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2016 INK SHOW – Now Online!

It’s taken awhile to gather photos and such, but we now have the 2016 INK Show here on the INK site. Take a look at the accomplishments of our SLCC Visual Art & Design Department Graphic Design Alumni.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2017 INK Show scheduled for October.

Center for Arts & Media East Entrance
South City Campus / Salt Lake Community College

Opening Reception Friday, October 21, 2016


SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2004


Courtney Colvin, a native of Park City, UT, jump started her career with a degree in Visual Art & Design from SLCC. Upon graduation she worked for a SLC-based health care company. It was there that Courtney refined her design and project management skills for seven years, progressing from Marketing Intern to Art &Production Manager.
Now a full-time Graphic Designer for Huntsman Cancer Institute, Courtney combines design skills with a passion for science and learning. Courtney is part of a communications team specializing in health literacy and information design for patients, caregivers, and researchers. Medical illustrations like these are just one example of the collaboration between designer and researcher.

What’s Courtney been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2013


Cassidy Demkov began working in the Interior Design field but always had a desire to study graphic design. When the opportunity arose, she didn’t think twice about attending SLCC for Graphic Design. Cassidy lives in Sugarhouse, UT with her husband, daughter, two cats and two Boston Terriers.

Cassidy works for American Crafts under the Crate Paper Brand as an Illustrator/Product Designer. Cassidy loves being able to use her creativity and design skills to create patterns and illustrations that are used for paper, stickers and embellishments. Pretty floral designs are her favorite. Cassidy loves seeing the creative ways people use the products she designs.

What’s Cassidy been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2013


Nadia Dolzhenko immigrated to the US from Russia in 2006. She switched from a background in civil engineering to graphic design. Residing in Heber City, Nadia and her husband share a passion for travel photography which she has exhibited in Salt Lake City art galleries.
Nadia worked as a layout designer for the Globe Newspaper at SLCC. After graduation she was hired by The Park Record, a bi-weekly newspaper, in Park City, UT. Nadia’s responsibilities include layout/design/photography for the Park Record, themed pages, special sections, and magazines. Here Nadia uses her skill as a photographer to find just the right photo for the cover of Mile Post, an annual Park City magazine.

What’s Nadia been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2010


Anna Florin is a native of Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She has worked as a Graphic Designer and Artist for the last five years with Whole Foods Market, as well as participated in many of her own freelance projects. Anna is most excited about work that impacts the look and feel of environments through design, whether they be retail spaces, public places or cafés.
Anna recently returned from a travel sabbatical with plans to continue both freelance work and as a designer for Whole Foods Market. Anna’s latest project was an opportunity to contribute her expertise to the local Red Butte Cafe, assisting them with her skills in art, design and in-store marketing.

What’s Anna been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006


Colin Hill began his career as a Graphic Designer with a magazine publisher in Bethel, Connecticut. While living in New England he began his transition from print design to online design and development. Returning to Utah via Phoenix, AZ Colin currently works as the Lead Designer for Starfall Education Foundation, a non-profit company specializing in early childhood education.
As Lead Designer & Project Manager, Colin has overseen and contributed to the creation of a new Starfall website geared toward supporting early education teachers. A small preexisting Flash based website was re-imagined as a full HTML/CSS/JS based site for use across all major browsers & devices.

What’s Colin been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2001


Clint Loertscher was willing to do whatever it took to get in the door of a creative agency and this meant selling ad space for a magazine in the role of a Sales Executive in the morning and producing those same ad layouts in the afternoon as a Graphic Designer. The rest is history – working on a variety of projects from branding development to installing graphics in elevators and on semi-trailers.
Today Clint is the Co-owner of DS Creative which specializes in branding and environmental design. Clint and his partner Susy Huang take pride in seeing projects through the concept stages, production and final installation. Clint’s interest in spacial design inspires him to keep his company moving forward.

