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2022 SLCC Student Art Showcase

Exhibit Dates:
April 4 through April 14*, 2022
Salt Lake Community College
Multipurpose Room
1575 South State Street / SLC, UT

Monday through Friday / 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

*Exhibit closes at 4 p.m. on April 14.

Poster Contest Winner by Everest Barrowes

For the past 37 years, the Salt Lake Community College Visual Art & Design Department faculty has organized the Art Showcase to display the talents of SLCC students.

This year the award winners were announced online and can be viewed here:
2022 SLCC Student Art Showcase Winners

If guests cannot make it to the on-campus exhibit, a virtual tour may be viewed here:

2022 SLCC Student Art Showcase Virtual Tour


President Deneece HuftalinSalt Lake Community College

Dean Richard ScottSchool of Arts, Communication & Media

“View of a Bird’s Eye” by Dylan Anderson

“Weighing the Options” by Emma Zaugg


The four independent judges for the Showcase were invited from the working artist community and represented a wide range of art disciplines. The Committee thanks them for their expertise and time spent supporting our show!

Robert Barrett
Steward Craig
Jennifer Palmer
Peterson Timothy

Judge’s Choice Award
“Cass” by Jessica Barlocker

Judge’s Choice Award
“Masks for a Cause” by Emily Slingerland

Judge’s Choice Award
“Scout & Grumble” by Ramona Startup

Judge’s Choice Award
“SAD no. 2 – Week Old Burger and Fries” by Paul Ward

“Neuland John Steinbeck Quote” by Ariel Martin

Terry Martin Award
“Golden Glow” by Brooklyn Ottens

Award of Excellence
“In Case You Didn’t Remember” by Sharyl Meyers Adamson

Award of Excellence
“Avocado” by Chuck Call

Award of Excellence
“Signs of the Times Zine” by Anna Daniel

Award of Excellence
“Project Snooze Cylinder” by Ariel Martin

Award of Excellence
“Ariel’s Boro Guide Queens – Self-Portrait” by Ariel Martin

Award of Excellence
“Toy” by Jude Davis

Award of Excellence
“Phantasmic” by Emma Muller

Award of Excellence
“Madame Ruth Lilith Lilypad” by Robyn Kibbie

Award of Excellence
“Teacher’s Hand” by Zahir Lawrence

Award of Excellence
“Breaking Through” by Ellette Schneider

Award of Excellence
“Home for Christmas” by Jessica Silva

Award of Excellence
“Imaginary Capture” by Emma Zaugg

To see all award winners and pieces accepted into the show:

2022 SLCC Student Art Showcase Web Gallery

A big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done to all students accepted into the show.

Sharyl Myers Adamson • Breanna Alonzo • Dylan Anderson • Jessica Barlocker • Mackenzie Barrett • Everest Barrowes • Annie Beckstrand • Natalie Berger • Alastair Black • Nadia Bonn • Lynn Bright • Sylvia Bunker • Chuck Call • Alex Coleman • Fiorella Contreras • Clint Cox • Havalee Coy • Anna Daniel • Jude Davis • Sophia DeVincentis • Marla Duggins • Emily Engh • Parker Fields • Savannah Frisby • Cody Gipson • Amber Gray • Kaylie Grimes • Ethan Hanna • Jeanne Hansen • Bela Hatch • Megan Hepworth • Jessica Hernandez • Ana Holt • Elisabeth Horne • Tara Jensen • Erin Kakazu • Nadia Kergaye • Daria Khajavi • Robyn Kibbie • Zahir Lawrence • Ke Li • Katie Lienemann • Amanda Long • Jasmin Low • January Marsh • Ariel Martin • Ashley Mathena • Vanessa Montoya • Emma Muller • Megan Munford • Allen Muy • Brittany Naduald • Brooklyn Ottens • Joshua Pike • Katherine Quintana • Zachary Robertson • Beverly Roth • Ellette Schneider • Fang Shi • Jessica Silva • Max A. Skolnick • Emily Slingerland • Christina Stanley • Ramona Startup • Ashlyn Stratton • John Swenson • Daniel D.J. Tanner • Madison Thompson • Spencer Vaughan • Valeria Villarroel • Paul Ward • Cole Winberg • Derek Whiting • Charlotte Wright • Emma Zaugg • Parker Zollinger


