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ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Todd, Amber, Sam, Esther, Ian, Matt, Lacee, & Lauren

Davin Abegg

“My favorite painting I’ve done for @idrawrandomfollowers so far. Practice practice practice. 60+ into it.”

Todd Erickson

Pegacorn design.

Amber Giles

“A new sign to hang up in my workspace!
. . .
Expeditious. To be efficient and speedy.
. . .
One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. It’s something I try to live by when working on projects. To be efficient and speedy while still producing high-quality work.”

Sam Loertscher

“Part of the #process …. #typography #lettering #signage

Esther Longmore

“Just playing. Trying to get my groove back.”

Ian Maxfield

“‘Prince of Darkness’. 50 years ago Black Sabbath released their debut album and paved the way for metal. “Paranoid” holds a special place in my heart cause it’s the first song I ever learned on guitar and played with friends. Ozzy and his music has been a HUGE influence on me and I loved working on this new print.

Matt Page

“My Valentine design for the office exchange.”

“True story.”

Lacee Siler Black

“Working on some marketing for a neighborhood shindig. It was a lot of fun coming up with each lady!”

Lauren Waters

“These Buddy Bucks (designed by Lauren) were handed out to my coworkers at @americancrafts for Valentine’s Day. Because everybody needs some Buddy sometimes… They can be redeemed for compliments, favors, commiseration, or afternoon drink runs. Spend wisely.” 😽💕

ALUMNI FOCUS: Paul, Cassidy, Todd, Amber, Ben, Melissa, Sam & Erin

Paul Asay

“Good times at the Salt Lake City Stars game tonight.”

Cassidy Demkov

“It may only be 42 degrees outside but I’m already dreaming of warm weather and sunshine. 🌞 Here are some of the summery things I illustrated for the #mhsunnydays collection.”

Todd Erickson – DNA Cycling

“Michael Sjodin and I have come up with some a seriously awesome new kit for the 2019 cycling season! These are for sale to anyone who wants one and will be produced at DNA Cycling. GET RAD THIS SEASON!”

Amber Giles

Why put photos on your coasters when you can put your lettering on coasters??👍🏼

Ben Heighton – Destroy Brand Graphics

“Nowhere to go.”

Melissa Hurd – Art with Melissa

“Cathedral of the Madeline”

Sam Loertscher – DS Creative

#logo #design incorporated into 3D Logo panel —#corporate #branding #environmentdesign

Erin Salazar

“One of my drawings was accepted to the 2019 World of the Wild Art Show at Hogle Zoo! Out of all my baby animal drawings, pigs and cows seem to be everyone’s favorite! I learn so much about humans with every single drawing. I love it.”


Congratulations 2016 SLCC / VAD Graphic Design Graduates!

2016 GRAD Story

Friday, May 6, 2016

3200 South Decker Lake Drive / West Valley City, UT

After all the blood, sweat and tears, these Graphic Design graduates are now on their way to either a four-year institution or a career in graphic design, or related field.

Congratulations to all of you!

2016 Visual Art & Design Graduates
AAS Degree / Graphic Design

Anastasiya Bobrova*
James Todd Erickson
Melissa Nicole Gallegos
Whitney Perea Giron
Benjamin P. Heighton*
Kimberly A. Jeppson**
Laura Lee Landrum**
Ian J. Maxfield
Jordan Richards Meek
Gennifer Erin Mumford (Erin Salazar)
Ingrid Marlene Shoemaker*
Sandy Sumerix Tippetts**
Tiana Tippetts
Dianna Nicole Totland
Carla Mariam Vidal

*Silver Cord (Honors) / **Gold Cord (High Honors)

Top left: Kim Jeppson and family
Top middle: Erin Salazar
Right: Whitney Giron
Bottom middle: Ian Maxfield and family
Bottom left: Laurie Landrum and family