What’s Clint been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2013


Angie K. Millgate thrives in an atmosphere of creative expression. Being easily bored, she refused to narrow her focus to one outlet. Her business, Phoenix Touch, embraces that multi-role concept. As a writer, energy healer, event facilitator, graphic designer,
and multi-media artist, everything Angie does is designed to transform and heal humanity through Love.
Angie has an inborn ability to help people dismantle archaic beliefs and sabotaging behavioral patterns, so they can live fulfilling lives. Angie has developed the Shit Suit™ processes, which she facilitates at her REVELution events as an opportunity for transformation through play.


Angie finds joy in the process of identifying a book’s end-goal, researching, developing characters, writing, editing, and rewriting. Since 2013 Angie has completed  eight 350-page manuscripts for Book Development Resources. At any given moment Angie is writing or thinking about writing.

What’s Angie been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2001


Carol Ross enjoys the creative
process of minimalistic, user-centered designs. Her interests revolve around art, fashion, history, architecture, travel and film. She has been designing aesthetic layouts for print and digital publishing for over 16 years, and is drawn to abstract art and expressionism. Carol enjoys updating and improving brands by creating entire conceptualizations.
Carol created an updated look in this branding project for the Community Writing Center at SLCC. The project began with a new logo and expanded to other designs, including print and digital ads, merchandise and banners.

What’s Carol been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2012


Kristy Sabey discovered a love for print as well as type and layout while working as a design editor for Folio, the college art & literary magazine. After graduating from SLCC, she worked in print production specializing in large format. Kristy’s experience with visual communication sparked an interest in business & maketing and has inspired her to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Kristy now works in digital marketing.
Kristy is the Layout Designer for New York based Vellum Magazine, which is published twice yearly. The magazine has been featured in both Switzerland & Hong Kong Art Basil Shows which are known as a premier international platforms showcasing the newest developments in visual arts.

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2009


Cami Thurber grew up without a hometown but settled in Salt Lake City where she continued her career and started a family. After years of in-house design, Cami started her own freelance
business – Silen6 Commercial Arts. Silen6 quickly turned into something larger than a solo-preneur company with a variety of clients and projects keeping Cami and her team busy.

What’s Cami been up to since the show? Check this out:

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Both Cami Thurber and Dianna Totland worked on the project below for Silen6.


Both Cami Thurber and Dianna Totland worked on the project above for Silen6.

Sego Automation is a business focused on machinery, efficiency and automated processes. They requested from Silen6 a new logo, business card, and website.  Research began with similar
companies and a few rounds of logo options offered to the client. Once a logo was chosen, it was then applied to company collateral.


SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2015


Dianna Totland grew up in the heart of Salt Lake City and enrolled in SLCC in 2010 where she began her path into graphic design. Upon graduation Dianna worked at Silen6 Commercial Arts as a graphic design alongside Cami Thurber, Silen6’s Founder and Lead Designer.  Now, Dianna is working as a graphic designer at Epic Marketing. Dianna also works freelance for Muster Media and SLUG Magazine.

What’s Dianna been up to since the show? Check this out:

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SLCC VAD / Graphic Design 2006


Teako Warfield-Graham began work in finance as a Graphic Designer creating high-level campaigns earning multiple national CUNA Diamond Marketing Awards. Teako studied print-making in
London, Vienna & Prague and later worked for an ad firm in London. After completing another degree in Mass Communication & PR, working with tech venture capitalists added to Teako’s role as Vice President of Marketing at First National Bank. Teako and her husband filmmaker & pro snowboard instructor Blake, launched Flowing Freeride Online Snowboard School this past year.
“Outdoor Core™” is a system Teako branded for FFR to guide students and provide structure to course planning, video production, and UI/X.

What’s Teako been up to since the show? Check this out:

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To read more about The INK Show:
INK Show

To see the 2015 INK Show:
2015 INK Show

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2016 INK Show – You are Invited!


Friday, October 21 / 6 – 8 PM
Introductions at 7 PM

South City Campus / Center for Arts & Media
Edna Runswick Taylor Foyer / East Entrance
1575 South State Street / SLC, UT 84115

In 2010, Salt Lake Community College Visual Art & Design Graphic Design students Nadya Bratt & Casey Kim created INK as a club for anyone interested in Graphic Design. After their graduation from SLCC, INK evolved into an online source for those passionate about the visual communication industry by offering access to news, resources, and networking.

