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ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Ryan, Melanie, Helen, Saul, Alissa, Anamaye, Sam, Esther, Matt, Katrina & Hudson, and Rachel

Davin Abegg

“Halloween is over.” #bnwnovember

Ryan Bangerter

“Another commission I did this month, of #sasakiandmiyano

“If you’d like your own commissioned art be sure to message me.”

“Here it is! It’s been 2 years since i first announced this project, and I’m excited to present to you the official cover art for #EmyandHerald

“It’s been a long road so far, and there is still plenty of work to go. I’d like to thank everyone for your support on the project! I couldn’t have gotten this far without you!”

“What’s next? I will be launching a #kickstartercampaign at the the beginning of next year. If you’d like support the project be sure to sign up for my mailing list! (dm me for details).”

Melanie Bunch

“Day 2 – The Familiar

Brush marker and colored pencil on multimedia paper.

I enjoyed drawing this clever fella!”

@centralart1 #noctoberchallenge2022

“Day 3 – Pumpkin Seeds

I struggled with inspiration for this prompt, but I’m very happy with my final result!”

@centralart1 #noctoberchallenge2022

Helen Cox

“Inktober Day 1: Gargrrrl (gargoyle)” #inktober2022 #helenluxinktober2022

“Inktober Day 4: Scallop” #inktober2022 #helenluxinktober2022

Saul Flores

“The season of autumn is to reconnect with nature, and I’ve been taking the time to appreciate the orange hue in a urban setting. 🍂 For me, to truly appreciate the fall, a little focus and creativity is essential!”

Alissa Hicks

“Inktober Day 2: Scurry featuring a mouse and the head witch from The Witches movie. This is always one of my favorites to watch!”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“Having so much fun at the new job! Got to make a cute animation video about “not-so-spooky” friends for our BooLights events.” @HogleZoo

Sam Loertscher

“Fun times installing wall mural and lettering (insert “new heights bad pun here) after hours.”

Esther Longmore

“A handlettering project I did for my sister’s Relief Society Christmas party. I’m really happy with the way it turned out!”

Matt Page





“The shepherd. This drawing was inspired by something that came up when I was messing around with the AI art tool – AI inspiration in the comments.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“Some little dead things ready for the kiln. Hope everyone is having a fabulous spooky season!” ~ Black Rabbit Studios

Rachel Tonkovich

“Another sign design for my favorite place in Salt Lake @summit_aikikai

Come check out the new sign on 2100 S (and try out some Aikido while you’re at it)”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Helen, Saul, Anna, Amber, Lindsay, Sheri, Matt, Katrina, & Blake

Helen Cox

“Buff and Oz Handmade got the logo I made for them turned into a stamp! 🤩 It’s so beautiful, and this soap is so damn good! I started using bar soap a few years ago to reduce plastic waste. I’ve tried a lot of soaps at this point, and this brand is now my go-to hand soap vendor. (I have to use a dermatologist-rated bar soap in the shower.) Support local!”

Saul Flores

“Work hard to enjoy a sunset. 🌇 Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City.

Anna Florin

Amber Giles

“Each year is what you make it… I’ve tried to take that approach since the beginning of 2020 (before the world stopped and we were rocked by an earthquake). Here are my 22 words for 2022. Some are related to goals I want to accomplish, some are related to things I want to do and some are related to the person I want to become this year. Each year is what you make it, so let’s make it a good one. 👍🏼. . .What would your 22 words look like?”

Lindsay Hope

“After surviving a crazy rough first work week back from holidays I finally got to mess around with paint again. Note to anyone trying pour paint for the first time, gloves would have been a smart move BEFORE dumping blue paint every where.” 🙃

Sheri Morris

“Never in a jillion years did I ever think I would become a sewist and make a quilt! This for me is the silver lining of the pandemic and illness. I love everything about this most excellent pastime, and without being forced to stay home and sit still this would never be a thing. I wonder what other unexpected bits of beauty bloomed during these last few years of hardship?”

Matt Page

“My character Triple Combination from my Future Day Saints graphic novel series.” #futuredaysaints

“Here’s my character Avva from #futuredaysaints listening to records in her bedroom.”

