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Ed Rosenberger in Slug Magazine

Ed Rosenberger, 2019, large format, wet-plate image. Photo: David Hyams, Luminaria.

Ed Rosenberger, an Associate Professor in the Visual Art & Design Department at Salt Lake Community College was featured in this month’s Slug Magazine. The article “Making a Photograph with Ed Rosenberger” was written by Kia McGinnis Way.

From the article:

“The title ‘photographer’ is more of a verb than a noun for Ed Rosenberger. Beyond the act of taking photographs, it’s an epithet that also includes teaching, mentoring and a lifelong commitment to learning. Initially coming to Utah as a young college student ready to hit the slopes, Rosenberger has become an invaluable fixture in the local visual art community as both an educator and an artist. His cultivated and creative eye has resulted in an esteemed body of commercial and fine-art work, while his dedication to guiding others to the light, so to speak, has elevated the photography culture in Salt Lake City.”

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Congratulations Ed!


HAYMORE, John photo5 Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Photography
By John Haymore

John Haymore, SLCC VAD Graphic Design alumnus was recently asked to write for VueNation. “Many know I’m not a writer, by far, but when asked to write a post for VueNation on taking better smartphone photos, I gladly excepted the challenge, as long as I was able to include my own visual images.” Nice job John!

From Vue Nation:

Smartphone photography is an obsession these days amongst social media enthusiasts. If you’re snapping photos with your smartphone, eventually you’ll want to share them with others, so why not keep in mind a few basic tips and tricks to improving your smartphone photography skills?

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Vik, 2 Years Old, Album, 2014

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For over two decades, artist Vik Muniz has meticulously arranged and photographed things to look like other things: portraits in dripped chocolate,monsters out of caviar, and “paintings” from warehouses full of junk. His latest works, on view at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery right now, take on photography WITH photography.

Each work is a photograph taken of an arrangement of hundreds of otherphotographs that represent a photograph… and they are huge. Below, find full images and “details” of four works in the show.