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Reynolds and Reyner from Ukraine created a wonderful identity for London Houses coffee. One that even includes the powdering on the coffee, and the fabric of the furniture, and they are taking us through the process.

The pictures speak for themselves, but they do have something to say about it:”London is a city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture. Loyalties are formed in childhood and honoured for a lifetime. So our task is not just to show the outstanding benefits of our product but to weave these assets into the larger culture and themes of London culture, combining the heritage of coffee drinks with the distinctive, one-of-a-kind pleasures of London House coffees.”

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The Noun Project: Logos & Icons

Noun Project

The Noun Project is an ambitious effort to create a global visual language with open source symbols and icons. Anyone can contribute icons to the project’s online library, or download and use the icons, all free of charge. Icon users can pay a small fee to use icons without attribution (commercially or otherwise). The Noun Project periodically holds public icon creation workshops, or “iconathons.” The most recent iconathon was at the 2013 XOXO festival in Portland.