Davin Abegg

LIFETIME PRODUCTS: Lead Digital Designer
FREELANCE: Davin Abegg Design

Jared Adams

Jared is driving the white truck!

“Get a double dose of yours truly in this new weBoost video. Artwork and Acting! This was a fun shoot, glad I was able to help out.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

NEUER GEIST: Owners, Graphic Design & Illustration

Keith Beard

CIRQUE: Designer / Video Producer

“Love working for Cirque. Wanted to show off this video I produced for our 30th. Everything you see was created with my mad skills. I did have some drone footage help from a coworker.”

John Paul Brantley

THE MANY: Graphic Art Designer

“One of the first projects I worked on at The Many.”

Melanie Bunch

PRODUCER and DESIGNER: This is Ruff Tuff

Christopher Clark & Patrick Parker

Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark and Patrick Parker

Christopher Clark:

“I struggled on “how” to tell this story. . .

Amidst the normal chaos of other projects and daily living, this tragic and triumphant story has permeated my life for the better part of a year—weighing on me to try and get it right.

Not only was the subject matter difficult to tackle, but there were so many facets to the account that required deeper faith and humility—sincere emotional commitment. More than I possessed.”

PROPEL PICTURES: Owners, Filmmakers

Christopher Clark:


This was an amazing project to write + direct with so many awesome and talented collaborators.

DIRECTORS: Christopher S. Clark, Patrick H. Parker
WRITERS: Christian Lambert, Christopher S. Clark

Patrick Parker:

“Here’s a fun animation we made about family history and dynamite. Thanks to creatives Heather Dixon, Bryan Lefler, Eric Oliver, Kristin Yee, and the super talented artists who made it happen. And of course amazing sound design by Jeff Meacham, and amazing voice Christopher Robin Miller Enjoy!”

Patrick Parker on Step 5: “I’m proud to share this story which I was able to be a part of in producing.”

Natalee Cooper

FUELED: Graphic Designer

“The company I work for did a little video to showcase some of our work. It is safe to say, I love my job. “

Jill De Haan

FREELANCE: Illustrator & Lettering Artist

Rosalba Dominguez

MURRAY CITY COUNCIL PERSON, Freelance Graphic Designer

Three local women leaders joined ABC4’s Rosie Nguyen on the CW30 News at 7 p.m. for an IN FOCUS discussion about International Women’s Day, March 9, 2021. Those panelists included:

  • Sarah Vaughn, CEO and Founder of Melanin Squad
  • Rosalba Dominguez, Councilmember for the City of Murray
  • Nicole Carpenter, Communications and Operations Manager of Women’s Leadership Institute

To read more and watch the video:

Melissa Healy Turner

FREELANCE: Illustrator

Andrew Malin

OLYMPUS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL: Executive Vice President, Film Writer

Chris Manfre

Graphic Designer
From Westminster College:

How do art and science complement each other? New developments in 3D animation and augmented reality are starting to influence science education and student engagement. This year at Westminster Thinks Big Chris Manfre talks about his journey as a multidisciplinary designer and science enthusiast.”

Matt Page

Graphic Designer / Illustrator
From Matt Page:

“My buddy Thomas interviewed next about the book for Rational Faiths. You can read more about the book and see artwork hitherto unseen.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson


Hudson Parkinson

“I animated another picture! Check it out. – This video was inspired by Daniel B. Greene’s novella Breach of Peace. The book is amazing and I highly recommend it and Daniel’s channel as well. The epic music was done by Marc v/d Meulen, check out their channel for awesome violin music.”

“This video was inspired by Meg LaTorre’s The Cyborg Tinkerer.”

Blake Peterson


Erin Salazar

Anamaye Sukaru Lanayru

HOGLE ZOO: Graphic Designer

Peterson Timothy


Dianna Totland

ULTRADENT: Graphic Designer
Formerly of Epic Marketing
From Dianna Totland:

“This video is dear to my heart. My last big project with Epic, and I’m really happy with it and thankful to the people that helped out. If your looking to nominate a parent, friend or family member for a chance to win free LASIK, do it!”

Talin Wadsworth

ADOBE: Lead Designer, Experience Design

“Talin Wadsworth and Paul Trani on Adobe Live as they design and prototype a scooter rental mobile app in Adobe XD. Today, Talin and Paul will teach you how to prototype like a pro with auto animate and overlays.”

“Today on Designing Adobe XD I’ll be designing a new UI kit in #adobexd LIVE on stream 💰 Come design along with me and ask me questions on at 12pm PST

“Today on the Designing Adobe XD livestream I’m challenging our newest designer, Gayatri Gaekwad, to design a new feature for #adobexd in 30 minute or less.”

“Trying something new on the Designing Adobe XD live-stream this week. Tune in tomorrow at 12 PST on for a case study in how we designed the Layers feature for @AdobeXD ! I’ll share design stories, research findings, early prototypes and memes! #uxdesign

Teako Warfield Graham

FLOWING FREERIDE ONLINE SNOWBOARD SCHOOL (FFR):  Design / motion graphics / business modeling
SANDY CITY LAUNCH VIDEO:  Design / motion graphics

“Our team just launched about 20+ new websites for every department and massive online digital services for Sandy City. So the public can do their business online.

I’ve painstakingly headed this project for two years. Collaborating across the US and with teams all the way down in Australia. There is still so much to do.
But as a women-in-tech, a woman of color, and a digital engineer this launch today it’s def a proud career moment.”
Here’s the launch video.”