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Alumni Focus: Ryan, Derek & Brighton, Cassidy, Amber, Sam, Katrina & Hudson, Jen, Cami, Teako, and Lauren

Ryan Bangerter

“It’s been a while since I last posted. Here is another character from the #EmyandHerald character lineup. This is Grandma. She spends her days enjoying her retirement and taking care of Emy. She may seem a bit eccentric, but underneath that quirky exterior she has a kind heart. Also… don’t mess with her family. I hear she is very proficient with that rifle.”

“Here’s another #EmyandHerald character!This is Leon. Leon is Emy’s cousin. If you need to know anything about random pop culture facts, Leon is your guy. Just don’t ask him what his favorite class is in Gozar Legends, or you’ll never leave.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“Design for @saveourgreatsaltlake’s #artistsforgsl campaign. Please check out @saveourgreatsaltlake’s profile to sign and share the petition, and attend virtual rally today at 12pm! These 11×14” posters are risograph printed with orange and blue ink on two types of stock.”

Cassidy Demkov

“If you have to clean up after your 🐕, you might as well have a cute bag holder. 🌿Spotted my @thefoggydog Plant Lady pattern at @anthropologie

“New Cards coming just in time for Spring.”

“I’m so excited to be one of the @bloemmarketgoods vendors this year. It’s located at one of my very favorite shops @sunrivergardens February 11-12. I’ve been working hard on lots of new products just for this market. I will also have some really cute @thefoggydog collars & bandanas that I designed.”

Amber Giles

“So happy to have been able to photograph and create the promotional material for this show! It’s going to be a good one.” 🙂🩰

Sam Loertscher

“Yep… we do vinyl… lots and lots of vinyl.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson and I were recently interviewed on this awesome poscast! Take a listen to learn more about us as artisans and our involvement in our local art community. Link below!”


Jen Terry

Cami Thurber

“The only good thing you can get out of this eternal winter is using this time wisely to get and heal a tattoo before the sun comes back and wants to burn it.Do the thing. Get the tattoo.”

Teako Warfield-Graham

“Boring tech news alert 🤓 I get to do a national collab with CivicPlus & GovTech.com all in the name of work tomorrow! As a design lover I’m not totally sure how I became a “go-to” in city technology but I slipped and fell and it just happened LOL. Feeling smart and proud.” https://webinars.govtech.com/

Lauren Waters

“I know Stevie gets a lot of love on here (rightly so), but most of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs are by Christine McVie. So I’m showing her some love…” ☀️🌈✨☁️🌙

Alumni Focus: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Sam, Mel, Katrina & Hudson, Erin, Em, Jazz, & Lauren

Davin Abegg

“Here’s some more drawings. Just hit 3,000 followers on the art Instagram page so that’s pretty cool.”

“I was eating pizza and found the pizza demon, so I drew it.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

Derek Ballard

“Gotta show the boxes in context, for they were made to house a national treasure. Thanks @austinbowcutt for the photos and @pete_zereeya for the pizza mastery.”

Brighton Ballard

“What will the future hold for Chihiro, No Face and Yubaba? 🔮🔮🔮 Artist Brighton Ballard has designed six beautiful tarot cards inspired by the film Spirited Away.Each design comes as a mini risograph print, and all six prints are enclosed in a black envelope with metallic gold soy ink emblem.Get a closer look at all six designs in our online store: https://spoke-art.com/…/brighton-ballard-spirited-away…

Sam Loertscher

#process complete

Mel Maldonado

“Branding identity stationery I created for Fabrica Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Sandy, Utah. They specialized in growing relationships built on trust, accountability, and results. I was inspired by the engineering sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

Katrina Parkinson
Katrina Parkinson
Katrina Parkinson
Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson Parkinson and I submitted some of our artwork to Antonym, an online literary & visual arts magazine. We both got our work accepted into the March issue and one of my pieces was chosen for the front cover! Exciting! Click the link to check out the magazine.Thanks to Michael Ferry for encouraging us to submit our work!” https://pub.lucidpress.com/antonymmarch2021

Hudson Parkinson

“This video was inspired by Meg LaTorre’s The Cyborg Tinkerer.”

“Sticker making underway for the Sugar Space Community Market on the 17th! We love making new merchandise.” 🙂

Erin Salazar

“Cute little *ass.”

Em Veylupek

Digital sketch.

Jazz Vitale

“Designed these new @drinkbutter hoodies & they went live yesterday. More than half of them are sold out already! Thank you for all the positive feedback and kind words my friends. So fired up on how these turned out.”

