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ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Brighton, Ryan, Cassidy, Anna, Amber, Kim, Sam, Matt, Hudson, Emily, Peterson, and Em

Davin Abegg

Album art

Brighton Ballard

From Spoke Art:

“Who else is ready for Hocus Pocus 2? While we wait until October to see it, we’ll be calling on the Sanderson sisters with artist Brighton Ballard’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ tarot card set.”

“Conjure this set and more tarot cards from Brighton on our site here: https://spoke-art.com/collections/pop-culture-prints

Ryan Bangerter

“Another cute dino drawing for you to enjoy. Parasaurolophus is his name. Try saying that 3 times fast. 😆 Also, did you know that butterflies existed during the age of the dinosaurs? I sure didn’t.”

“It’s time for another #EmyandHerald character lineup. This is Heather, Emy’s fellow classmate. Like all good antagonists, Heather believes she is the protagonist of this story. Although Heather is not the most popular girl in her grade, she does have her loyal group of friends. She spends her days “protecting” everyone from Emy by making her the social pariah of the school.”

Cassidy Demkov

“Today’s sketch.”


“A different variation of my Spring 🐇Meadow pattern. This pattern is part of the cutest Easter collection that is coming soon.” 🐶🐇🥕🌸

Anna Florin

“Painted some big portraits and hung them up at #hopkinsbrewingco”

Amber Giles

“So excited to be part of this show!” ☺️🩰 And Amber designs the promotional pieces!

Kim Jeppson

“I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. Look at the adventures she had because of her curiosity! It’s so easy to forget that there is so much to experience and learn if we just wonder for a minute and be open to the answer. I’ve been working on a couple of designs around Alice and Wonderland, just for fun, and this is one that I finished and uploaded to my Redbubble shop. Stay Curious!”

Sam Loertscher

“ADA compliance door plaques for corporate center.”

Matt Page

“Some sketches of characters from my #FutureDaySaints graphic novel series. I’ve been working on book three and have one chapter completed so far. About 25 pages in the can. It should come out some time next year.”

Hudson Parkinson

“Hey all! Please check out Hudson Parkinson’s latest animated digital painting on our youtube page. It’s a stunner!”

Emily Paulson

“Had the pleasure of working with Adam & Monica on designing their branding for Nomadic Photo Ark. check out their beautiful work!”

Peterson Timothy

“This little mockup made it into @logolounge Book 13. Part of a fictional brand exploration awhile back.⁣”

“Final selection for the @logolounge Book 13. Sometimes concepts don’t get selected by the client. This little mockup was left on the cutting room floor. Simple monogram mockup as part of a bigger brand rollout for a apparel/affirmation brand.”

“Another one for the @logolounge Book 13. This little guy was part of a bigger project centered around luchadors.⁣”

Em Veylupek

Hand lettering.


Alumni Focus: Ryan, Keith, Cassidy, Amber, Kim, Matt, Erin, Jen, Jazz, & Lauren

Ryan Bangerter

“Walking home late from school. Another environment concept from Emy & Herald. Playing around with colored lights and shadows in this one.”

Keith Beard

“Transformation overtime. Art installation on a big scale.”

Cassidy Demkov

“Played around with the colors in this pattern to make it a holiday floral. Not sure it’s quite there but I might just change out some of pieces in it later.”

Amber Giles

“We can’t wait to share our Christmas Dream and Student Showcase performances with you virtually! More information about how they can be viewed will be posted here and on our website as soon as they are available. Stay tuned!” 🩰. . .📷: @ambergilesdesign

Kim Jeppson

Just some fun!

Matt Page

“Excited to watch Emmet Otter tonight.”

Erin Salazar

“Winter Wolf” 🐺

Jen Terry

Just for fun!

Jazz Vitale

“Dedicated to all those who make our winter season so special. The homies, the liftees, the parking crew, the people who refill your pitchers & make your pizzas. Thank you for everything. Skiing wouldn’t be what it is without you.”

