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Opening Reception ~ Friday, November 16, 2018
Show Open ~ October 30, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Helen Cox

SLCC VAD 2010 / Graphic Design

Helen Cox is a marketing communications specialist in Salt Lake City, who enjoys designing, writing, and creating. She is the marketing communications manager and graphic designer at Hugger Mugger Yoga Products, a freelancer, a bassist, and restores mid-century lighters.

Helen has used her skills to brand her side-hustle, Lux Vintage Lighters. She finds, cleans, and repairs art glass and metal lighters from the 1940s – 1960s, then sells them at a fair price. Five percent of all sales are donated to plastic cleanup in the oceans. All fire starters contain only metal, glass, and organic materials.

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Shawn Growcock

SLCC VAD 2011 / Graphic Design

Shawn Growcock currently works for Axis41, a digital design agency in Salt Lake. He has worked at various agencies creating brand experiences and global marketing campaigns. Shawn believes in a fearless approach to solving design problems. He is a die-hard lover of action sports, cooking, gardening, and home construction projects. Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.
The objective of this website was to drive home the idea that this product was unlike other merchandise lines for Twinlab. One of the significant problems needed to overcome was this product line is substantially different than their traditional sports nutrition goods.

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Melissa Hurd

SLCC VAD 2013 / Graphic Design & Illustration

Melissa Hurd is originally from Magna and now lives in Provo, Utah. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design at SLCC. She has worked at an online university as a career advisor for graphic design students. Melissa now works in a job that isn’t design related which allows her time to pursue her talents in creating designs and paintings.
Melissa planned and hosted the very first Spoopy Art Show, a Halloween themed group art show. She organized the artists, marketing, and secured the event venue. This spirit animal series combines Melissa’s favorite medium of watercolor with geometric lines.

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Amy MacDonald

SLCC VAD 2014 / Graphic Design

Amy MacDonald, a native Utahn, is the Founder and Director of Brolly Arts and MacDonald Designs LLC. As an artist, idea innovator, creative place maker, and educator, Amy aims to address important issues of the day through art. Graphic design is integral to all. Currently with Brolly Arts, Amy and others are creating a documentary about Black Social Change in Utah.
With MacDonald Designs, Amy, and two other artists are collaborating on the Jordan River Three Creeks Confluence Public Art Project. Amy combines her love of art and environment with wayfinding signage and place making projects.

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Ian Maxfield

SLCC VAD 2015 / Graphic Design

Ian Maxfield was born and raised in SLC, Utah. He has worked in advertising for 3 years and currently works in the creative department of a marketing agency. His passion for comic books, design and illustration has also led him to work and sell his personal work at art galleries and seven various conventions such as Comic Con, FanX, Gaming Con and more.
Much of the art Ian has created has progressed through different evolutions and creative processes. This piece was chosen for its more streamlined process. Made for FanX 2018, a lot of thought and intention was incorporated in the composition, color theory, style, and feeling.

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Katrina Parkinson

SLCC VAD 2014 / Graphic Design & Illustration

Katrina Parkinson lives in Tooele, Utah with her husband and young daughter. She is a fine arts teacher for Kendali Studios in Sandy and strives to help students of all ages express themselves through art. Katrina has a love for oil painting and graphite pencil drawing. She loves graphic design and enjoys hand lettering note cards and wall art.
Katrina is not happy unless a project is in the works, whether it be drawing, painting, designing, costume making, etc. This oil painting portrait of a woman is depicted in an Art Nouveau style. The concept is Katrina’s own spin on the style of one of her favorite artists, Alphonse Mucha.

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Tanja Rigby

SLCC VAD 2014 / Graphic Design

Tanja Rigby worked for many years in the scrapbooking and crafting industry. This led to teaching classes, creating projects, and working with a number of licensed designs. Some of the brands she has worked with include Warner Bros., Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, King’s Camo, Girl Scouts, and more. In addition to her work, Tanja enjoys spending time with her family and her two dogs, painting, and listening to true crime podcasts while designing cute, fluffy projects!
This piece shows the evolution of a logo creation from concept to completion with various applications. The client, Storey Girl Designs, is a dance apparel company.

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Norah Strebel

SLCC VAD 2004 / Graphic Design

Norah Strebel, the daughter of a landscape painter, grew up in art classes, exploring artistic pursuits in sculpture, drawing, painting, and photography. Norah lives in Las Vegas as a graphic designer still enjoying her artistic pursuits in the form of stained glass and mosaics. Outside the studio, Norah is an avid competitor in canine agility.
After watching a documentary, Norah wanted to capture the serene beauty and underwater athleticism of the sea turtle as a mosaic. The challenge of recreating this unique animal required numerous sketches, several hundred colored glass chips, over one hundred hours of labor, seven cuts to four fingers, and a spat of advice from Dad!

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