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EXAMPLE: 10 Crazy Ads from History

The 1950′s through the 1970′s were a strange time in advertising. Women were stuck in the kitchen, casual racism was abundant and crazy ads were everywhere. Below is a list of crazy vintage ads that will make you grateful for modern standards, or perhaps nostalgic for the ‘good ole days’. While reading this list, imagine if you would, each crazy ad’s impact on the public if it were to run unedited in popular print publications today. Without further ado (as if most of you even read this paragraph) here are 10 Crazy Ads from History, a vintage lesson in ridiculous marketing.

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RESOURCES: The Idea vs The Execution

Good ideas never seem to be in short supply. Granted, bad ideas are every bit as prevalent – however, almost anyone can hit on a good idea of some sort in their professional lifetime. Great ideas are rare. Great ideas can change fortunes, alter futures and make history. The execution of ideas, whether it be in business or in life, is also key to success. Having a reputation of excellent execution can make careers and build businesses. In marketing and advertising, both are integral to a complete and effective campaign. They each require large amounts of attention and commitment to detail and often one is overlooked for want of the other. So, for arguments sake, we shall pit them head to head in a which-is-more-important battle-royale! – See more at: Learned Marketing