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ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek, Keith, Cassidy, Saul, Alissa, Anamaye, Esther, Matt, Hudson, Jen, Miriam, and Paige

Davin Abegg

“It’s been a minute. Here’s a few of my favorite drawings I’ve done within the past couple months.”

Derek Ballard

From III Will Zine: @iamconduit of @despitedespair / @disarmoppression designed and printed these beautiful prints. They will be for sale at tomorrow’s benefit show with 100% of proceeds going to @rosepark_brownberets to distribute to families impacted by gentrification.”

Keith Beard

“Introspection” – Acrylic on canvas 48”x36”

Cassidy Demkov

“A page from my sketchbook + a few of the products that were created from them.”

@pinkfreshstudio Happy Holidays collection

Saul Flores

“To me, the combo of hotel stays with gorgeous wood finishes sounds like a winning plan.” 📷The Advenire, Autograph Collection

“Slow down so that you can enjoy important moments throughout the day.” ⏳

Alissa Hicks

“I love that I get to use my graphic design skills in a lot of different ways! Every day at work is always a good time and sometimes, I’ll even design something for myself!” 😄

Anamaye Lanayru

“ZooLights at #HogleZoo opens this Friday and I’m busy working away on a little animation showing the 12 Gifts of Conservation!”

Esther Longmore

“Here’s one of my most recent patterns.”

Matt Page

“Sketch to remind me of an idea I will explore further next year, after I finish the FDS book. Probably will end up as a zine.”

“I’ve been loving Wednesday. She’s a gothic and autistic icon. If her style takes off in the real world, it will be the best thing that ever happened to Hot Topic. You wouldn’t hear me complain.”

Hudson Parkinson

“Hudson’s Kickstarter is still going strong! Twenty three days to go. Due to inquiries from outside the U.S we are now shipping to ten countries including:
• United States
• United Kingdom
• Sweden
• Netherlands
• Canada
• Australia
• Germany
• Japan
• France
• Singapore

“Thanks for the support!”

“Nine days to go on the Kickstarter everyone! As a token of gratitude to all of you who have backed The Runescript Tarot project, we will now be including two FREE stickers featuring art from the Runescript Tarot deck for all backers who have pledged for a reward! Stickers will be automatically added to your orders, so there is no need to edit your pledge. These matte finish, vinyl stickers are water resistant and measure two inches. Stickers will be randomly selected for each order.”

“I didn’t get a lot of writing done while on our trip (the word count for NaNoWriMo is ridiculous 😅), but I did get a couple digital paintings done!”

Jennifer Terry

“I did the illustrations for this.” 😊

Miriam Volk

“Logo design” ✨

“When I volunteered for @sldesignweek to create some of their posts for design week.” ✨

Paige Wilson

“My Doodle book is here!✨

You can get yours in the link or on Amazon! 🌈 $12.99 https://linktr.ee/DiddlyDoodly

Having chronic anxiety made me want to make a book to help others find healthy outlets for stress. Tracing for focus and coloring for relief!

If you feel overwhelmed, try my book for 30 minutes and you will notice the interrupting thoughts will slowly disappear.

I’d love to see what kind of world you make with my book! Have fun and doodle on!”

Alumni Focus: Paul, Derek and Brighton, Ryan, Melanie, Keith, Natalee, Sam, Katrina AND Hudson, Emily, Anamaye, Miriam, and Lauren

Paul Asay

“A couple B&Ws from today’s Bees game.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“All set up for day two of @craftlakecity , thanks for everyone who pulled through for some light networking and face to face. Come on by for some @neuergeist biz solutions and Synergy 2.0™️

Ryan Bangerter

A “quick’ practice sketch in ink. I’ve got to get ready for #inktober this year.” 😅

“Another practice sketch. Not sure what this one is, but it was fun to draw.” 😁

“I’ve been working on some page layouts with dialog for #EmyandHerald Here is a preview of the first page with #sketches It wasn’t until I started studying layout design that I realized just how much of an art form it is. Leading the reader’s eye from one panel to the next, and trying to follow all of the rules about lettering is challenging, but well worth it.” 😊