Don Seegmiller – Art Showcase Chair

Andrew Wilson – Art Showcase Co-Chair, Website Submissions, Online Awards Presentation & Virtual Gallery

Kerry Gonzáles – Poster Contest & Showcase Promotions

Virag White – Custom Award Plaques & Name Tags

Jessica Curran – Cling Signage

In addition to those above, these behind-the-scenes hardworking VAD Faculty listed below, helped jury the show, hang the show, provide security, gather awards, and once the show is over will tear down and return artwork.

Their dedication to our students, and preparation for the showcase, should be applauded:

Rob Adamson

Chad Erekson

Rick Graham

Whitney King Hyans

Neal Reiland

Trudy Richardson

Ed Rosenberger

Robinson Valenzuela

We would also like to thank the generous support of:

Dean Richard Scott – School of Arts, Communication & Media

Bryan Griggs – VAD Associate Dean

Josh Elstein – Center for Arts & Media Coordinator

James Walton – Art Gallery & Event Coordinator

Cindy Denos – VAD Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Claerhout – VAD Specialist

SLCC Student Association

SLCC Arts & Cultural Events

We hope to see you next year for the 2023 Showcase! GREAT SHOW EVERYONE!

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Derek & Brighton, Melanie, Cassidy, Natalee, Karli, Ben, Esther, Stephanie, Norah, Jen, and Peterson

Davin Abegg

“It’s been a while since I shared some drawings. Here’s some recent favs. Including a new self portrait.”

Derek & Brighton Ballard

02.18.22 — The Gear Fund Collective Benefit Show.

“Definitely ready to play a show again. I’ve truly missed it. Tickets are on sale through @beehiveslc and all proceeds go to the Gear Fund Collective.

The Gear Fund Collective are doing critical work in the community. This show has been put together in effort to raise funds in support of the collective.

There are so many economical and systemic obstacles preventing marginalized individuals and communities from accessing the outdoors in ways so many of us rarely have to consider.

We have an opportunity to support and amplify those who are working hard to tear those obstacles down. So beyond packing the venue, let’s get creative and really make this count. I know a lot of my friends have connections to outdoor brands and businesses. We still have a little time to get additional donations and funding gathered for the collective. Let’s see what we can do!”

Melanie Bunch

“Continuing progress on my Year of the Tiger drawing! I inked my sketch lines using brush pens. Then I sketched the stripes. Stay tuned for more progress!

Natalee Cooper Chilton

“One of my favorite memories of last summer was hiking with my dad, Nick and Kayto 24 miles in the Wind Rivers. Photos don’t do it justice so I wanted to create something to help me remember those memories.”

Cassidy Demkov

“I’ve had a bunny on my wishlist forever but since I am not Beatrix Potter and I don’t live in the English countryside I just have to draw them in there. Which is probably good because I’m sure they would think my little garden was just a beautiful buffet.”

Karli Duisen

“I’ve been making a lot of little stained-glass critters! And I started an Etsy shop to help fund this new hobby of mine 😜 so check it out if you’re interested in commissioning me for stained-glass pieces of your pets!” ✨🐶🐱


Ben Heighton

Esther Longmore

“Work Valentine tradition!”

Stephanie Smith

“I was nominated for The Knot/Wedding Wire’s 2022 Couple’s Choice Award, y’all!!! I am SO excited!!!

Thank you so much to all of my amazing couples who made this possible and for choosing and trusting in me to capture your special day!!! It was such an amazing year with moments that I will remember forever!”

Norah Strebel

“I did a thing! Had a wonderful opportunity to design a logo for this hilarious facebook group. If you’re into dog sports and haven’t joined yet……WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! It’s a place to celebrate the beauty of the “FAIL” in dog sports, where we can all take a minute and just laugh at ourselves and embrace the crazy, messed up things we do for the love of our dogs.”