Katrina Parkinson

“Lady of the Lake. Thinking this one would make a neat painting one day.”

Blake Peterson

“Ended the year with two big commissions! These mixed media / remixed vintage ski posters were tough to wrangle but FUN. And the clients were amazing to work with. Anddd the space they are in is so good… first thing you see when you walk in the door! AH. Win win (win) baby.”

“Side note: Growing up whenever I was injured (which was every other year from 8th grade on) I resorted to doing art and evidently that’s still a thing. It’s hard to get myself to sit down and just start on projects (unless I’m down a limb…) with any free time I prefer to be doing outside mountain things. So I need to figure out how to force my future uninjured self to be productive in this way. ” 🤔

“But for the next few months, expect to see a lot more art… created on the couch.”

Alumni Focus: Derek, Melanie, Helen, Anna, Amber, Ben, Alissa, Andrew, Matt, Ingrid, Jen, & Clayton

Derek Ballard

“Solidarity with the people of Cuba rally this Sunday! Printing a limited number of 3 color risograph posters for the rally. Event link in comments!”

Melanie Bunch

“What they DON’T tell you in college is that some day you might need to make a foam board stand-in for a crossbow. But only if you get the right job. Just taping together my drawing at full size.” #idocoolstuff#graphicdesign

Helen Cox

“It’s been a pleasure building this website for Aces High Saloon. It is now live! 🥳 Go check out upcoming shows and the yummy vegan options on their menu.”

Anna Florin

“It’s in my RedBubble shop”:


Amber Giles

“Another logo! I was contacted by a friend of a friend about a month ago because she was in need of a logo for her podcast “A is for Adversity.” Jen gave me an idea of what her podcast was about and what colors she was looking for and then asked me to use my creativity to create an identity for it. It was a fun, creative process and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to bring her logo to life! Jenifer Banks’ podcast is awesome and she gives a great perspective on topics like overcoming adversity, the importance of venerability, gratitude and understanding. Go check it out wherever you get your podcasts!”

“A Wednesday evening sunset and lettering session with a quote that has been rolling through my mind lately. “Come what may and love it.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin.

Ben Heighton

“I did a thing. Happy I had the opportunity to create the art for this.”

From Supernova International Ska Festival:

We have huge news! Like The Pietasters with a new track in a generation and the legendary Ernest Ranglin contributing to this project big!24 artists from 18 countries have joined forces to volunteer their talents and time to put together an epic album spanning the globe with all proceeds going to benefit the Alpha Institute, one of the birthplaces of ska music. Before we get too far, you can find the digital, limited double vinyl (limited to 500 copies), and tee shirts here.” https://supernovaska.bandcamp.com/.

Alissa Hicks

“It’s finally Fall tomorrow (at least to me!) 🍂🍁 Ready for the weather to cool down! I swear, my house has become a pumpkin patch with all the Fall decor I’ve been making lately 🤣🎃. I have lots of knit pumpkin sets for sale now, but I want to know what items (in general) would you decorate your house with for Fall/Halloween? PS: If you’re interested in any of my items, you can comment here, PM me, or shop in my store. http://www.etsy.com/shop/DelightfullyWovenUT

Andrew Malin

“Check out this new sticker. I was inspired by skateboard and surf designs from the late 1980s and early 1990s.”

Matt Page

“A page from my book Future Day Saints: The Gnolaumite Crystal (Etsy.com/shop/epluribusmormon) featuring Dr Sunstone, Natural Man, and Mister Cain. Before the word balloons and sound effects.”

“Another page sans word bubbles from my latest book, Future Day Saints: The Gnolaumite Crystal . This page tells the story of Triple Combination’s first arrival on New Zion.” Available at Etsy.com/shop/futuredaysaints #futuredaysaints.

Ingrid Shoemaker

✨ ” Major discounts available on EVERYTHING shop wide.” ✨🙌🏼 “Visit dahliaandviolet.com for details.” 🙌🏼

Jen Terry

“Rise and shine! If you’re not awake by now, it must be a Sunday after a fun Saturday night.”

