Center for Arts & Media East Entrance
South City Campus / Salt Lake Community College

November 15, 2021 – January 14, 2022

Layla Bruchett

SLCC VAD 2020 / Graphic Design

Layla Burchett was born and raised in Brazil. She spent most of her adult life traveling and living in various countries. She is interested in different cultures and loves to engage in creative activities. For the past five years Layla has been passionate about creating modern, creative, and timeless design solutions for people around the world.

In this piece, Layla guides the viewer through the process of creating a layout, typography, and illustration, for a poster design celebrating the possibility of inviting people to return to their places of work. The freedom to go beyond this company’s branding gives Layla a lot of fun options when creating a remarkable poster.

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Allison Fisher

SLCC VAD 2019 / Graphic Design

Allison Fisher grew up in the printing industry and has worked her way from bindery to pre-press. Her AAS degree in Graphic Design along with her industry experience has put her a step above. She is currently working in the package industry utilizing her knowledge and building her skill-set.

Pink Elephant is a small batch coffee shop in Park City, UT. When preparing their new box for print Allison found the client files could not be used to complete the finished product as desired. Using her expertise and planning, Allison was able to tweak and adjust the client’s work with great results. A beautiful product completed and client expectations were exceeded.

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Anamaye Lanayru

SLCC VAD 2018 / Graphic Design

Anamaye Lanayru was inspired to pursue graphic design as a new career while drawing cartoons as amusement for herself and friends. Since graduating Anamaye has been working as a Graphic Designer for the Utah Department of Human Services and various freelance jobs. She finds much satisfaction in knowing that her work is helping to better the lives of the people of Utah.

Golden Age Jams is a local company producing premium apple butter and jams using simple ingredients and preservatives. The Art Deco design is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood glamour. The striking design sets these products apart as higher quality amongst other more country styles.

With an interest in calligraphy and her background in Costume Design, Anamaye is excited to be part of the branding for Motley Misfits, a local motorcycle apparel company. Anamaye created an original typeface which has been used on products such as hats, t-shirts, and stickers. More designs are in progress.

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Sarah Landeen

SLCC VAD 2020 / Graphic Design / Graphic Communications

Sarah Landeen is using her degrees in English, Graphic Design, and Printing to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. When not writing, Sarah can be found re-reading her favorite books, painting portraits of her family, sewing a new dress, or training for her next marathon.   

Sarah first learned about Elizabeth Glover in the SLCC class History of Graphic Design. She spent years researching Elizabeth’s story in printing encyclopedias, Harvard journals, and records of Boston. Sarah’s “Coffin & Stone” is the first comprehensive narrative of Elizabeth’s life told from the woman’s perspective.

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Kesia Nielsen

SLCC VAD 2018 / Graphic Design

Kesia Nielsen began her professional career as a graphic designer working her way to Creative Director in under 3 years. Outside of her nine-to-five, she freelances as a Brand Strategist and Designer for creative CEOs all over the Utah. Although passionate about her career, Kesia makes time every day to be with her incredible husband and their amazing dog.

After years of hiding behind trends, Kesia realized that there had to be something more in making a brand truly authentic. She set out to study and master design strategies as a personal guide. The result is a brand that is diverse in its industry and purposeful in all its elements.

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Rachel Tonkovich

SLCC VAD 2020 / Graphic Design

Rachel Tonkovich is a graphic designer, illustrator, and armchair philosopher from Seattle, Washington. She loves the problem-solving that design requires, and will jump at any opportunity to take an analytical approach to the creative process. She currently works as a graphic designer at 97th Floor, a digital marketing agency in Lehi, UT.

When Rachel first saw the atrocity that was the Peoria Plaza Tire logo, she knew something had to be done. She immediately dove into research, brainstorming, sketching, and crafting a new logo that honored Plaza Tire’s history while still acknowledging 2020’s values. The new logo and branding will be implemented soon.

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Hali Vanderburg

SLCC VAD 2018 / Graphic Design / Graphic Communications

In Memorium
December 1, 1987 – July 20, 2021

Hali Vanderburg found joy in seeing good design. She strove to create simple designs and colorful illustrations that could transition from playful to serious. Hali loved the soft beauty of plants, birds, and insects in nature. She could identify any rock, tell you where it came from, and find something to appreciate.

Hali loved printing and installing decals as Large Format Supervisor at SLCC Printing Services. Installations take creativity, planning, precision and passion – all of which Hali possessed in excess. Through meticulous sketches, countless iterations, patient planning and printing, Hali left her mark across SLCC.

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