweis University in 2000. Virag has been working as a freelance graphic designer & photographer since 2009. She also holds the position of Communications Director at K2 the Church for the past 7 years. In 2013 she returned to SLCC as a VAD adjunct faculty.

White art

“Everyone Matters” Capital Campaign for K2 the Church. The funds raised through this allowed K2 to move to a new location.

What’s Virag been up to since the show? Check this out:



UPDATE! Virag was hired as a full time faculty member in the SLCC Visual Art & Design Department. We are so proud and happy for her! (August, 2016)

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