Lauren Waters

“Son of a Nutcracker… Shout out to all the performances of ‘The Nutcracker’ that were cancelled this year due to Covid. I know it’s considered the event of the year for a lot of people, especially ballet students and their families. Hold on for Nutcracker 2021, Tiny Dancers!” 🤞🏻

ALUMNI FOCUS: Derek, Brighton, Cassidy, Ruben, Anna, Amber, Kim, Esther, Katrina, Missy, Lauren

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“We dropped a new cap over at @neuergeist last week. Available online now: the Sego Lily Five Panel hat. ✌🏼 Rust-colored ripstop material (inspired by Utah’s red rock) with our original Sego Lily design embroidered on the front panel, and a woven label on the right hand side. Buy it with a sego lily pin if you want, put the pin in the hat even! We won’t say anything if you don’t….”

Cassidy Demkov

“Working on restocking Salt & Honey Market.

Ruben De La Torre

“Puffin’ Poetic Panda” 🐼 “Experimenting with line, shape and color on the computer.” 🎨

Anna Florin

“Just finished a 72-hour painting marathon for this great space at Hopkins Brewery.”

Amber Giles

Inktober Catch up.
Day 7: Fancy
Day 8: Teeth
Day 9: Throw
Sketched first with pencil then traced with @tombowusa markers.

Kim Jeppson

“Hey! I just wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on over the last several months. I have an online shop on Redbubble where I’ve got a number of designs that can be made into anything from stickers to face masks, shirts to clocks and tons more. I’ve had a lot of fun doing different spirit animals, retro patterns, and just random, fun illustrations. It’s been a sort of artistic sandbox for me just to play in and have fun so I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy looking at them, too!” https://www.redbubble.com/people/kjeppson/shop?asc=u

Esther Longmore

“This is what I did during General Conference today.” 🤗

“Had to illustrate a print to go with my pattern. Would you display this in your home?”

Katrina Parkinson

“2020 Plague Doctor. Fitting, wouldn’t you say? Yes, yes it is. Inktober day #2 complete!”

Inktober Day #9. Quality control came back today, yay! I have been In West Yellow Stone Montana today enjoying nature. And of course all of the beautiful wildlife that comes with it. We passed within just a couple of feet from two grazing Bison this evening. So beautiful, I decided that they were to be my inspiration for tonight’s Inktober.

“Inktober Day#10. Black cat for the spooky season. The photo is not great, My hotel is dimly lit, but it will do as proof that I made it to day #10 of Inktober!”

Lauren Waters

“Friday Florals! 🌼 Fall is still creeping along in Utah, but thankfully things will take a very fall-ish turn over the weekend. Just in time, too! I’ve got all kinds of Halloween-y stuff to do.” 🍂 @ Bountiful, Utah

Missy Van Wagoner

“I am starting a art/book class tomorrow and would love if you could ask your little kids: If they could be any animal what would it be? Why?”

ALUMNI CORONA ART – Nadya, Maaike, Ruben, Amber, Ben, Kim, Becky, Norah & Lauren

During the 2020 Pandemic our alumni use their creativity in many ways.

Nadya Bratt

“Help me fight COVID-19!

I’m donating all proceeds from my book, The Estuary Veins, to the COVID-19 Response Fund. When you purchase a copy of the e-book, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to the World Health Organization.”

Maaike Bennett

“Sometimes I get sad these days. And that’s okay. I got to see my student the other day from far, far away and I ended up weeping because I realized that I missed them so much. These emotions are valid. We are all going through a lot of stress.

We are maintaining our distance to protect the ones we love, and I think the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is true. The amount of kindness we’ve seen the world-over has been astronomical, but that doesn’t make it any less hard sometimes.

So you just have to draw it out or write it out or just voice it. Being open and vulnerable and saying, ” hey, look, I am really scared and sometimes I just want my Mom to swoop in and hug me, and make everything better,” provides an opportunity for others to say, “you know what, me too,” and that can help both parties to know they aren’t alone.

I am really lucky because I get to spend all this time with the man I love, who I just always enjoy being with. He is my best friend. *Hugs tightly* So I am blessed, but I still miss my Family, my In-Law Family, my Friend-family, my mission friends, my coworkers, the people from church, and all the children I adore.