Jen Terry

“Meet Strawberry! She’s a cute little hamster who loves the smell of fresh wood chips in the morning and taking a couple of laps in the exercise wheel. I love Strawberry!” 🍓

Peterson Timothy

“Humbled to have a few logos selected to be in @logolounge book 13. I’ll be sharing the selections over the next little bit. ⁣This selection was done just for fun and part of some brand elements for myself.”

2020 INK Show – Open Now!

Be our guest!

Unfortunately, the on-campus 2020 INK Show scheduled for November, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The 2020 INK Show instead is online! Please visit:
2020 INK Show

ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Keith, Melanie, Amber, Sam, Katrina, Bri, Ingrid, Stephanie, Peterson, & Em

Davin Abegg

Another batch of recent favs I’ve done. Also, just passed the 2,000 follower mark at @idrawrandomfollowers woot!

“Ok, why not. Here’s a few recent ones I like that I haven’t shared here yet.” #faceyourart #faceyourartchallenge #faceyourart2020

Keith Beard

“Sometimes our fears are not as bad as we think they are. Just big opportunities waiting to show their power in helping us grow as a person. Growth can be learning to be kind to the things that scare you. Be kind in a world that seems scary.”

Melanie Bunch

“I just completed the first draft of the cover design for this year’s Product Guide (catalog) for my company. My new design is on the right, compared to their previous design on the left. I feel like mine is an improvement.”

Here is an example of the inside of the Product Guide I am creating at my job. The top one is their previous design, the bottom one is my update. The empty swatches on my version are due to new fabrics that haven’t arrived yet to be photographed.

So far, they seem to be pretty happy with the new design!”

“Just finished the shirt design for this year’s Burning Phoenix TKD Camp! Which will be much less “in tents” than usual….

I’m super happy about the design of this shirt, it is one of the prettiest shirts I’ve ever made. Like all of our Summer Camp shirts, it glows in the dark – see below for how it looks in daylight, and in the dark!

And if you haven’t seen the post on the Burning Phoenix School Page, you should go read it! But also, you can order your shirt here:

Amber Giles

“Late night lettering.” ✏️📓

“Are you a fan of delicious flavor? I recently made these magnets, stickers and prints of two of my favorite Psych quotes! They are currently available for purchase. Message me if you’re interested!” 😁🍍🚙

Sam Loertscher

“Created and installed two logos for Wagstaff Crane today for their new #corporate office. #corporatebranding #lettering #signage

Katrina Flores Parkinson

“‘A Song For The Forest’ has been accepted into the Eccles annual state wide competition in Ogden. Excited!” #asongfortheforest #oilpainting #artistsoninstagram #artnouveau #illustration #fantasyart #fantasy #painting #fineart #portraitpainting

“So interesting news! You all remember a few days ago I announced that my latest painting “A Song For The Forest” was accepted into the Eccles 46th statewide art competition. Turns out, that painting was not accepted. But it’s okay! Because my other entry “Ethereal” was accepted! The art center just got the names of my painting swapped 😂 but I got to go see my painting hanging and lots of other amazing pieces of art tonight!”

Bri Petrilla

“This is a logo and updated brand guidelines I made for a local photographer. She wanted her logo to be simple and clean, and also tie in with topography and exploration so the lines in the logo represent a topographical map.”

Ingrid Shoemaker

“New printables at isdesignprints.etsy.com 🌅
Comes with 2 files so you can choose between 8×10 and 11×14.” 🌄

“Shop the Hope Collection today and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to @ourrescue in the fight to end #humantrafficking for #worlddayagainsttrafficking

Human trafficking happens all over the world, and in every state.
There are 30 million people currently in slavery, with approximately 10 million of those being children 💔

@ourrescue just rescued their 4,000th survivor, which is so amazing! But there are so many more out there that are desperate for freedom.

So visit @ourrescue to learn more about their rescue efforts and aftercare programs, and how they assist law enforcement in taking down the rings that have harmed so many people.” 💙

Stephanie Smith


Peterson Timothy

“Honored to have three logos chosen to be in LogoLounge.com Book 12. Humbled to be amongst so many talented friends.”