Melanie Bunch

“A sampling of the illustrations that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. My company has developed a new product, and I have written and illustrated the user’s guide. Now that the first drafts are complete, I think I’ll go draw things that don’t have straps and buckles and pockets…”

The (mostly) finished User’s Guide with the illustrations I posted earlier. Management reviewed this document in a meeting yesterday, and it received rave reviews! I wrote the text as well – and the only changes they made were very minor grammatical changes (2 of the managers are former school teachers).Since we make the same pockets on some of our seat covers, they now want a modified version for that. So….now I’ll be drawing more pockets and straps again….hooray!”

Keith Beard

“The great part of being a in-house Creative is you get to make things you never considered. We needed to make sound boards to reduce the reverberation. Fun protect working with our R&D engineer.”

Natalee Cooper Chilton

“So I did a thing. Go listen to my episode on the Design Beat Podcast.”

15-Drawing Outside the Box with Natalee Cooper Chilton

Design Beat

Sam Loertscher


Katrina & Hudson Parkinson

“All set up and ready for customers! We hope to see you this weekend at the 13th annual DIY festival at the salt lake fair grounds. We are ready to sell some art and give tons of unique artisan applied henna tattoos!”

Emily Paulson

“100 Birds in 100 Days!”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“What a blessing and honor to be recognized by Gov. Spencer Cox for the work I’ve done during COVID-19!” #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #utah #covid19 #medal #getvaccinated

Miriam Volk

“Live, Laugh, Wear sunscreen!”🧴🔆

Lauren Waters

“Home from a week at the lake with some family. Our first day was hot, smoky, and left a lot to be desired. We were just about ready to pack it in, but then a thunderstorm blew through our camp and left us with clean air and beautiful skies. 🙌🏻 Loved being in a natural setting, but loved the company even more.” 🌲🌤🏕

“Groceries. 🍊🥫🥜🫑🌶🍪🥛🍗🧅 They don’t change much from week to week. Do you find yourself eating basically the same things day in and day out? And not caring?? 😂 For me it’s homemade chicken fajitas, peanut butter toast, mandarin oranges, and various soups. Because soup is just so easy!”

“Smoke gets in your eyes. And nose. And throat. And lungs. 🔥 The west is on fire and the skies are thick with smoke and pollution. Gray skies are one thing, but gray skies with no chance of rain when we need it most? I’ll pass, thanks.”

Alumni Focus: Paul, Derek, Ryan, Keith, Lacee, Brittani, Sam, Matt, Matthew, Stephanie, & Clayton

Paul Asay

“Great to be back shooting the Bee’s, love when the players look like they are having fun.”

Derek Ballard

“Yes Derek Ballard made a custom Point Break bandana and yes, you can buy it for $30. Click here to purchase now” https://nineteeneightyeight.com/…/derek-ballard-vaya…

Ryan Bangerter

“One more post to wrap it all up. Thank you everyone for all of your support. I’ve learned a lot from doing this and will hopefully be able to take what I’ve learned into future projects!” 😁

“So I finally finished my first piece for sophiescribble ‘s #lazymermay2021 for Algae.”

Keith Beard

“Another video I produced for my company. more for recruiting here and in Taiwan.”

Lacee Black

“I’m back in the saddle again! After taking a year’s sabbatical to take care of some personal issues, I’m making progress again. Thanks to all of your support and love through the last year.”

“Between car stuff, getting a new bathtub installed and my second Covid vaccine shot I have not had much time to do actual paint work this week. But you know what they say about lemons and lemonade….I took all that boring waiting and used to do something else. I finally got off my laurels and got some of my stuff uploaded to printful and Etsy. It’s a conglomeration of fine art prints and other personal illustration/graphic design projects. Take a look, you can click the link my profile to my store. You can also access it from the shop link on either of my sites.”


Brittani Hodgkinson

“I want to make art….”