“Done. This is one of many canvases that have been waiting to be done for years.”

Clayton Whitehead

“I don’t always accept personal requests for drawings, but this one sounded too fun to pass up. T-Rex vs. Bigfoot”

“Monster under the bed.”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Helen, Cassidy, Amber, Esther, Mel, Katrina & Hudson, Ingrid, Stephanie, Jen, Lauren & Clayton

Helen Cox

“Product photoshoot fun! 📸 I love my job!”

Cassidy Demkov

“A simple fresh summer pattern I designed for Son de Flor.” 🙂

Amber Giles

“Earlier this year I was contacted by my friend Bridget Loveland who started her own business pressing flowers for special occasions. We discussed the things she was looking for and she sent me some ideas she had. From there I developed the sketches and as we moved forward we narrowed down the playing field to Option 2. This was a fun project and I am glad that I was able to give her the logo she was looking for!”

“Happy Earth Day! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty that the earth gives us every day.” ☺️❤️🌎☀️🌷🌸🌳

Esther Longmore

“I wouldn’t say this is great, but I guess it’s ok.” 😉

Mel Maldonado

“Pillow box packaging for ADN Harmony + Focus sample pack. This dietary supplement is biometrically formulated to promote a healthy hormone system for women and support optimal cognitive function.”

Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“I animated another picture! Check it out. – This video was inspired by Daniel B. Greene’s novella Breach of Peace. The book is amazing and I highly recommend it and Daniel’s channel as well. The epic music was done by Marc v/d Meulen, check out their channel for awesome violin music.”

“We had a blast at the Sugar Space Community Market in SLC yesterday. 🙂 A big thanks to Kristen at Kissing Whiskey Vintage for organizing a great event! We look forward to participating again.” ~ Black Rabbit Studios

Hudson Parkinson’s art made it onto the cover of antonym lit magazine this month! He also got another one of his pieces called “Ship Of The Stars” inside the magazine and my painting “Ethereal” was accepted into the magazine as well. Thanks antonym editors!”

Check out the whole issue here:


Ingrid Shoemaker

“Now through the end of the month shop 25%-75% off to get your gifts in time for Mother’s Day.” ~ Dahlia & Violet 💜

Stephanie Smith

“Alright, ya’ll! I’ve decide you don’t get what you don’t ask for and there’s no shame in asking, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️I have officially worked my booty off around the clock for years to create, build and perfect Stephanie Smith Photography! It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself and my family!” ♥️♥️♥️ ~ Stephanie Smith Photography ☺️


Jen Terry

“I’ve been fully vaccinated (Pfizer) for a couple of weeks now. Side effects are a sore arm and ability to hug family members and friends.”

Good for you Jen! ~ INK

Dianna Totland

“I am honored to work with inspiring women and create their newest logo for Utah Women-Owned Businesses Directory. More branding elements to come for this expanding project. It’s going to support so many businesses. Thanks for entrusting me and Elle Marketing And Events for the launch of this project.”

Lauren Waters

“Ordered some gardening tools and they arrive today! Gonna play in the dirt this evening and think about how much I love this beautiful place we call home. Even the weeds are beautiful! But they still gotta go. Happy Earth Day!” 🌿🌷🌱🌼🍃🌸🌱🌻

Clayton Whitehead

“Artwork I’ve created using digital media.”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek & Brighton, Keith, Melanie, Helen, Amber, Anamaye, Mel, Matt, Austin & Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“New product in the @neuergeist shop: frosted acrylic Sego Lily Coaster sets! They come in a custom risograph printed, hand-folded box, and each set of 4 includes an embroidered patch.” neuergeist.com

Keith Beard

“Having some fun with this painting.”

“Is interesting to see the subconscious come out clearly on the surface when seeing work side by side. Or even a body of work. Seeing a theme hear for sure.”

Melanie Bunch

“I’m working on something a little different from my usual doodles tonight…”

Helen Cox

“I can now say I have designed a guitar pick!” 🤘@9thand9thbookandmusic @blackharborsound

Amber Giles

“Hey! That’s me! 🙂 Come see an original production of Anastasia this weekend!! Yep! All of the Meet the Cast posts I’ve shared over the last couple weeks were designed and headshots taken by me.”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“Making graphics for the Utah Department of Human Services.”