Em Veylupek


#acrylicpainting #acrylicpouring #abstractart


ALUMNI FOCUS: Davin, Jacqueline, Anna Marie, Cassidy, Kesia, Patrick, Bri, Peterson, Jenna & Clayton

Davin Abegg

“Was asked to do the album art for the world famous Balls Capone.”

Another batch of recent fav drawings I’ve done at @idrawrandomfollowers hopefully I’m getting better at this drawing thing.

Jacqueline Campbell-Michels



Anna Marie Coronado

“New signs for the government building requiring masks! #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #utah #maskutah #wearamask #covid19 #coronavirus #flyerdesign #layout

Cassidy Demkov

“A few cute pups showing off the Georgia The Foggy Dog bandana. Made with my Sweet Rose Cloud9 Fabrics fabric.”

Kesia Timoteo Nielsen

“We launched our first business! This is terrifying & exciting. So excited to share it with your all.”

Patrick Parker

“If you sometimes feel like the world stopped, then this video may speak to you. It sure was fun to work on with a lot of fun people! The kids in this band are talented so check out their music!” #kidsamerica

Bri Petrilla


“This is a tip sheet I made for work. 😊 I love my job!”

Peterson Timothy

“These are from a series of illustrations I worked on featuring people who embody change, growth, innovation, and effected culture. The finished illustrations/collages were used for a notebook/journal for attendees to use during the annual 2020 Larry H. Miller Leadership Conference. “

Jenna Warby

“Put my heart and soul into this baby, the Pride Apparel Company website is now live! #Friyay is real.

Entire site was restructured and redesigned by me, including all the copywriting. Super stoked as well to work with them as the consulting creative director – I can attest to this, their products are awesome.”

Full website walk-through is available on my website at jennawarby.com

Clayton Whitehead



ALUMNI FOCUS: Vince, Molly, Ruben, Melissa, Katrina, Jennifer, Peterson, Missy & Em

Vince Bayless

“2019 Day 168: Offspring” #draweveryday #sketcheveryday #randomwordoftheday #illustration #sketch #characterdesign #drawing #design #concept #cartoon #sketchbook #offspring #artistsoninstagram #cartoonistsoninstagram #illustratorsoninstagram

Molly Dallimore

My final project for my drawing class as well as the largest drawing I’ve ever made. Graphite on paper 38×50 inches.”

Ruben De La Torre

“A new photo to the album: Arte.”

Lettering Practice for Today.

I added the crown in between the L and C to fill the space. I like the idea of a broken crown might have to incorporate it into an illustration.
“Letter ‘S’ Study for a project I’m going to work on.”

Melissa Hurd


Katrina Flores Parkinson

“It’s a beautiful day here at the Tooele Arts Festival! Come by and check out what’s going on:) let me know if you are coming! I would love to see you ! Come get a Henna Tattoo!”

Jennifer Terry

“These are a couple of projects I’ve been working on lately. I think they are turning out pretty well.”

Peterson Timothy

“With today (June 19) being the day Moe of the Three Stooges was born, I felt in necessary to explore some portrait illustrations of all Three Stooges.”

Missy Van Wagoner

“Lookey Lookey! Guess what? I won another Award! Scroll down to see what space my “Love Wins” piece won! SO exciting! Thank you minted! woot woot. Happy Friday!”

Walls that Wow: Minted x Pottery Barn Kids x PBteen Round 3 Art Challenge: Special Prizes

Em Veylupek



ALUMNI FOCUS: Vince, Helen, Nadia, Magen, Erin, Jen, Peterson & Em

Vince Bayless

2019 46/365″

Helen Cox

“An informational postcard I designed for my volunteer gig at Voterise made it onto the House floor in the Utah State Legislative Session, woah! They unanimously voted to designate February 14th “Utah Women’s Voter Registration Day” and Rep. Stephen Handy (R) held up the Voterise 2020 Challenge card and spoke about our upcoming campaign to get more Utah women registered to vote. My heart is full!”

Nadia Dolzhenko

“Love off-season”

Magen Mitchell – Obake Style

“We’re using this latest round of #artvsartist to consider how Magen’s style has changed over the last few years.”