Sam Loertscher

“Montana Projects”

Matt Page

“Faux-3D variation of the Dr. Sunstone piece I posted yesterday.” #FutureDaySaints

“I was not expecting the great response my first Future Day Saints book received. I figured a sci-fi utopian fantasy which combines Mormon mythology with 80s cartoon/toy properties would end up being too niche and weird for anyone but me. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project and been so complimentary about it. I hope you all like the sequel, which is coming soon!” #futuredaysaints

Stephanie Smith


“I am literally freaking out right now!!!! I have been working on this since November (building a website is not for the weak, ya’ll!)!!! “

“I have told Nate for at least a month now, ‘Today is the day! I just know it!!!’ But then, find something else to tweak. I am so happy and proud of it (and so dang proud of myself after seeing all of my hard work in one beautiful place…still have many more images to upload, but it’s either now or never if I don’t just publish it)!”

“I would love if you’d give it a visit and show some love, share my page, or just give me a virtual high five! And of course, if you find anything wacky with it, please DM me and let me know!”


“On another note, I am currently booked until 2022 for Families and Individual sessions, so please book early if you know you might be wanting a session next year. Thank you all SOOOOO much for taking this journey with me and for your love and support on helping me chase and achieve my dreams!!!!”

“Success in no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ~ Pele

Matthew Radcliff

“My employer asked me to design a shirt for the employees.Their logo is a simple chameleon, and colors from the logo were used in the company name, INXY “It’s not a sweatshop” is sarcasm because we don’t have AC in the warehouse yet.” 😅

Clayton Whitehead

“I’VE GOT PEPPER IN MY EYES!!! – I’m actually struggling to find a good tagline for this one, let me know if you have any ideas.”

“Despicable thin, colored fingers.”

“Clown holding a holy hand grenade.”

“MMMmmm TastyWanted to try a different approach of not using heavy black outlines. Happy with the result.”

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek & Brighton, Keith, Melanie, Helen, Amber, Anamaye, Mel, Matt, Austin & Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“New product in the @neuergeist shop: frosted acrylic Sego Lily Coaster sets! They come in a custom risograph printed, hand-folded box, and each set of 4 includes an embroidered patch.” neuergeist.com

Keith Beard

“Having some fun with this painting.”

“Is interesting to see the subconscious come out clearly on the surface when seeing work side by side. Or even a body of work. Seeing a theme hear for sure.”

Melanie Bunch

“I’m working on something a little different from my usual doodles tonight…”

Helen Cox

“I can now say I have designed a guitar pick!” 🤘@9thand9thbookandmusic @blackharborsound

Amber Giles

“Hey! That’s me! 🙂 Come see an original production of Anastasia this weekend!! Yep! All of the Meet the Cast posts I’ve shared over the last couple weeks were designed and headshots taken by me.”

Anamaye Sakura Lanayru

“Making graphics for the Utah Department of Human Services.”

“Just a quick little digital illustration for work.”

“One of my favorite projects I get to do every year for work is the Milestone Reel. Due to COVID-19 we didn’t have many photos or videos to use but this allowed me to practice my motion graphics skills. Check it out!”

Mel Maldonado

“Annual report I worked on for Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.” @businessutah

“Double your Impact marketing campaign for @evenstevenssandwiches. The Utah based sandwich shop previously promoted a “Eat to Give” business model which supported 80+ non-profit partners across 6 states. The process was simple: At the end of each month, they tallied sandwich sales and contributed funds for each sandwich purchased. Each restaurant would then donate to 4 selected local charities in need of assistance.The goal of the campaign was to promote the process of the Give Back program and highlight each of the individual non-profit organizations.”

Art Direction: @pavlovs__horse.exe Illustrations: @trentcall
Graphic Design: @visualdraft (Mel Maldonado)

“Grabber @grabberconstructionproducts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality products built for construction professionals. Their core line of products includes screws and fasteners for a variety of wood, metal, and drywall applications. The following are web design components for their UltraPro and SuperDrive line of building materials.”

Matt Page

“Members of the Future Day Saints Fan Club can expect a big announcement email tonight.”