VAD Associate Professor Kerry Gonzáles and caretaker for INK, is proud to share the talents and creative directions taken by Alumni & Friends of INK in this – the second annual – INK, an Art & Design Group Show.

Each piece showcases the design process from initial research and ideas to a completed product. And most importantly… how a good foundation in graphic design is used in a multitude of careers.

Graphic Designers Can Do Everything!

For more information:


SLCC Art Show Poster Horizontal_2

2016 SLCC Student Art Showcase
Center for Arts & Media
South City Campus / Multipurpose Room
Exhibit Dates: April 1st – 13th

It was a GREAT night for VAD Graphic Design students!


Lauren Waters, won Best in Show at the 2016 SLCC Student Art Showcase on Thursday night, March 31st. Her winning piece was “Queen Bee,” a zine project Lauren produced in the Advanced Type & Layout class. Lauren also received an Honorable Mention in Fine Art for her piece, “Muscle Anatomy.”

To see more of Lauren’s zine “Queen Bee”:


Missy Healy, who designed the winning 2016 Art Showcase poster (see above) used to advertise this show, won an Award of Excellence for her zine project, also from the Advanced Type & Layout class. And… an Award of Merit for her cookie bag project from the Package Design class . Both pieces were in the Design category. An Award of Merit for “To the Moon” in the Illustration category was also garnered by Missy.

New Karli Duisen

And to round out “The Rule of Threes” for major awards to Graphic Design students, Karli Duisen, won the INK Award for her poster contest design entry “2016 Art Showcase Poster.”

We are so very proud of our INK Friends and Graphic Design students Lauren, Missy and Karli as well as the many, many, many Visual Art & Design students who entered the show.

In addition to Best of Show and the INK Award, these major awards were also given: The President’s Award chosen by SLCC President Deneece Huftalin went to Ryan Winward in Illustration. SACM Dean Richard Scott gave the Dean’s Award to Leisha Lord in Fine Arts. And, the Student Life & Leadership Award went to Jessica Findlay in Fine Arts.

Over 250 pieces were accepted into the show. More awards given:

FINE ARTS2 Awards of Excellence, 3 Awards of Merit and 4 Honorable Mentions
PHOTOGRAPHY2 Awards of Excellence, 4 Awards of Merit and 2 Honorable Mentions
ILLUSTRATION3 Awards of Merit and 1 Honorable Mention
DESIGN1 Award of Excellence and 1 Award of Merit
MULTIMEDIA1 Award of Merit
MIXED MEDIA1 Award of Merit
OTHER1 Award of Merit
ANIMATION1 Honorable Mention

The esteemed judges for whom we thank their time and expertise:

Heather DixonAnimation & Multimedia
John Collins Fine Art & Illustration
Jordan Gough
Design & 3D
Scott PetersenPhotography
Julianie Spookie McCrayINK Award

And the Art Showcase Committee who made it all possible:

Rick GrahamArt Showcase Chair
Jessica Curran Banners & Signage
Chad Erekson
Animated Video
Kerry Gonzáles
Poster Contest
Lana Gruendell Awards & Prizes
Neal Reiland Past & Present Video
Andrew WilsonWebsite Submissions

In addition to the above, these behind-the-scenes hardworking VAD Faculty and staff also helped gather submissions and hang the show. And… will provide security, tear down the show and return artwork:

Rob Adamson,  Sheila Chambers, Whitney King Hyans, Terry Martin, Dan Haring, Matthew Jones and Cindy Denos.

And last but not least we would like to thank the School of Arts, Communication & Media Dean Richard Scott, VAD Associate Dean Bryan Griggs, Center for Arts & Media Coordinator Josh Elstein, and Art Gallery & Event Coordinator Carolyne Chronister.