Lauren Waters

“Make it pink… 💕 Make it blue…” 💙

“It’s always fun to see a collection come together. This is a Spring release I worked on with my team for @maggiehdesign . I figure if I can’t spend my afternoons in an English garden, I’ll just design the one in my mind.” 🌼🐰🌸🐓🌿

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek & Brighton, Keith, Melanie, Helen, Amber, Anamaye, Mel, Matt, Austin & Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“New product in the @neuergeist shop: frosted acrylic Sego Lily Coaster sets! They come in a custom risograph printed, hand-folded box, and each set of 4 includes an embroidered patch.” neuergeist.com

Keith Beard

“Having some fun with this painting.”

“Is interesting to see the subconscious come out clearly on the surface when seeing work side by side. Or even a body of work. Seeing a theme hear for sure.”

Melanie Bunch

“I’m working on something a little different from my usual doodles tonight…”

Helen Cox

“I can now say I have designed a guitar pick!” 🤘@9thand9thbookandmusic @blackharborsound

Amber Giles

“Hey! That’s me! 🙂 Come see an original production of Anastasia this weekend!! Yep! All of the Meet the Cast posts I’ve shared over the last couple weeks were designed and headshots taken by me.”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“Making graphics for the Utah Department of Human Services.”

“Just a quick little digital illustration for work.”

“One of my favorite projects I get to do every year for work is the Milestone Reel. Due to COVID-19 we didn’t have many photos or videos to use but this allowed me to practice my motion graphics skills. Check it out!”

Mel Maldonado

“Annual report I worked on for Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.” @businessutah

“Double your Impact marketing campaign for @evenstevenssandwiches. The Utah based sandwich shop previously promoted a “Eat to Give” business model which supported 80+ non-profit partners across 6 states. The process was simple: At the end of each month, they tallied sandwich sales and contributed funds for each sandwich purchased. Each restaurant would then donate to 4 selected local charities in need of assistance.The goal of the campaign was to promote the process of the Give Back program and highlight each of the individual non-profit organizations.”

Art Direction: @pavlovs__horse.exe Illustrations: @trentcall
Graphic Design: @visualdraft (Mel Maldonado)

“Grabber @grabberconstructionproducts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality products built for construction professionals. Their core line of products includes screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications. The following are web design components for their UltraPro and SuperDrive line of building materials.”

Matt Page

“Members of the Future Day Saints Fan Club can expect a big announcement email tonight.”

Austin Record

“I designed and installed these (for) JKR Windows.”

Lauren Waters

“It’s coming, even if it’s coming slowly…” 🌸🌻🌷🌼

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Ryan, Keith, Ruben, Cassidy, Nadia, Amber, Alissa, Matt & Lauren

Davin Abegg

“I started my own t-shirt shop.”


“First 4 drawings of 2021. Can’t wait to see how much better I get by 2022.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“Seinfeld 2021 Risograph Calendar” — available at @neuergeist / ng15.co

Ryan Bangerter

So, this started out as a practice sketch, and… 5 hours later here we are.”

Keith Beard

“Life in chaos.”

“Guardians of Center Earth.”

Ruben De La Torre

‘DOOM FOREVER’ a tribute to underground hip hop legend, MF DOOM.


Cassidy Demkov

“For as long as I can remember one of my favorite stationery stores has been @tabularasastationers in @trolley_square. It was a dream to be able to deliver my first card order to them yesterday.”

This bouquet handkerchief print was made from the floral in my Perennial fabric collection. Maybe it will make its way onto a real handkerchief this year… I’m working on figuring out the best way to get some new products made.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

Heber Valley

Amber Giles

“21 words for 2021. Last year I tried this exercise where I wrote down 20 words I wanted to focus on in 2020. As I revisited the list at the end of the year I was amazed to see how I was able to accomplish or improve on each word listed. Simply amazing! So here’s to a new year, with new adventures, confidence, courage, baking, learning and improving.” 🙂

Alissa Hicks

“Under the sea… under the sea..Ariel has made her appearance on land with the intent to explore everything the world has to offer. Do you have a place for her to stay?


Matt Page

“T-shirt design featuring a character named Triple Combination from my series Future Day Saints. Book 2 coming summer 2021. T-shirts coming soon.”

Lauren Waters

“I saw this on a Christmas card at my sister’s and the sentiment stayed with me. It’s not really a resolution, just a state of mind and well-being I’d like to hold on to. I’ve carried some negative feelings this past week and that’s just no way to live or start the new year. So I’m processing the negativity, learning what I need to, and trying to maintain a more hopeful outlook. Even though falling to pieces seems like an attractive option, too!” 🤔😅

2020 INK Show – Open Now!

Be our guest!

Unfortunately, the on-campus 2020 INK Show scheduled for November, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The 2020 INK Show instead is online! Please visit:
2020 INK Show

Misplaced Showcase Year 2

You are Invited!

Saturday, October 12, 2019 / 2 – 8pm
Super Top Secret
254 East 100 South / SLC, UT 84111

Free admittance to all!

