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NEWS: Alumni Esther Longmore, featured Shibumi Home designer


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We’re pleased to introduce you to Shibumi Home designer Esther Longmore from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Decorating and embellishing ordinary items since she was a girl, Esther has always loved making things pretty. And we’d say she’s quite talented at it!

Esther describes herself as sweet on the surface, but silly and sassy underneath. “My work tends to reflect that same personality, giving the observant viewer delightful little gems,” she says.

We love the graceful notes and colors of springtime in her pretty pattern collection. What do you love best about her designs?


NEWS: Alumni Matt Page featured in BYU Exhibit “Mormons at Salt Lake Comic Con”


Poster by Matt Page

To view more about this event, follow this link:

About the Exhibit

October 1–22, 2014, HBLL Level 1, Special Collections

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be found all over the world and in every field, including comics, films, literature, and art. Since its inaugural convention in September 2013, the Salt Lake Comic Con has hosted thousands of artists, actors, filmmakers, and writers. This exhibit showcases the work of some of the Salt Lake Comic Con artists who are Mormon or whose art explores Mormon popular culture.

Curated by Trevor Alvord + Gerrit van Dyk

About Matt Page

Matt is a Utah native graphic designer and illustrator; his work as been included in several publications including Monsters & Mormons.

Matt’s postcards depict 20 different scenes of Mormon iconography mashed up with pop culture.

Also presented is Matt’s retro temple “Holiness to the Lord”

Doing Your Own Giclée Prints

epson stylus pro

Doing Your Own Giclée Prints by Heather Ackley (VAD Graphic Design Alumnus)

Those of you who are focusing heavily on your art and will be doing festivals may want to consider buying your own printer rather than outsource. It’s a personal preference. There are many options out there, and even some good $300 printers. However, the Epson 3880 Stylus Pro does archival prints with archival inks, and can print up to 17×22″ or 17x___ if you get a roll. I needed extreme color accuracy and quality, so I went for the gold.

I have compiled all the info you may need to invest in this type if printer, if the time comes. I had to come to the realization that I needed to spend money to make money, and this printer has more than paid for itself in the last 9 months.

So here you go…

• The printer I have (cheapest way to get it is Amazon) …I recommend getting a Prime account if you don’t have one. You can have paper overnighted to you in a bind for $4 shipping.
• I recommend getting the dust cover. You do not want dust getting inside of it.
• The paper I use is the Epson Velvet Fine Art, in 13×19, but it is available in many sizes. I buy it from PictureLine mostly, local. But sometimes from Amazon. It’s about $6 more from PictureLine.
Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper 13"x19" (20)
• It will come with enough ink to do quite a few prints. At least a hundred or two hundred. But when one of the cartridges does run out, this is what you’ll need: (there are 9 cartridges total, I’ve only had to replace about 5 so far and I print a ton).


There are also usually rebates from Epson for $200-250 at any given time.
• It will come with the drivers you need and is easy to install.I print directly from Photoshop.
• It is best to run the printer lightly and frequently, rather than running 50 prints every two months. One 13×19 sheet takes about 7 minutes to run through.
• I then cut them using a healing mat and sharp Xacto, using a metal ruler as the straight edge/guide.
• I buy my cello bags from GTbags, in various sizes. They last quite a while and are super cheap.

I hope this is of some help to you all! Oh, and I just use a simple cheap 8 year old Epson scanner to scan small pieces, and it works great.


SLCC Alumni Showing At Salt Lake Comic Con

SLCC VAD Graphic Design Alumni have booths at this years comic con:

Lucas Ackley

Lucas Ackley. Co founder of bigshinyrobot
Lucas Ackley. Co founder of bigshinyrobot

Nerd extraordinaire, Lucas co-founded the independent news site Big Shiny Robot.

Heather Ackley

Heather Ackley Local artist and freelance graphic designer.
Heather Ackley Local artist and freelance graphic designer.

“…So here I am today. I spend my days doing pet portrait commissions, geek-themed paintings and freelance graphic design.”

– Heather Ackley

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter. Background Illustrator for Adventure Time.
Derek Hunter. Background Illustrator for Adventure Time.

Award winning artist Derek Hunter has a passion for drawing and storytelling that is matched only by his love of Slurpees. Whether it’s through comics, storybooks or as background designer on Cartoon Network’s hit show “Adventure Time”, Derek aims to fill your brain noodles with a unique brand of imagination-filled wonder and excitement!


Magan Mitchell

Magen Mitchell. Slcc Alumni and founder of Paper Wasp
Magen Mitchell. Slcc Alumni and founder of Paper Wasp

We create low-brow art; pop culture prints, paintings, hand-painted toys and other paper products. By day, we’re cute and commercial. By night, we’re crass and counter-culture. Always fun and affordable, we’re Paper Wasp!


Film Viewing by Trina Polta

Trina Polta will have a film viewing on Saturday at 1PM.

VAD GD Alumnus Elizabeth Brown and her design department will be taking the day off to attend as will another alumnus, Courtney Colvin.

Please support our INK friends!!!