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NEWS: INK Open House

The INK Open House is nearly at hand!

Next week on Tuesday, January 31st from 5-7pm, we’ll be holding a meet & greet open house for INK SLCC. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the group and how it can benefit you. You’ll also have a chance to meet INK SLCC members and mingle with other student creatives in the Visual Art & Design department.

Oh, and did we mention… FREE REFRESHMENTS!!!

See the flyer for complete details.

We’ll see you there!


NEWS: Welcome Back!…Let’s be friends. :)

A Quote by Ira Glass – Design by Sawyer Hollenshead

Now that classes are in back session, it’s time to announce the first INK SLCC meeting of the semester!

For all current INK SLCC members:

Date: Tuesday, January 17th

Time:  5pm-7pm

Place: Parlor B (Student Center, sub-level @ Redwood Campus)

A few things to think about: 

  • Art Showcase Poster Contest
    Entries for the Art Showcase Poster Contest are DUE on Thursday, February 16, 2012. All current students should enter!!! The official guidelines and complete details are available HERE.
  • Ideas for Service Projects, Events, Guest Speakers & Field Trips
    Spring 2012 is going to be big for INK SLCC. Come prepared to discuss ideas about activities for the coming semester.
  • Student Involvement Projects
    Enrollment numbers are up and the Visual Art & Design department is growing rapidly. How can INK SLCC engage new students and members?

We have much to discuss so we hope to see you there!

EVENT: Daily Design Challenge

All that’s missing is comic sans

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The rules are simple, the rewards are great, may I present to you: DAILY DESIGN CHALLENGE!

What is Daily Design Challenge?

Daily design challenge is a game of sorts, for designers. It involves producing a small design on a daily basis for an entire year. Sound difficult? Think again, Daily design challenge is supposed to be something small and fun, rather than a chore hanging over your head.

What if I can’t make something every day in the week?

Don’t worry about it, these things happen. But if possible do try to make something on a daily basis, it will be the most beneficial to you.

What are the rules?

Use 1 image, text (a glyph to a paragraph) and anything that can be created within the program you are choosing to build an image up to 900×900 pixels and no more than 1.5m filesize (after flattening) Spend no more than 30m and no less than 15m on said design.

At the end of the week, create a new post with your Name, theme(if there is one) and the tag “DDC” with the designs, dates, and time spent on each design.

Do we critique these?

It wouldn’t hurt, as long as the critiques stay more to the “what’s working range” as it’s less the goal to fix these, but to continue to create and build new routes and visual language for your personal design approaches.

Good luck to any who choose to participate and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

EVENT: Reflection on Pixels of Fury

-Donovan Burns

On November 14 I went to PIXELS OF FURY: A SHUTTERSTOCK LIVE DESIGN TOURNAMENT hosted at The Leonardo. The event was an Iron Chef like competition where twelve designers went four at a time to create a graphic that defined what design meant to them. The rules (as far as I remember) was that each contestant had 20 minuets to choose 1 photo, 1graphic, and 1 typeface from

Student fashion designers from USU who were showing off their dresses made from interior design materials.
Designers at their stations

You could and were encouraged to snoop over the designer’s shoulders (and they did have the largest sized iMacs) but I did wish they had each computer projected akin to Starcraft tournaments. It was amazing to me how small (as in zoomed out) some of them were working.

Designers working
Everybody finished.

In order to vote the system was:

  • When the designers finished they uploaded to a server
  • Images were displayed on the grid (as seen above)
  • Each image had a code which would be texted to a custom five digit number
close up of all the designs

The winner (middle far left) was Manda Bull.  My personal favorites were “Adapt” (second from lower left), “Infinite Possibilities” (second from top right), and “Solutions” (bottom right).

EVENT: Pixels of Fury!!!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to The Leonardo last night for Pixels of Fury!

Pixels of Fury was a live design competition @ The Leonardo for Design Week. 12 contestants had 1 photo, 1 illustration, 1 typeface and 20 minutes to represent what design meant to them. A lot of GREAT designers out there.

Congratulations to the winner! –!/mandamade

If you went to the event and have pictures to share, post them up!

Go #SLDesignWeek!

See you at the meeting tonight!

NEWS: INK Update


Thanks to everyone who responded to the attendance poll for Pixels of Fury, the Design Week Kick off event on November 14th @ 7:00pm. Tickets are available online at Let’s plan to meet in the Atrium area of the Leonardo, no later than 6:45pm.

Our next INK meeting is on Tuesday, November 15th.

Location: Salt Lake City Library, Main Branch – Room 2

Time: 4pm-6:30pm

Agenda: INK Logo Design Contest, critique, discussion, Event

After the INK meeting, there are two Design Week events you can attend.

Design Matters – The Visual Language of Herbert Matter (FREE)


Design For Good ($5 AIGA, $10 Non-Members)

We’ll be looking for some feedback about the Salt Lake Design Week events you attended when the festivities are over.

Also…don’t forget to bring your entries for the Ink Logo Design Contest! The judging will begin at 5pm. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please e-mail your entry to by no later than 3pm on the day of the meeting.

We’ll see everyone for Pixels of Fury on Monday!

EVENT: SLC Design Week – Pixels of Fury @ The Leonardo

SLC Design Week is COMING!!!

We’re trying to get a head count on how many INK members wanted to attend “Pixels of Fury”: a live design tournament, on Monday, November 14th, 7:30pm @ The Leonardo. Once we get an RSVP list, we can make arrangements to meet up, carpool, whatever.

Here’s a link to the event details:

Tickets are $5 for AIGA members, $10 for non-AIGA.

What we want to know is…

ALSO… The critique guidelines have been posted. You can find the link at the top right column of the page. Or just click HERE.