Austin Record

“I designed and installed these (for) JKR Windows.”

Lauren Waters

“It’s coming, even if it’s coming slowly…” 🌸🌻🌷🌼

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Jordan, Vince, Keith, Cassidy, Rosalba, Anna, Amber, Melissa, Matt, Katrina, & Missy

Davin Abegg

“Another group of recent favs! Love drawing the gals, if you haven’t noticed.”

Jordan Bautista

“Kayaking river rafting lovers! New premium outdoors decal Now Available!” – Mount Olympus

Vince Bayless


Keith Beard

“Ooooh. I like.”

“My Own Rescue.”

Cassidy Demkov

“Want to know something extra exciting about Issue 49 of UPPERCASE magazine? Out of over 800 entries I’ll be one of 100 surface pattern designers featured in it!I decided to submit very last minute. In the middle of a project I took a break and gathered up a few of my patterns that best represented my work and hit submit. I figured it was probably a long shot with so many submissions but it never hurts to try. Nothing will happen if you don’t try, right? That’s my life motto lately, I’ve had a very “might as well go for it” attitude which has me going so many directions at once but I figure I won’t know if I can do it unless I just go for it.

Cassidy was featured in Uppercase Magazine’s All About You!“UPPERCASE publishes beautiful and inspiring books and a quarterly magazine about craft, design and visual art.”

Hello, I am a surface designer and illustrator from Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a passion for gardening and nature, which is where I feel most inspired. I love travelling and bringing home inspiration for new patterns and projects from my trips. I previously worked in the Interior Design industry but always had a passion for patterns and interior textiles. I currently have a small card line and love working with brands to create unique patterns, mostly for textiles such as dog bandanas, clothing and fabric. I hope to move more into the home decor, wallpaper and interior textiles industry which is where my original passion for pattern & design began.”

Dogs and flowers, my two favorite things. Put them together and you’ve got the cutest Spring launch from @thefoggydog. My Perennial Bouquet pattern on their bandana, might be my favorite one yet.Launching next week.

“Exciting to see one of my patterns on one of my first non-fabric or paper products. Loved getting these Lemon Zest candles in the mail. More products with this pattern are on their way.”

Rosalba Dominguez

Left to right: ABC4’s Rosie Nguyen, Murray City Council Person Rosalba Dominguez, and Sarah Vaughn, CEO and Founder of Melanin Squad.

“Thank you @rosiethereporter for the opportunity to chat tonight for #internationalwomensday2021 It was amazing to see you again @sarahvaughn_ I am inspired by you both and all women I will always strive to elevate each other now and always! ” #MurrayLife #VivaLaMujer

To read more and see the video: https://www.abc4.com/news/infocus/in-focus-discussion-international-womens-day/

Anna Florin

“Working on a few small paintings.”

Amber Giles

“It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to work on a personal project… Ever since the inauguration I’ve wanted to letter these two sections from The Hill We Climb by @amandascgorman.I’ve seen a lot of people focus on the very last section of the poem (second image) but I really loved this part about how we can make love become our legacy (first image). Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your talent!”

Melissa Hurd

Matt Page

“Daisy and her favorite toy.”

Katrina Flores Parkinson

“Getting back to the sketchbook. I successfully filled my whole sketchbook from last year and plan to do the same with my new one. Getting back to your own style is always so refreshing after finishing commissions. There will soon be prints available. I’ve also ordered this drawing as a canvas print that I will add gold leaf to.”

Missy Van Wagoner

“IT’S COMING!!!! Here is the start of my website (Click on link to see my babies). I’m adding more today, tomorrow and pretty much forever. I’m excited to see what I get to share and do with this little talent of mine. I feel blessed. It’s so fun to see it all come together and I can’t wait to reach out to those who I would love (and dream) to work with. It’s coming baby!” http://littlemissmissy.com/

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Ryan, Keith, Ruben, Cassidy, Nadia, Amber, Alissa, Matt & Lauren

Davin Abegg

“I started my own t-shirt shop.”


