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ARTICLE: Design Portfolio Class

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To view the entire class details or to buy this class please visit – https://www.creativelive.com/courses

This class is currently available for $41. Get it now before the price goes up to $59!

In this class, Ram Castillo will help you through every stage of portfolio development from conceptualization to organization to dissemination.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Filter and organize your design work
  • Photograph and/or render project pieces
  • Choose an online portfolio structure

RESOURCES: Building a Creative Business

Hello? Is this thing on? Hey friends! I just want to spread the word about a newly available class this semester called Building a Creative Business / Art 1440 (2 credits). It’s being taught by one of the talented founders of Struck. If you have any plans to freelance or start any sort of creative business, this class will be valuable for you! In this course, you will learn to:

• Identify and discuss basic business structures.

• Identify and apply the process of business organization and branding. (i.e., create your own identity set)

• Understand the government process for setting up a business and reporting income.

• Define and evaluate appropriate use of social media for small, creative businesses.

• Properly create effective estimates, proposals, change orders and invoices.

I believe in this course and want to see it continue for future students as well, so if you have room in your busy schedule, I’d like to see you there! We only meet once a week, and next week is Martin Luther King Day so there’s no class. Hit me up with your email address if you decide to register and want a PDF of the syllabus as well as more information on the assignment due the next class. The instructor is fun, qualified and knowledgeable! I’m excited to learn more and prepare myself for my future! Are you?