FAREWELL: Chad Ross Garfield


CHAD ROSS GARFIELD, age 44, passed away in his sleep on December 26, 2015 in Taylorsville, Utah. Born on April 7, 1971 to Lew and Diana Garfield in Salt Lake City, Utah. He married Olivia Marie Lopez on March 20, 1998.

Chad graduated from West Jordan High School and Salt Lake Community College with a degree in Graphic Design. He had a passion for Classic Cars, helping his dad build cars and going to car shows. He loved traveling, being outdoors, his dogs, Halloween, Country music, making people laugh but most of all he loved being with his family.

Chad is survived by his parents, wife and children; daughter, Makayla Cryce Garfield; son, Hayden Lewis Garfield and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Chad is preceded in death by his brother, Royce Garfield; grandparents; two uncles, a cousin and his mother-in-law, Sheila Haycock.

Funeral Services:
Saturday, January 2, 2016 at Noon
Cedar Breaks LDS Ward House
5635 South 2200 West
Taylorsville, UT 84129

A viewing will be held one hour prior to funeral. Internment will be at Redwood Memorial.

Friends and loved ones may also call:
Friday, January 1, 2016 from 6 to 8 PM
Redwood Memorial Mortuary
6500 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Garfield Children at any America First Credit Union.

Online condolences:


INK Show Followup

Extended through January 15, 2016
South City Campus / Center for Arts & Media
Edna Runswick Taylor Foyer / East Entrance
1575 South State Street / SLC, UT 84115

If you haven’t visited the INK Show yet, be sure to check it out. We’re happy and proud to show the work of eighteen Alumni & Friends of INK.

Nadya Bratt • Brighton Ballard • Derek Ballard • Keith Beard • Alisa Bishop • Isaac Christensen • Jill DeHaan • Ruben De La Torre • Casey Kim • Esther Longmore • Josh Madden • Chris Manfre • Magen Mitchell • Matt Page • Hillary Spillane • Jynette Tigner • Virag White

For more information:

NEWS: Beginning a Conversation

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting content regularly to get the conversation started. Now, it’s time for you to contribute.

This blog isn’t about one way consumption. It’s about sharing. Because sharing is caring. Which design blogs do you follow? What articles do you like or have found helpful? What projects or designers have you been inspired by? All INK members have the ability to create posts on this site and that’s exactly what we’d like to see you do. We’d like you to help us create a community of designers who help, inspire and motivate each other. So let’s have fun together!

Remember though that the posts you make are public and credit you as the author. All posts will be moderated for content and there are a few simple guidelines to help and guide you in creating appropriate posts:

  • Content – You can post anything from your own work to articles, images and projects you find interesting. Show us what you’re working on, receive input and suggestions from fellow designers, share exciting projects that inspire you, link us to useful information or tools that you’ve stumbled upon.
  • No Whining – This blog is for sharing information, experiences and inspiration. We’re a public blog and want to represent SLCC and the Visual Art & Design program the best we can. That doesn’t mean we are trying to discourage you from sharing your design frustrations with us. If you can’t figure something out, feel free to ask for help and advice. Just be mindful of how you do it.
  • Give Credit Where Credit Is Due – All sources must be cited unless none were provided. This is easy. Just put a link to the site where you found the content either IN the post, or in the caption of the image itself.
  • Comments – Other INK members will most likely comment on your posts. Keep your comments professional. And be prepared for honesty. Any comments containing inappropriate content will be removed.

NEWS: Member Dues (Fall 2012)

Dear INK SLCC members,

Some of you have surely been wondering how and where to pay your membership dues for this semester. And those of you who missed our visit to Advanced Type and Layout may even be confused about the membership application process at large. So, without further ado, here is the process broken up into 6 easy steps:

  1. Apply for membership.
  2. Upon receiving your application, we will send you an invitation by e-mail. (If you don’t receive one within a week, please check your spam folder and send us a message.)
  3. Accept the invitation. (You are now a member, yay!)
  4. Now, look at the sidebar on your right and scroll down until you see FALL 2012 MEMBERSHIP.
  5. Click Pay Now and complete the Paypal transaction.
  6. Print out a copy of your receipt, write your user name on it and give it to Kerry Gonzales by Mon, Oct 8th. (You’re done!)