It”s the people I miss the most, and that says a lot about what is really important.” ❤️

Ruben De La Torre

“Pigeons are probably the most bored of this whole situation, like who are they going to shit on since everyone’s home.” 🐦 💩

Amber Giles

“I’ve been seeing/hearing this phrase off and on the last little while. I’d like to think that as we move through the twists and turns of life right now, instead of working toward getting “back to normal” that we are going “forward to something better.”🤔🙂

Ben Heighton

Kim Jeppson

“I’ve been inspired by @renaissancechik to paint rocks with fun designs and inspirational messages and leave them around my neighborhood. (I’ve kept a few for my own garden, too!) It’s been really fun and I can’t wait to take them around on my next walk.”

Becky Larsen Pease

“B&W of my life, day #315”  😷

Norah Strebel

“I made a bunch of these things today….”

Lauren Waters

“Another week, another @drawntogether_challenge … This week we drew our childhood homes. My childhood home is also my Mom’s childhood home, built by my Grandpa Bird almost 70 years ago. 🏡 He and my Grandma Bird raised 7 daughters in this 2500-ish square foot, 4 bedroom, 1 3/4 bathroom rambler in East Millcreek, Utah. My parents raised 3 daughters, 1 son, and 5 cats (not all at once😸).”

“James & The Giant Peach 🍑
I came so close to finishing this @drawntogether_challenge a few times last week. Close, but never close enough! 🙄 Then a temporary iPad malfunction motivated me to finish it while I could, so here we are… Still together, but still apart.” 🦋🐛🕷🐞🦗

“This week’s @drawntogether_challenge is On the Shelf… I went in a more existential direction and thought about some behaviors and attitudes I’ve tried to “shelve.” Though, my own mental shelves are probably more sparse with far fewer cobwebs than this illustration suggests. These are simply all the things I’m working on as I try to overcome my self-sabotaging tendencies. Here’s hoping it gets easier and this collection remains shelved!”


ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Ryan, Helen, Ruben, Cassidy, Amber, Melissa, Kim, & Matt

Davin Abegg

“Here’s a digital gouache painting I did of @impoppy her new album is really great!” 🤘🤘🖤🖤🖤

Some recent favs I’ve done for @idrawrandomfollowers

Derek & Brighton Ballard

“Twin Peaks aired 30 years ago today. Reposting some Twin Peaks inspired items we’ve created over the past 5 years. Here are some shots of a collaborative coffee release with @bluecoppercoffee and limited edition screen printed poster for Spoke Art Gallery.”

“This pin was actual inspired by The Return | Epsiode 8.”

Listen I know we all have a love/hate relationship with the USPS. Let’s take this time to show the USPS some love. It appears in the race to privatize everything and concede to the desire of corporations, our federal government doesn’t give a bucket of piss for any programs necessary for the good of common people. Only takes a minute or two, start by texting “USPS” to 50409.”

“This is a serious message! We’re warning you with peace and love, we’ve got a new bandanna coming your way! 🚨🚨🚨 This 100% cotton bandanna is inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, and is a brand new release for Spoke Art’s online gallery celebrating all things Miyazaki on April 16th! Check out @spoke_art for the details, and join us in your quarantine outfit of choice.” 🛍📦

Ryan Bangerter

“This is the last time I redesign her I swear. “

A mermaid I designed for my daughter.

Helen Cox

“Some wood studies from a few weeks ago.”

Ruben De La Torre

“Logo I designed for a friend.”

Cassidy Demkov

“A little peek at a few things I’m working on… drawing flowers and planting flowers.”

“Happy Easter!”

Amber Giles

“It’s not often St. Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday the 17th but when it does, you have to letter something to celebrate both things. 😉🍀🍍
. . .
Simple lettering style, both done freehand. One with a blue pen and the other with the Pen Tool.”

“Late Night Lettering Lyrics (and song titles).” 🎶📝

Melissa Hurd

“I did a thing!”

Kim Jeppson

“These are some little cards I’ve been painting when I have a minute. They’re not perfect, as you can see. Some of them have blobs that I tried to erase, some of the dots ran together… I really enjoyed just painting for no other reason than I like doing it. There is a power and peace in creating something purely for the fun of it!”

 Matt Page

“The latest piece in a series I started in 2014. Our little guy is now in those awkward teen years.”