“Just a quick little digital illustration for work.”

“One of my favorite projects I get to do every year for work is the Milestone Reel. Due to COVID-19 we didn’t have many photos or videos to use but this allowed me to practice my motion graphics skills. Check it out!”

Mel Maldonado

“Annual report I worked on for Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.” @businessutah

“Double your Impact marketing campaign for @evenstevenssandwiches. The Utah based sandwich shop previously promoted a “Eat to Give” business model which supported 80+ non-profit partners across 6 states. The process was simple: At the end of each month, they tallied sandwich sales and contributed funds for each sandwich purchased. Each restaurant would then donate to 4 selected local charities in need of assistance.The goal of the campaign was to promote the process of the Give Back program and highlight each of the individual non-profit organizations.”

Art Direction: @pavlovs__horse.exe Illustrations: @trentcall
Graphic Design: @visualdraft (Mel Maldonado)

“Grabber @grabberconstructionproducts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality products built for construction professionals. Their core line of products includes screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications. The following are web design components for their UltraPro and SuperDrive line of building materials.”

Matt Page

“Members of the Future Day Saints Fan Club can expect a big announcement email tonight.”

Austin Record

“I designed and installed these (for) JKR Windows.”

Lauren Waters

“It’s coming, even if it’s coming slowly…” 🌸🌻🌷🌼

2020 INK Show – Open Now!

Be our guest!

Unfortunately, the on-campus 2020 INK Show scheduled for November, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The 2020 INK Show instead is online! Please visit:
2020 INK Show

Alumni Focus: Davin, Amber, Anna Marie, Helen, Molly, Cassidy, Nadia, Karli, Brett, Magen, Matt, Erin, Norah, & Jen

Davin Abegg

“Super honored to have a SLUG Mag article on my lil ol art project. THANK YOU!”

Amber Bowen

“I’m grateful I was blessed with creativity. I love designing party printables, I love drawing and doodling, I love photography, I love decorating sugar cookies with royal icing, I love hand lettering and creating logos, and I love coloring.”

Anna Marie Coronado

“So excited to see this design come together and can’t wait to try the yummy apple butter!”

Helen Cox

“I designed this label for Chase’s tomatillo salsa. He grew the tomatillos and peppers, and the salsa was cooked and canned on Nov 1, Dia de Los Muertos. We decided to give it a fox sugar skull in honor of the holiday. Happy with how the stickers turned out, thanks @alphagraphics_salt_lake_city!”

Molly Dallimore

“‘Nothing lasts” Preserved leaves, acrylic, and mod podge on canvas.”

Cassidy Demkov

“I’m so excited to get my booth set up @saltandhoneymarket @fashionplacemall tonight. I have to thank my husband for working super hard and last minute to get this built and help me tag all of my products. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

Nadia Dolzhenko


Karli Duisen

“Early on in the pandemic I got to design a magazine cover to represent the crazy times we’re living in. Then months later—times are still crazy—and I was asked to make a new fun cover with corresponding graphics for an event. Then, I wrote a short little thing for my work’s blog about that second project. Not usually a writer kind of guy, but you can check it out if you want to.” 🔮https://coateskokes.com/bringing-the-future-to-life/

Brett Mellor

“Today I am grateful for sketching, it’s a way to not only show my ideas but also find a fun escape enjoying where a new or fictional idea will take me. Grateful for the fun and challenge that it gives me.”

Magen Mitchell

“For those of you who don’t follow us on Instagram, Magen will be donating 100% of the proceeds she makes from sales in her web shop today and tomorrow to COVID relief here in Salt Lake. If you’ve ever had your eye on any of her art, now is a good time to grab it.”

Matt Page

“Another Christmas present idea: my Mormon history prayer candles are now available in my Etsy shop for a limited time. If you want to come pick them up from me in Farmington Utah, you can save on shipping. Buy the full set or just your favs. Each candle comes with a short biography card with recommendations for further study.”

