Nadya Bratt

Photo Example



SLCC Visual Art & Design / Graphic Design 2011

“My name is Nadya. The A is hard. Like in HARD. I come from Barcelona and live in Salt Lake City. I love design and everything design-related. I’m also a photographer of sorts and I like to experiment with video. I thrive upon doing things. All sorts of things: researching, reading, listening, talking, watching, sketching, clicking, exploring and challenging convention. That last one is my favorite. I’m curious by nature and ask a lot of questions. A LOT of questions! But in turn, I also have a lot of answers.”

(image and biography acquired from artist website)


One thought on “Nadya Bratt”

  1. Hi Julianie! Can you crop closer on Nadya’s face like Jill’s and Hilary’s? Also can you use the same size rectangle on all? You can crop to fit. Try to avoid a big white space between the b/w photo and the color photo. I just picked up some colorful photo from Nadya’s site.

    Or give me the sizes and I’ll crop them. Thanks!

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