“Here is the progression of new Family Portrait drawing I did last week. Start with a really loose and messy sketch, then tighten it up, then put down my inks and shading, then the tattoos and colors.”



ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek, Anna Marie, Ben, Kim, Heleman, Matt & Chris

Davin Abegg – Secret Abilities

Davin’s Band

Derek Ballard – Neur Geist

“‘Strife Elevated’ risograph print series available at God Hates Robots”

Anna Marie Coronado

“Designing some new brochures for work #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #layout #brochure #indesign #owl

Ben Heighton – Destroy Brand Graphics

“The Pandemics are making limited edition hoodies with art I created for them. Presale ends March 9th. They won’t be available for purchase after presale ends. Get one while you can!”

Kim Jeppson

“I’ve added some new designs to Red Bubble. I’ve got some spirit animals and some fun jellyfish and narwhals, too. Check them out!”

Heleman Martinez

“Wine bottle package design proposal featuring minimalistic logo and gradient inspired by the color of dark Malbec wine.”

#graphicdesign #packagedesign #logodesigns #logo #winebottle #winebottles #branding

Matt Page

“Here are some roosters I drew for a project in 2017 that didn’t end up going anywhere.”

Chris van Soolen

18 x 24 charcoal

ALUMNI FOCUS: Keith, Derek, Kim, Matt & Peterson

Keith Beard

“My spirit head mount fashioning the future helmet. Has a mushroom look to it.”

Derek Ballard

“2018 has been a whirlwind so far. Between rushing to complete tight deadlines and adventuring around Hawaii, I haven’t had a chance to post about this month’s @slugmag cover I had the opportunity to design, let alone flip through it. This morning I found a quiet beach and did just that. Pick one up at anywhere cool.”

Kim Jeppson

“I found this quote the other day that I designed about 18 months ago as I was transitioning from my old secretarial job to my current design job. It feels just as appropriate now as I’m seeking out a position that’s more in line with what I want to do. Looking to blossom.”

Matt Page

Tonight’s quick sketch. Long live the King!

“Been drawing pizzas…”

Peterson Timothy

“One of the most eye opening projects to work on. We at @saxtonhorne recently wrapped up this intro video for Juan Diego Catholic Schools. Great kids, great faculty, and overall a great school.”


ALUMNI FOCUS: Jill, Ryan, Christopher, Amber, Kim, Alana, Magen, Patrick & Peterson

Jill De Haan

From Jill:

Just drawing a bunch of hooligan bees hoarding away lost languages and jewels.

Ryan Bangerter

From Ryan on his business, Ink Formation:

“We’ve been featured in an article this week on Corner52.”

Check out the article here:

Amber Giles

From Amber:


Kim Jeppson

From Kim:

“Sometimes what you picture in your mind comes out even better on paper….or the computer. I’m completely smitten with these little Christmas gnomes I just designed for Indigo & Ink.”

Alana McDonald

From Alana:

“Next project. Structure started by Diemazz.”

Magen Mitchell

From Obake Style:

“Magen wishes she was playing #animalcrossingpocketcamp but holiday sales have been keeping her too busy.”

Patrick Parker & Christopher Clark

From Patrick:

“Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this holiday message from the creative minds of Christopher S. Clark, Christian Lambert and team! Adam Bohl Ac, Katie Taggart McCarty, David Liddell Thorpe,Jacob Edvalson.”

Peterson Timothy

From Peterson:

“Little redesign and refresh for @utahtribebaseball.”


GD Alumnus recommends this job!

POSITION – Vinyl Wraps and Decals Production Specialist

VAD Graphic Design alumnus Kim Jeppson, “This is a great place to work!”


Job Description:
Salary Range $20,000 to $30,000

“We are positive, high-energy, and customer-focused people with a team mentality that are looking for individuals with a similar passion and attitude towards life and business! If you exhibit these traits, and are looking for an opportunity to grow with an organization, then we would love to hear from you.

Visibility Signs & Graphics specializes in digital graphics like vehicle wraps, wall wraps, window wraps, and other wraps and decals. We design, manufacture, install, maintain, and repair all types ofsigns and graphics for clients along the Wasatch Front, and have the latest equipment and technology. The company is an equal opportunity employer, and is currently hiring in the Salt Lake City area.”

For more information: