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Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.55.51 AMFrom ADWEEK:
10 Hilarious and Touching Ads That Show Why BBDO Was Our U.S. Agency of the Year 2015’s big laughs and bold ideas By Patrick Coffee.
“From classic hilarity to emotional lifetimes lived in three minutes or less, BBDO’s wide spectrum of top-quality work in 2015 is largely what earned the storied shop its status as Adweek’s U.S. Agency of the Year.
From the Super Bowl all the way into holiday season, the agency’s U.S. offices consistently created some of the industry’s most compelling and well-crafted work.”

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ADVERTISING: The World’s 18 Best Outdoor Campaigns of 2014 – 2015

womens-aid-billboard-hed-2015Women’s Aid
Look At Me
Agency: WCRS London
Gold Lion
—This digital billboard uses facial recognition to recognize when people are paying attention to the image of a bruised woman. As more people looked at the ad, her bruises and cuts healed faster, communicating the benefit of not turning a blind eye to the problem.


• News UK/Sunday Times
Elton, Branson, Cowell
Agency: Grey London
Gold Lion
—Elton John, Richard Branson and Simon Cowell are fat cats indeed in these ads promoting the British newspaper’s “Rich List.”

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