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FAREWELL: Hermann Zapf (96)


For a very well written Obituary with videos please visit – http://qz.com/421855/hermann-zapf

Hermann Zapf
November 8th, 1918 – June 4th, 2015

He was the designer of fonts such as Palatino, Optima, Zapfino, Melior, Aldus, and the bizarre but much beloved Zapf Dingbats, has died at age 96.

The revered German typographer and calligrapher passed away on June 4. In his long and prolific career, Zapf worked on many fonts, but his personal favorite was the humanist sans serif typeface Optima, the lettering chosen for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, DC.

Zapf is survived by his wife, Gudrun Zapf von Hesse who is also an accomplished type designer and calligrapher.