“My postcards are now available in my Etsy shop for the first time in years. A set of 12 postcards for $20. If you’re Utah local, you can pick them up from me in Farmington and save on shipping.Great for keeping in touch with loved ones during a pandemic. I’ve also met numerous return missionaries who said they loved getting them from home on their missions.” https://www.etsy.com/…/set-of-12-mormon-satire…

Erin Salazar

Norah Strebel

“I have a great selection of dog agility handler shirts!” https://www.barkoutlouddecals.com/…/agility-handler-shirts

Jen Terry

Alumni Focus: Davin, Ryan, Alisa, Natalee, Anna Marie, Helen, Molly, Ruben, Andrew, Esther, Matt, & Jen

Davin Abegg

“Thought it was time to post a few recent favorite drawings of mine. Not doing Inktober this year cause I’m too busy drawing followers.”

Ryan Bangerter

“Inktober Day 14: ArmorThis one was extremely fun 😁😁😁…maybe too much fun.” 🥴🥴

“Inktober Day 12: Slippery”

Alisa Bishop Bradley

“I had the excellent fortune to do the cover for this extremely chill rpg album!”

Natalee Cooper Chilton

“Dinner is served. VOTE with a side of – you have a voice, use it!”

Anna Marie Coronado

“Inktober 2020 Days 13 and 12,’Dune’ and ‘Slimy”’

“Inktober 2020 Day 11 “Disease”’

Helen Cox

“It’s surreal to have my logo design on 9th & 9th in SLC! 🤯 @9thand9thbookandmusic opens soon, right next to Tower Theater, and it’s gonna be so cool! Give them a follow on Instagram and stay tuned!”

Molly Dallimore

“More progress on my current project.”

Ruben De La Torre


Andrew Malin

“Here is a spooky zombie version of The Eraser, everyone’s favorite Batman villain. Happy Inktoberween! For real, I love wacky 60’s DC characters like the Eraser.”

Esther Longmore

“A little Halloween pattern I designed over the weekend. The bat is my favorite. “It’s freakin’ bats!”

Matt Page

“Here are some illustrations of my new kitty.”

Jen Terry

“Day’s late on this Inktober prompt but I’ve been really busy this week. #8 Teeth”

“Inktober day 10! Getting caught up.”

“Hey guy’s, just a friendly reminder here if haven’t done so already, vote!”

ALUMNI FOCUS – Davin, Helen, Cassidy, Amber, Esther, Matt, Katrina, Dianna, Jenna, Lauren & Clayton

Davin Abegg

“4 recent drawings I’ve done that look pretty cool together.”

Helen Cox

“It has been an honor to spend the last week reflecting on some of my black heroes and sharing their messages and faces. Due to Covid and caring for my family, I cannot risk going to protests. However, it was not an option for me to not contribute to this movement in some way, so I decided to do what I do: create.

I hope these have given some meaning to someone out there. I am considering making some prints and donating the profits to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. If anyone is interested in something like that, please let me know. If not, feel free to save these digital copies. I also have PDF files for anyone who would prefer to print at home: bit.ly/helenalux-black-heroes. Much love to everyone right now during this crazy but important time in human history.”

Cassidy Demkov

“I’ve always said that my dream was to design dog stuff in an office full of dogs. Goal accomplished. 🖤🐶 If your pup is in need of a really cute bandana head over to Foggy Dog and check out my floral bandanas.”

🍋 🍋 🍋 “Definitely one of my favorite flavors and scents. Always fresh and delicious. Fact: my business cards smell like lemons because I accidentally spilled lemon oil on my desk and they absorbed the oil. Didn’t even realize it until someone asked me if I purposely scented them.” 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Amber Giles

“The latest lettering doodle.” 🚙🍍🤜🏼🤛🏾

Esther Longmore

“Just trying to loosen up a bit.”

“I’m here to bring you something more than doom and gloom in your feed! Here are some of the products I designed that were released in Stampin Up!’s 2020 Annual Catalog today.”

