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South City Campus / Salt Lake Community College

Opening Reception Friday, October 27, 2017

Davin Abegg

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design & Illustration 2009

Davin Abegg lives in Clearfield, Utah with his wife and two daughters. He is currently an Art Director at Revel Media Group. Davin also works as a freelance graphic designer for a handful of small businesses.

Marketing and designing for his band Secret Abilities led Davin to create his own record label called Swoody Records. He uses his knowledge and experience to help promote other artists and musicians. Davin has designed dozens of promotional material and album covers for various bands. This piece is an example of the process he takes in working with a band to create a finished product.

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Lucas Ackley

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006

Lucas Ackley was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fresh out of college, Lucas worked as a greeting card designer for five years. After this he started his career in Web Development at Skullcandy, a Park City company that produces headphones, earbuds, gaming headsets, speakers, etc.

Big Shiny Robot is a local nerd news and reviews website. A new logo and rebranding was necessary for the upcoming website. The first implementation of this can be seen in their podcast poster. The logo is used to mask out an illustration of the robot mascot and is overlaid with the rebranded color scheme.

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Sharon Armstrong

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2007

Sharon Armstrong grew up in Layton, Utah with her artist grandmother who sparked an interest in art at a young age. After working as a graphic designer for four years she earned her BFA with a teaching composite from Weber State University. After graduation Sharon married, became a mom to 3 children and currently lives in Ogden, Utah.

Sharon found her calling as an art teacher for Legacy Jr. High School. She utilizes her education from SLCC every day by inspiring her students to open up to their minds to the wonders around them and expressing their own artistic creativity. Sharon loves seeing the way her students apply what she has taught them in their own creative work.

Sharons’s 9th grade Drawing class painted grounds, came up with the concept, and drew “Silent Warrior” square by square. Each student worked hard to make this piece come to life.

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Paul Asay

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2011

Paul Asay ~ it was only natural that he was drawn to graphic arts as he grew up with a printing press in the basement. After graduation he worked as a designer then Marketing Director at Bikewagon.com. Paul now spends his days as the head of the creative team at Walker Edison Furniture Company, and his nights photographing local professional sports teams.

Paul learned at SLCC to see the world a little differently and strives now to get the shots that show the true emotion of the game. There is much more to professional sports than just playing the game. “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” Paul shows what it is really all about.

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Rosalba Dominguez

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2013

Rosalba Dominguez was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. It was in Mexico she was influenced in color and Mexican Artesanía. Today she works as a graphic designer, photographer, and producer for a mortgage company in Salt Lake City.

Rosalba interned and freelanced with the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators in Washington, D.C. while attending Salt Lake Community College. Each year NHCSL produces an annual summit brochure which captures an info graphic of current legislators, their constituents, and current initiatives such as Education, Healthcare, Immigration, and Economic Development.

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Amber Giles

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2011

Amber Giles was born and raised in Taylorsville, Utah and from a young age gained a great appreciation for visual art through ballet. Today, Amber has worked in the Graphic Design field sharpening her skills for the last ten years. Amber enjoys using her creativity in many different outlets including ballet, traditional design, photography, hand lettering, typography, and illustration.

This particular project was a request for name cards that could be used on bulletin boards and charts around a fifth-grade classroom. Amber used provided visuals for inspiration and was able to create custom illustrations for the theme: “Learning Under Construction –
Building Blocks of Success.”

This project began with a request for a Thank You card. Amber used her talent of hand lettering and created a custom design. With inspiration from her research on different hand lettering styles, many sketches, a few drafts, and refinement she was able to create this custom “Thank You.”

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Kevin Landeen

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2014

Kevin Landeen was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah. He grew up with a love of art, music, theater, and literature. While completing his studies at Salt Lake Community College, Kevin began working as a production artist for Priority Dispatch and now has worked there four years.

On the side Kevin does freelance work and has done everything from logos to baby shower invitations. Much of Kevin’s work has been exclusive wedding invitations. With a love of all-type design he has done a series of unique wedding and shower invitations. These are some examples of Kevin’s all-type invitation designs, of which he is most proud.

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UPDATE: Kevin currently works as a Product Labeling and Documentation Support Specialist at BioFire Diagnostics designing product labels. (November 2017)

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Jorge Pille

SLCC VAD / Multimedia 2010

Jorge Pille, a native of Michoacán, Mexico now lives in the Salt Lake area. For the last five years, Jorge has worked in marketing at Access Development in SLC, building websites, print and web graphics, and occasional video production used to promote the company’s various products.

In the world of in-house marketing, communication can be challenging. In this internal project, Jorge helps non-marketing team members understand how a responsive web graphic is designed for a new mobile app and website. Members can then explain to clients how to design their own graphics.

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Peterson Timothy

SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2008

Peterson Timothy ~ Lest his name make you think otherwise, Peterson isn’t the kind of designer who needs to do things twice. He specializes in beautiful design and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.

Peterson pushes for ideas that are both meaningful and functional. Born and raised in Utah, he knows what resonates with the local audience. He brings a youthful vibe to the team, but don’t be fooled; Peterson has been around the graphic design block.

As Team Lead, he currently designs for high-profile Saxton Horne clients, including the Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Bees, Kneaders, and Ford, and previously worked as Lead Design and Creative Director at Idea Factory and YESCO Outdoor Media, respectively.

What’s Peterson been up to since the show? Check this out:


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