“First 4 drawings of 2021. Can’t wait to see how much better I get by 2022.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“Seinfeld 2021 Risograph Calendar” — available at @neuergeist / ng15.co

Ryan Bangerter

So, this started out as a practice sketch, and… 5 hours later here we are.”

Keith Beard

“Life in chaos.”

“Guardians of Center Earth.”

Ruben De La Torre

‘DOOM FOREVER’ a tribute to underground hip hop legend, MF DOOM.


Cassidy Demkov

“For as long as I can remember one of my favorite stationery stores has been @tabularasastationers in @trolley_square. It was a dream to be able to deliver my first card order to them yesterday.”

This bouquet handkerchief print was made from the floral in my Perennial fabric collection. Maybe it will make its way onto a real handkerchief this year… I’m working on figuring out the best way to get some new products made.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

Heber Valley

Amber Giles

“21 words for 2021. Last year I tried this exercise where I wrote down 20 words I wanted to focus on in 2020. As I revisited the list at the end of the year I was amazed to see how I was able to accomplish or improve on each word listed. Simply amazing! So here’s to a new year, with new adventures, confidence, courage, baking, learning and improving.” 🙂

Alissa Hicks

“Under the sea… under the sea..Ariel has made her appearance on land with the intent to explore everything the world has to offer. Do you have a place for her to stay?


Matt Page

“T-shirt design featuring a character named Triple Combination from my series Future Day Saints. Book 2 coming summer 2021. T-shirts coming soon.”

Lauren Waters

“I saw this on a Christmas card at my sister’s and the sentiment stayed with me. It’s not really a resolution, just a state of mind and well-being I’d like to hold on to. I’ve carried some negative feelings this past week and that’s just no way to live or start the new year. So I’m processing the negativity, learning what I need to, and trying to maintain a more hopeful outlook. Even though falling to pieces seems like an attractive option, too!” 🤔😅

Alumni Focus: Ryan, Keith, Cassidy, Amber, Kim, Matt, Erin, Jen, Jazz, & Lauren

Ryan Bangerter

“Walking home late from school. Another environment concept from Emy & Herald. Playing around with colored lights and shadows in this one.”

Keith Beard

“Transformation overtime. Art installation on a big scale.”

Cassidy Demkov

“Played around with the colors in this pattern to make it a holiday floral. Not sure it’s quite there but I might just change out some of pieces in it later.”

Amber Giles

“We can’t wait to share our Christmas Dream and Student Showcase performances with you virtually! More information about how they can be viewed will be posted here and on our website as soon as they are available. Stay tuned!” 🩰. . .📷: @ambergilesdesign

Kim Jeppson

Just some fun!

Matt Page

“Excited to watch Emmet Otter tonight.”

Erin Salazar

“Winter Wolf” 🐺

Jen Terry

Just for fun!

Jazz Vitale

“Dedicated to all those who make our winter season so special. The homies, the liftees, the parking crew, the people who refill your pitchers & make your pizzas. Thank you for everything. Skiing wouldn’t be what it is without you.”

Lauren Waters

“Son of a Nutcracker… Shout out to all the performances of ‘The Nutcracker’ that were cancelled this year due to Covid. I know it’s considered the event of the year for a lot of people, especially ballet students and their families. Hold on for Nutcracker 2021, Tiny Dancers!” 🤞🏻

2020 INK Show – Open Now!

Be our guest!

Unfortunately, the on-campus 2020 INK Show scheduled for November, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The 2020 INK Show instead is online! Please visit:
2020 INK Show

ALUMNI FOCUS: Keith, Nadya, Sam, Esther, Heleman, Matt, Erin, Norah, Jen, Rachel, Missy & Lauren

Keith Beard

“I’m very fortunate to work for Cirque. They have let me stretch my skills to go further than I thought possible. Check out one of the many videos I’ve produced. It really is awesome to do it all – video, photography, graphics, After Effects, and even deep voice overs. Ha! Some stock video but you can see my hand modeling.”