NEWS: Hello and Welcome to the FALL 2012 Semester!

New to INK?

INK SLCC is an AIGA student group that strives to help members get off on the right foot in their design and art careers. We encourage creative and professional growth by providing access to information, resources, advice, critiques, portfolio reviews, activities and an environment to create genuine connections with other visual art students and creative professionals. As the official AIGA student group at SLCC, we are also your direct link to the information and events available to AIGA members.

There are several ways you can participate:

    • In Class DiscussionsIf you’re enrolled in Advanced Typography and Layout with our advisor, Kerry Gonzales, you will be seeing us often for in class discussions. In these visits, we are going to talk about everything from how to get your design career started and what classes to take, to finding new resources and ideas, how to stay inspired and current on design trends.
      On our website:, we make regular posts about upcoming design events, job listings and internships, tutorials, competitions and all sorts of other useful information for new designers.
    • Critiques
      Through the site we also hold online critiques which allow you to post your work for valuable feedback and help others grow by commenting on their work. Critiques are essential to the growth of a designer and participation is highly encouraged.
    • Collaboration
      INK members can also use the group to find other like-minded individuals for project collaborations. For example, a graphic designer needs to find an illustrator for a project they are working on. INK can put the word out and help the two connect.
    • Group Activities
      As a member of INK, you will also be invited to attend design and art related events with the group, such as gallery strolls, Salt Lake Design Week, AIGA events, the occasional social gathering and more. INK does not hold regularly scheduled meetings at this time, but these activities give us an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom and strengthen us as a visual art and design community.

To Join:

Please go to and fill out the form. We are excited for a new semester at SLCC and look forward to getting to know you!



Our first official order of business is to announce the next INK SLCC meeting!

When:  Tuesday, March 27th from 5-7pm

Where: Taylorsville Redwood Campus, Student Center, Parlor B (downstairs)

We’ll have a few announcements and be discuss upcoming events such as the AIGA Student Portfolio Review, INK Movie night and more! Come ready with your ideas for our Summer Mural Project and bring work for Critique!


Thanks to everyone who helped INK SLCC become an official AIGA Student Group including our Advisor and new AIGA Education Board Member, Kerry Gonzales! We hope to see everyone come to represent INK as either a participant or an observer at the AIGA Student Portfolio Review on April 6th!

If you’re not already a member, you can get your annual Student membership today for a fraction of the cost for an Associates (graduate) membership!

Check out this link to see how becoming a member of AIGA can benefit you


A few new jobs/internships have been posted on the INK Facebook page. You can either check the Jobs & Internships link here on the INK SLCC site or you can go directly here:  If you haven’t “liked” it yet, you definitely should. :)


As we mentioned in our last meeting, INK SLCC is sponsoring a student choice award for the 2012 Student Art Showcase. This will be the first student elected honor that has EVER been awarded. The show will be open for a private review from April 4th from 3pm-5pm. Only second year students are eligible to vote for their favorite piece. We’ll be sending out a reminder to eligible students prior to the review date so we can be sure that we get as many votes as possible. Voting will be done online here at the INK SLCC website the very next day, April 5th. So be sure to write down the artists name, the title of the work and the artshow article number to cast your vote.

Don’t forget, we still need to name the award so submit your ideas to or bring your ideas to the meeting on March 27th.


The new scholarship applications for the 2012-2013 school year have been posted and the deadlines are growing near! Check out to see what scholarships are available and apply today!

See you on Tuesday!


Hello All!

The time has come once again for an INK SLCC meeting. We’ll be discussing INK news, planning upcoming events and more. So bring your ideas, questions, comments and work for critique!

When:  Tuesday, March 6th from 5-7pm

Where: Taylorsville Redwood Campus, Student Center, Parlor B (downstairs)

Be there, or be a regular quadrilateral with four equal sides and four equal 90 degree angles…!!!