Erin Salazar

“Happy lil giraffe.”
#utahartist #ipadpro #adobesketch #ipadproart #adobe #applepen #sketch #draw #creativelife #digitalart #erinsalazar #babyanimals #giraffe #babygiraffe

Jen Terry – Jen on Fire

“Hey you guys! These are of a couple of my new illustrations turned into super awesome stickers! These beauties will be up in my Etsy shop in a couple of days so don’t miss out on something you never knew you always needed.”

“Mascot, badge, and animation options for one of our dealerships in New Mexico.”

Em Veylupek


ALUMNI FOCUS: Vince, Lacee, Amber, Nadia, Matt, Erin, Peterson & Clayton

Vince Bayless

“Mini paintings done as stocking stuffers for my nieces and a friend.”

Lacee Siler Black

“Here are the papers and animal icon illustrations I did for the Pink Paislee Paige Evans “Whimsical” collection. (Paige Taylor Evans Pink Paislee American Crafts ) It was the first scrapbook collection I worked on at American Crafts. I’m proud I was able to capture Paige’s love of cut and pieced paper elements in my designs.”

Amber Bowen

“For my 35th birthday, I celebrated with Acts of Kindness. I wanted to continue that by giving away printable party packages designed by me.”

Nadia Dolzhenko

“Marrakech, Morocco”

Matt Page

“Here are some illustrations and some paper patterns I did for a scrapbook line that is being released later this year. I probably did twice as many illustrations than this, but these ones are my favorites. This will probably be my last time doing a big cute scrapbook line, since I changed positions and no longer work on that team.”

Erin Salazar

“Baby’s best friend.” 🐾👶🏻

Peterson Timothy

“Worked on this one last year and finally got the go ahead to share some of it. (More to come). Brand mark for a client of ours. They are a Ford dealership based in Lakewood, CO. This is part of a greater campaign we began rolling out for their new Ford King campaign.”

Clayton Whitehead

Marley – digital painting done in Photoshop.


ALUMNI FOCUS: Amber, Tanja, Carol, Norah, Peterson & Melissa

Amber Giles

A quick sketch for a Wednesday afternoon.

Tanja Rapson

So excited to see my logo design on upcoming products. I am beyond excited.”

Carol Ross

“Very happy! The branding I designed for South City Campus won Gold today at the NCMPR 2018 Paragon Awards in Las Vegas! In the Wild Card category.”

Norah Strebel

“Most recent custom dog mosaic photo frame. This was made for Dale Mahoney of his dog Sky.”

Peterson Timothy

“Had a blast at the Addys last night. @saxtonhorne walked away with 3 silvers for the work we did on @utopiafiber @thetourofutah and for @saxtonhorne. Great work to the teams involved. @ The Falls Event Center”

Melissa Healy Turner

“Week 4 of Lilla Roger’s Illustrating Children’s Books class was Environments. For our assignment this week, we had to illustrate a double-page spread of one of the scenes in the story we chose. I decided to illustrate Squirrel after she got lost in the snow and was dreaming of her cozy home.” 🐿❄️

Back to Home

ALUMNI FOCUS: Keith, Derek, Kim, Matt & Peterson

Keith Beard

“My spirit head mount fashioning the future helmet. Has a mushroom look to it.”

Derek Ballard

“2018 has been a whirlwind so far. Between rushing to complete tight deadlines and adventuring around Hawaii, I haven’t had a chance to post about this month’s @slugmag cover I had the opportunity to design, let alone flip through it. This morning I found a quiet beach and did just that. Pick one up at anywhere cool.”

Kim Jeppson

“I found this quote the other day that I designed about 18 months ago as I was transitioning from my old secretarial job to my current design job. It feels just as appropriate now as I’m seeking out a position that’s more in line with what I want to do. Looking to blossom.”

Matt Page

Tonight’s quick sketch. Long live the King!

“Been drawing pizzas…”

Peterson Timothy

“One of the most eye opening projects to work on. We at @saxtonhorne recently wrapped up this intro video for Juan Diego Catholic Schools. Great kids, great faculty, and overall a great school.”