Pushing and pulling phase. Progression.” #artistkeif

Nadya Bratt

Quick winter promo I did for my buddy Chad Kirkland last year. Make sure to check out his brand new site, it’s looking awesome.” https://chadkirkland.com

Sam Loertscher

Oh and give us a follow on Instagram and here if you haven’t.”  😬#logo #branding #vehiclegraphics and #signage for new company

Esther Longmore

Super basic, but I’m experimenting with gouache paint! This is one of my quarterly goals at work so hopefully I have a chance to get better at it.

“IDK if this is finished, but I am for the night.” 😆

Heleman Martinez

Did a cheerfully modern logo and business card design for a client in Oregon, Coleman & Barlow Home Group. Their slogan is “Find your happy place.” I can get behind that. Can’t wait to see them in print!” #logo #logodesigns #typography #businesscards #graphicdesign @ Riverton, Utah

Matt Page

New drawing, testing out the halftone effect in the new Procreate update. Also been listening to a podcast that talks about black and white comics a lot, so I thought I’d play with that too.


Hey Future Day Saints fans, the first series of FDS trading cards are available now in my Etsy shop. Every year I will put out another 9 card series highlighting different characters from the books. Also each series will feature 3 cards with art by some of my cool artist friends. This first series feature card designs from Rob Cooke, Eleora Glasheen, and Sean Hennefer. Etsy.com/shop/epluribusmormon

Erin Salazar

Finished this beauty today.” 🌈🤍💜🐾

Norah Strebel

Bark Out Loud decals and t-shirts.

Jen Terry

Please vote!

Day number 3 of Inktober! Bulky.

Rachel Tonkovich

I’m in the pet portrait business now! Message me and you, too, can have a custom racheltonk creation!” 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰

Missy Van Wagoner

LDS COLORING PAGE Joseph Smith Doctrine and Covenants Restoration First Vision Illustration.

Lauren Waters

“Just some pretty products to cap off this little @pinkpaislee collection. Cards, ephemera, alphabet stickers, stamps, etc.” 🦉🦊

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Ryan, Keith, Ruben, Amber, Ben, Katrina, Bri, Jen, Cami, & Clayton

Davin Abegg

The spooky season is near and it’s starting to show in my drawings.” 🎃😈

Ryan Bangerter

“Quick sketch for the day.”

Keith Beard

Planting the seeds for growth. Quick sketch on what I’ve been thinking about. Am I using my talents to bring beauty to our world? Or am I marking art that reflects being a victim of circumstances and wallowing in the gloom?

Ruben De La Torre


Amber Giles

Hand lettering recreated.

Ben Heighton

“New design up in my Destroy Brand Graphics threadless shop – i cAn’T brEAtHe!”

Katrina Parkinson

Tonight wrapped up our six week virtual, beginner watercolor workshop! What a fun course this was, I had eleven very talented, hard working students! Here is a sampling of just a few of the pieces we created in this course! Tomorrow I will post more info about the Intermediate virtual watercolor workshop so stay tuned!

Black Rabbit Studios had another successful virtual paint night for the city of Copperton last night! Thank to all of my participants and to Tessa Stitzer for booking the evening for some creativity! I think I will now have to offer this paint night for the people of Tooele County!” #becreative #paintnight #tooelecounty #virtualartclass #learntopaint #artstudio

Bri Petrilla

“Throwback – a branding guideline book I updated and redesigned for my company a couple months ago.” 📚

A tip sheet I made for my company.” 🙂

Logo I designed for Leni Jensen Crow! I wanted to make sure the logo mark was personalized yet still incorporated a clear real estate message. I created an L for Leni’s name with a house made out of negative shapes.

Jen Terry


Cami Thurber

“Fox is pretty thrilled with my new hobby. I made him a Gravity Falls themed kaleidoscope pyrography piece burned into a log. So much fun!”

“Apollo box (another Fox request). I love pyrography!”

Clayton Whitehead

“It’s been a while since I’ve painted any environments. So I decided to brush up with some landscape studies.”