Matt Page

“My buddy Thomas interviewed next about the book for Rational Faiths. You can read more about the book and see artwork hitherto unseen.”

Katrina Flores Parkinson

“I needed to take a small break from painting this week. While looking through some old photos, I found this picture of Hudson and I in the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco a couple years back. It’s been a cherished memory. We had such happy expressions on our faces I chose to recreate the picture in my sketchbook with some of my Art Nouveau touches.”

Dianna Totland

“I need another subject. 😂 at least I’m consistent with what I paint.”

Jenna Warby

“These beautiful babies are about to find their new homes! The JWD Shop Rag is my custom printed & designed thank you for clients and employers – I love how they turned out. Feels good to be making career moves.”

Lauren Waters

“June marks my third anniversary at @americancrafts . I haven’t used this space much to curate my 9-5 work, but I think I’d like to change that…

Let’s kick things off with some dinos, shall we? A couple weeks ago I finished reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. Then over the weekend a friend rented out a theater to have a viewing of the original JP film. Seeing it larger than life was something else… 🤩 So I’m commemorating the occasion by sharing some of the dinosaurs I contributed to a @shimelle paper collection called Field Trip. They all look pretty friendly – just don’t get too close.” 🦕🏝🌋🦖

(Botanicals by @jasminenora)

Clayton Whitehead

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Maaike, Jacqueline, Helen, Cassidy, Nadia, Ruben, Sam, Andrew, Matt & Teako

Davin Abegg

“Some paintings I was commissioned to do this past week.”

Maaike Bennett

“This is the result of today’s efforts for my student’s Alphabet Magnet Game. I am most proud of the Lion and the Owl (even though I grumbled the entire time while doing the latter *Laughs*), and least proud of the Cat.”

Jacqueline Campbell-Michels

“Completed my painting that I started two weeks ago on my camping trip.”

Helen Cox

“Here’s a recent label design I did for Hugger Mugger. I’m in love with these new wipes!”

Cassidy Demkov

“Playing around with some ideas for handkerchiefs. Do you prefer the dark or the light version?”

“How pretty is this quilt @lia.giannotti made with the Sweet Rose floral print from my Wildflower Collection?! I’ve heard some concerns about using the fabric for quilting but Lia said it turned out great and is so soft.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

“An old ranch along the Nine Mile Canyon Road.”

Ruben De La Torre


Sam Loertscher, DS Creative

“Shared space on aluminum panels. Also direct on wall… and  on the doors. Yes. We do it all… and more.” #corporate #branding #signage 3D #lettering #cut letters #logo #cutvinyl logos

Andrew Malin

“During our Star Wars rpg session last night, Nathan described one of the rooms as having a pin up of a Trandoshan on the wall. This sparked a discussion since some of the other players and I had a hard time picturing what that would look like. A cursory search of the internet yielded no satisfying results. So this happened. May the 4th be you.”

Matt Page

“The year is 2929, the planet earth has long been abandoned, and her former inhabitants have made their home on a planet light years away, in the Kolob solar system. This is their story. But also the story of the other diverse alien cultures they share the planet with, including its indigenous people, known as the Othersheep. They are all children of the Celestial Parents and this is New Zion.”

“This is book one of an ongoing project that will include other books, trading cards, toys, etc. It’s just the beginning.

Welcome To New Zion will be a 55+ page hardcover book, consisting of several different stories – some in comics format and others in storybook format (one illustration per page). It will also include pinup art pages, coloring pages, activity pages, and more. All introducing you to this new world and it’s characters.

It should be available for preorder in a couple of weeks and hopefully I will be able to start shipping them out by the end of the month.”

“The woman on the cover is Liahona. She is the last living holder of the Power of the Priests, and the leader of The Valiant (the team of heroes on New Zion).”

Teako Warfield-Graham

“Our team just launched about 20+ new websites for every department and massive online digital services for Sandy City. So the public can do their business online.

I’ve painstakingly headed this project for two years. Collaborating across the US and with teams all the way down in Australia. There is still so much to do.
But as a women-in-tech, a woman of color, and a digital engineer this launch today it’s def a proud career moment.”
Here’s the launch video.”