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Preliminary Work is Necessary!

In the Graphic Design program at SLCC, tight preliminary work is required. Students who spend more time solving problems in the beginning of the design process are much more successful in completing work in a computer program. Here are examples of preliminary work from current students and graduates now professionals in the industry.

Cassidy Demkov

AMERICAN CRAFTS: Product Designer & Illustrator for Crate Paper

“Figured I’d give Procreate a try with a few of the sketches I did when I was on vacation. Still figuring it out but here’s the first thing I actually finished.”

“The pattern sketch vs. the final 12×12 paper pattern.”

Amber Giles

SLCC: Institutional Marketing Graphic Designer

“Advice often shared with me by my mother.”

Melissa Healy Turner

Freelance Illustrator

“Practicing emotions for my Illustrating Children’s Books class.” 🤨😠

Some different facial expressions of Squirrel, for my Illustrating Children’s Book Class.” ☺️😔🤔

“This week for my Illustrating Children’s Book Class, we focused on poses. So here’s Squirrel doing some different things.”