Misplaced Showcase

ART. ARCADE. MUSIC. CHARITY. Misplaced Showcase is an interactive exhibit, art market, and charity event created by local artists to connect with the art scene and to raise money for the Children’s Justice Center.

Experience a behind-the-scenes look at illustration, urban art, comic books, prop building, and toy creation. Attend hands-on workshops and lectures. Meet the guest artists and build connections. Buy rad art or donate to the cause in the name of helping kids seek their own sense of belonging. Misplaced Showcase is a free event for everyone.

Ashley Fairbourne, Ashley Love, Camille Nugent, Bill Galvan, Dave Arcade, David Habben, Dead Binky, Evan Jed, Issac Hastings, JJ Harrison, Magen Mitchell*, Mark Romney, Neuer Geist*, Spencer Nugent, and Tragic Girl Co.

*Magen Mitchell of Obake Style and Derek & Brighton Ballard of Neuer Geist are SLCC VAD alumni.

From one the Founders of Misplaced Showcase and SLCC Graphic Design alumni, Lucas Ackley:

“A small group of Salt Lake City creatives formed Misplaced Showcase and held the first event in October 2018. We created this event to build our local art community, connecting creators from a variety of disciplines, all in the name of doing good and raising money for a cause we believe in.

We invited a curated group of 20 or so artists, including comic book artists, graphic designers, indie arcade programmers, prop builders, and toy makers. They each had a table to sell and feature their art.

It was also an opportunity for aspiring artists and enthusiasts to meet and hang out with these artists. Students brought their work for portfolio reviews and several artists taught small workshops, covering things from the comic book industry to judging scale from movie screenshots to make the most accurate Proton Pack.

One of the main goals for Misplaced Showcase is to raise money for the Children’s Justice Center. They help children escaping abusive situations by giving them all the tools they need, both legal and psychological. We set a goal to raise $1,000 to donate to this charity, and we are proud to say we hit that goal.

In life there is one eternal truth. Underneath all the anger, sadness, and fear is a need to feel we belong somewhere. Everyone wants a place to belong.

Artists express themselves through their creativity. I want to give their art a place to belong. Aspiring artists want to be able to connect with those that inspire them to create.These children we are helping are seeking a safe emotional space to belong.

We want to help build that place.”

Please help support Misplaced Showcase, The Children’s Justice Center, the local art scene, and SLCC VAD alumni!



ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek, Brighton & Jill in SLUG Magazine

Derek & Brighton Ballard – Neuer Geist

“Thank you to @slugmag and @babyzai_ for the fantastic feature!

Pick up the new issue and check it out.

Also, how stunning is the cover illustrated by our friend @jill_dehaan ?”


“Since 2015, Neuer Geist has been creating and designing images and products that reflect their own brand aesthetic. And in addition to that, they help other businesses grow and form their own. Through screen-printing, watercolor, graphic design and the newly introduced techniques from highly coveted risograph machines, Brighton Ballard and Derek Ballard offer an array of services that can refresh any business’ look and create an impression on the community. By combining their two entities—Derek’s consisting of dark, industrial aesthetics and a background in design, and Brighton’s comprising watercolor, line drawing and portraiture—the two maintain their signature look as Neuer Geist.”

To read more:

Photo: Colton Marsala

Jill DeHaan


“As a lifelong visually and artistically oriented person, she pursued an associate’s degree in visual art and design at Salt Lake Community College. The program was primarily rooted in graphic design, but she realized that she could “take letters to some place new, and they didn’t just have to be a font,” says De Haan. Under the watchful eye of Associate Professor Kerry Gonzales—her “design mother,”—she was exposed to stern design methodology while also being encouraged experiment and push the boundaries of art and design (essentially, learning the rules first then when and how to break them.)”

To read more:

Photo: John Barkiple


Alumni at Craft Lake City!



From Craft Lake City:

The Craft Lake City DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Festival was formed in 2009 by Angela H. Brown, editor and publisher of SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake UnderGround), as a way to showcase local DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture.

Congratulations SLCC Visual Art & Design Graduates!


Katrina Flores is an art teacher and the small business owner of Black Rabbit Arts. She was born in Utah and has lived in Stansbury Park for the past fifteen years.


Black Rabbit ARt


Matt Page is an award winning illustrator and graphic designer inspired by Mormon culture and pop culture culture – the two cultures that made him what he is.


Matt art

Derek & Brighton

Derek & Brighton Ballard
are Neuer Geist, a creative team committed to offering brand consultancy and design.



Neuer Geist


Davin Abegg is one of the founding members of  Secret Abilities. “We’re just a spooky hot mess of a goof ball band that believes music should be passionate & honest, while playing for 2 people or 2,000 people.”


Secret Abilities